Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men

A stylish and appealing haircut can do wonders with a man’s appearance, especially if the haircut has been updated on

This is the case with the popular men’s faux hawk haircut that dates back to the punk rock movement for decades but is still relevant due to constant updates.

Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men

If you’re one of the few who don’t really know what a false hawk cut is, you’ll be happy to know it’s not as complex as its name might sound. Essentially, it is a haircut that is partly, but not all the way, cut into a Mohawk. How can I cut a false hawk? Depending on the hair texture, the sides are usually cut short with the hair lengthier in the top where it can be spiked or formed into a point. Trying a new haircut is always a fun way to update your look, and the faux hawk is a worthy choice for turning heads. Check out these pictures of some of the best men’s haircuts that are all the rage right now if you need a little inspiration!

Layered Faux Hawk

The way the hair is cut makes all the difference in the finished product as with any haircut. This haircut is heavily feathered throughout the top and middle of the hair, giving it depth and thickness.

Shaggy Faux Hawk

A shaggy haircut is best for those who love a messy touch of their hair and luckily you can look and embrace a popular hawk haircut like this picture. French/201.628.jpg” />

Deep Faux Hawk

Separation of your fake hawk haircut makes all the difference in how it looks. On each hand, this design is divided deeply and then faded while the top is more understated and just spiked up. ‘

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‘ Curly Faux Hawk’

‘ One of the best things about hawk haircuts is that they work well with a variety of hair textures. The sides are low and blurred on naturally curly hair.

Spiked Faux Hawk

If you’re looking for edge and drama in your hawk cut, this one will definitely be your style. The top and nape are left longer while the sides are cut short and then shaped and spiked into a stunning Mohawk.

Buzz Cut Faux Hawk

Initially you would think there’s little in common between a buzz cut and a fake hawk, but you’d be shocked how amazing they look when combined. Mohawk’s visual effect is created here by combining shorter sides with longer buzz cutting.

Front-Combed Faux Hawk

This false hawk style, enhanced by a messy touch, is all about how it is combed. By combining it, you accentuate the point-cut ends and the front-tipped quiff that shapes your style’s cool silhouette.

Ultra Faux Hawk

Often taking your haircut to the ultra is just what you need to spice up stuff. This cut features smoothly tapered short sides, but what sends heads turning is the long sharp and extremely spicy top section.

Finger-Combed Faux Hawk

There are countless false hawk styles but this one is all about using your fingers. This cut is given personality thanks to the cool finger-combing styling technique used throughout, in addition to the edgy spiked top and tapered sides.

Long Faux Hawk

Your faux hawk’s length may be any length you like, even if the shape looks a little different. This cut shows skinned sides during the tapering of the nape. For the creation of a Mohawk shape, the middle and top are left considerably longer. French/201.636.jpg” />

Curled Faux Hawk

Prove you don’t have to have natural curly hair to get the curled look that this style plays with texture by adding flicks all over the end.

Smooth Faux Hawk

Most false hawk styles are punctuated with their spiky top that channels chic rockstar. But, as shown here, the hair can also be relatively smooth with a fauxhawk. The hair is softly brushed and smoothed with a slight ridge in the upper back and sides. We love the harmoniously mixed taper fade into the theme.

Short Fade Faux Hawk

Loving a fade look but still wanting to play with a Mohawk? Okay, the fake hawk fade is both worlds ‘ finest. It’s a perfect way to embrace different hair lengths and textures by combining a low fade with a faux hawk. ‘

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‘ Skin Fade Faux Hawk’

‘ There are so many fashion options available for men’s fake hawk models that fit a variety of tastes. There is a bolder skin fade haircut on show in this photo as the shaved sides and the spiky top are pretty expressive but not too far above.

Modern Faux Hawk

This is the modern masculine hawk haircut look and form. The sides are just short enough to look smooth and appropriate while the top is left slightly longer to give the Mohawk look to the model.

Pointy Faux Hawk

One of the essential characteristics of a Mohawk (or a fake mohawk) is its pointy edge, which is typically accomplished by spiking an item. You can see a flat pointy top in this photo and the sides that are left pretty full.

High Top Fade Faux Hawk

Black men are likely to pull Mohawk off better than other races, which is why this style is closest to the Mohawk original. The back is still fading, so we’re looking for a cool, fauxhawk interpretation. Anyway, no matter how it is referred to, if you like it, go for it. ‘

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‘ Professional Faux Hawk’

‘ Perfect for the office or any other professional setting this men’s fake hawk is just the right amount of edgy and cool while still looking suitable.

Tiny Faux Hawk

This is the perfect style if you want to accept a Mohawk but want to ease it slowly. This short faux hawk features fully rasped sides and a small amount of hair on top to create a small Mohawk.

Edgy Spiked Faux Hawk

Another way to style your faux hawk and make it messier and more edgier is here. Make small spikes out of your hair with the aid of extra-hold styling gel. The sides must be faded smoothly.

African-American Faux Hawk

Most African-American men enjoy the look of a high or low fade, but this haircut was notched by adding the shaved part to the hand.

Ombre’ed Faux Hawk with Hard Part

The main advantage of long- and short-sided cuts is that you can experiment with styling on an ongoing basis. High pumps curled waves smooth combover or stylish faux hawk – this is just the start of this season’s list of must-try choices. ‘

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‘ Subtle Faux Hawk’

‘ A fauxhawk is often characterized by its closely clipped sides, so it may be difficult to believe that this type of haircut can be called a fauxhawk. However, this is the best cut if you want to keep long hair on the sides while embracing a Mohawk.

Tapered Faux Hawk

This fake haircut features a clean and smooth style to highlight a tapered look along the lower middle sides. Usually this isn’t the normal way most Mohawks look, but if you want to embrace a funky yet neat style, it’s a nice and stylish change.

Do you know the best way to look stylish every day? Having a good haircut! Cleverly cut temples perfectly styled long tresses of cool beard – when you go to your barber, these are your number one priority.

Long and Curly Faux Hawk

A little extra long on top and curl never hurts any right hairstyle? You have a long top and middle section, which is curly yet gives off a messy look, as seen with this fake haircut.

Back Buzz Cut Faux Hawk

This short style’s upper back features a precise buzz cut often seen by military professionals, but the top is long enough to create a Mohawk shape. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Rat Tail Faux Hawk’

‘ Rat tail reappeared as part of this retro faux hawk in the 1980s. While the top is spiked and the sides are shaved, the back is left long and cut into a tail shape.

Full Sides Fake Hawk

It may not be the look of a traditional Mohawk to leave the sides completely intact but it fits quite well with modern fake models like the one seen here. Since the emphasis of any Mohawk style is the pointy core you can have all your sides and still perfectly recreate the look.

Faux Hawk pumped

In order to show the contrast between long and short hair strands, ask your barbed to make a bald fade. The long top can be styled like a faux hawk or a modern pompadour while temples and nape are super-short.

Faux Hawk twisted

This faux hawk fade features a cute fade on the sides but it’s the funky texture at the top that gives it the edge. For texture enhancement, the front of this cut is twisted and highlighted with the rasped line.

Low and Long Faux Hawk

The short hawk is created after low fade on this African American haircut by seamlessly blending the top section into the fade and extending the back section into the V-line nape.

High Top Spiked Faux Hawk

This fake haircut features completely shaved sides with a lot of spiky texture on top and a stunning square hairline. The final result is a haircut with a bit of edge that is both retro and modern.

Swirl Faux Hawk

If you didn’t know what to look for, you might find it difficult to notice that this is actually another version of a false hawk for men. The sides are almost faded to the skin while the longer portion of the top is styled into an intricate shape of the swirl. The

Beginner Faux Hawk

Every haircut starts somewhere and as you can see in this picture a beginner’s haircut can be quite stylish as well. The back and sides are completely rasped while the skin fade perfectly blends a small portion of the hair on top.

Wavy Faux Hawk

One of the best ways to customize your fake haircut is to accept your natural hair texture. This picture features a top section with medium wavy and fading sides.

Correct Faux Hawk

You may have any haircut in the world, but if it’s not correct, the whole look fails. The false hawk of this precision men is on a different level of being cool.

Short Buzz Cut Faux Hawk

In these images, one recurring theme is how many men love to combine a buzz cut with fake hawk haircuts. This one has a shorter version of the popular haircut for the military.

Faux Hawk hair design

Be imaginative and add some funky elements in the form of designs to your haircut. In this photo you see a fake haircut displaying a complex pattern of layout in the back. Customizing your fauxhawk is a good way.

Rocker Faux Hawk

If you think that the false hawk chances are high, a rockstar looks like in the picture. The front is beautifully spiked while fading seamlessly on the sides and back.

As seen in the pictures above a fake hawk haircut, something you want can be as long as the basic shape remains. It’s also a great haircut to try if you want a new look that adds to your regular haircut an element of drama and a few extra points of interest. An edgy look or the one that embraces your natural texture is endless if you want to try a beginner style. Prev1 of 40Next —> —> Related Haircuts Types That Are Trendy Now Call It A Temp Fade or Temple Fade Either Way It’s Trending Stylish Low Fade Haircuts for Men Ultra-Cool High Fade Haircuts for Men Best Drop Fade Haircut Ideas for Men Sexiest Men’s Curly Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration from hair style. Whatever your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeHair CutsPixie