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Facebook Implements Keyword Snooze to Filter News Feed ContentByNitish Singh-September 1st 2018.265 Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow users to take a 30-day break from content in their News Feed containing similar words or sentences. According to research conducted by Facebook real-world events, users often avoid or ignore certain posts which led to this feature’s development. Keyword Snooze is available to users in Australia and New Zealand’s Uk the Us Canada and is expected to launch internationally soon. If you’re a Facebook user, you’ll soon be able to delete spoilers from your favorite TV shows or ignore messages from subjects that you don’t care about. Facebook releases a new ‘ Keyword Snooze ‘ feature, which will allow you to block posts for up to 30 days with certain words or phrases from appearing on your list. Not only will it allow users to curate the content they see on their page, it will also help the social media company to determine the issues people want to learn less about when using the site. The function was developed after a test was carried out between July 27th and August 9th to classify which keywords users snoozed. Facebook’s study revealed that there are phrases very frequently snoozed by users, with one of the most common picks being “copy and paste.” Most definitely, the keyword was chosen to ignore posts that trigger forwarding and sharing. The other thing the social media company found was that topics that became too viral would cause users to snooze keywords relevant to them. Grip.