NBrunette Balayage Styles

If you’ve ever considered brown hair boring or dull thinking again. With the scanning technique, dye is applied to hair without using foil, resulting in a more natural and exquisite appearance that feels like the main hair goal of any brunette. It’s never been fun to mix colors so check out these brunette balayage styles and book an appointment with your colorist!

Subtle Ashy Brown

Try this ashy brunette with blonde scanning for something more subdued, which looks like it hasn’t been processed. A neutral color is perfect in hair color transformation for anyone who wants to take baby steps.

Light Brown Balayage

You don’t need a drastic change of color to bring your style to life. More stay in the brown color palette is in the name of less and give a go to neutral ashy highlights. The young mix is perfect for professionals who need to be polished with their look. French/201.608.jpg” />

Brown to Caramel Balayage

Even more vivid for a beach waves with a straightener.

Brown Honey Highlights

If the shadow effect isn’t the one you’re trying to thread a brown honey hue all over your skin. Brunette scanning highlights brighten up dark brown hair instantly and add a low-maintenance dimension.

Multi-Dimensional Lob

When scanning, it can be fun to include more than two colors. Rather than going straight from black to light blonde add to soften the color change in shades of golden or light gray. A lob with long layers will display all the different shades you play with perfectly.

Long Waves with Light Highlights

Another well-mixed choice involves golden blonde highlights throughout the hair. The contrasting colors of light and dark will capture the sun as you walk.

Bright reddish and blonde highlights

Blond and reddish highlights will illuminate any lifeless dark hair. Choose your favorite shades of gold and copper to enhance your tired locks. Subtle waves are the perfect way to show off your style’s new color variations.

Matte Bronde Balayage

This matte ashy style can be chosen by women who are not interested in having all things high-shine. The most common solution is to do balayage brunette to blonde; however, upgrade the classic combination by choosing muted ashy shades rather than the more extreme ones.

Ash Blonde to Gray Fade

Images of colorful gray locks were all over Instagram and you can easily get into the trend with this style of scanning. Having the gray color at the ends makes your hair grow stress-free, and when styled in loose waves it looks great.

Light Brunette Balayage

It is not always necessary to make a drastic color transition. Lighten your dark brown hair by applying highlights of milk chocolate to the ends and bits of face framing. For those with shoulder length curls, for a chic feminine look, style your hair in loose messy waves. French/201.616.jpg” />

Long Bob with Red Tints

Really lends itself to brighter colors when it comes to scanning brunette hair. At the ends, mixing in a slight red pop can transform your whole style. Make sure to mix the colors well with your stylist so that your hair looks as natural as possible.

Rose Gold Hints

If you want rose gold hair but fear commitment, try these subtle pink highlights. To further diffuse the rosy hues, mix it with lighter brown shades. The combination of brown and rose colors works best on shorter hair so you can dilute in the darker shade just a few hints of pink.

Bronde Balayage with Copper Touches

The perfect canvas for a smooth color melt with medium-length hair. The mix of ashy browns and blondes with subdued copper hints is subtle enough to wear on a daily basis but still adds a slight punk vibe to your style.

Orange Burnt Ends

Would you like something more bold? Amp up the fiery orange highlights of the normal brunette balayage. The good thing about the balayage method is that once the color begins to fade out, you won’t have to worry about nasty roots.

Honey Highlights Long Curls

If you’re looking for a hint of color here and there, you don’t need to commit to the full scanning effect. Look for highlights of warm honey that will not distract from your natural color. In loose romantic curls, style your long hair so the highlights really shine through.

Classic Balayage Mid-Length Hair

Take inspiration from the faithful shadow technique and go with the traditional brown-to-light blonde transition. Use two blonde shades to avoid looking heavy and lifeless in your theme.

Curly Hair with Auburn Highlights

For a more dramatic> auburn hue in your natural dark hair. The combination pops with both loose ringlets and straight locks so if you want more color contrast, consider these dark brunette balayage shades.

Dark Brown Balayage with Bangs

Gilded Bob with Waves

Your hair shape will totally change the way you look at your skin. The angled bob displays the golden highlights, making it even more eye-catching. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Ash Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots’

‘ Here’s a beautiful brunette scanning idea. If you’re not sure how the transformation will take care of your own hair, check this before / after the picture. Dinging your hair with a cool blonde tone will suit you and make you look younger if your skin is cool too.

There is a world of possibilities available to balayage brunette hair. Experiment with any color you choose and create a perfectly fitting balayage style. If you’re not equipped for subtler highlights and ease into the trend for the full-on engagement of a good color contrast. Jump on board and start mixing colors are gone the days of monotonous skin. Prev1 of 20Next —> —> Similar Honey Balayage Photos to Try Highlights On-Trend Brown to Blonde Balayage Looks To Make You Jealous The Fullest Guide to Balayage Hair What’s the Difference Between Balayage and Ombre? Must-Try Subtle Balayage Hair Jaw-Dropping Partial Balayage Hair Cuts and Stay Connected Styles Get inspiration from the hair style. Regardless of what your hair type is, we will help you find the perfect hairstyles The Perfect Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeBoys and Men