Mustache beard combos

Basic Short Beard Styles

This is the way to go when you begin to see adequate beard development all along your round face. Just let it grow and trim it generally so it’s not too long and the cheek line meets the sideburns in a cool, arching manner.

Bushy Overgrown Beard Styles

Step–uncheck your hair. Step–groom the contour and the moustache, leave a bit wild on the front. Step –cut the line of the cheek. Step–???.



Casual men hairstyles for oval faces

If you can’t worry about doing too much of your hair in the morning, you can always choose the style’ I woke up like this.’ With high-quality hair care products, treat your hair well that will leave it smooth and silky.

Classy Sleek Cut with Perfect Trimmed Beard

Look at those corners and lines that are perfectly groomed. Get that fancy mustache look by just trimming your stache’s core and combing the remainder with wax outwards.

Curved Cheek Line with Bald Fade

Diamond faces can really look like this beard’s portion, mostly because the beard imitates the diamond shape. The curved line of cheek further enhances the appearance.

Long front and side fade curved cheek line

Probably the most on-point look for diamond faces. This look’s mandatory part: the elongated goatee.

Ducktail Beard Styles

While the name is mildly unattractive, the beard still feels cool, particularly for diamond-shaped faces. The shape also enables for slight length differences.

Elongated Beard Front with Bushy Mustache

Some men don’t really like the beard’s front end tends to grow quicker than the other components. Others harness that beard energy and make it a lovely thing, just like the guy below.

English Mustache, Faded Sideburns, with Sleek Short Sides Long Top Cut

Short sides, long top cuts operate fairly well with triangular facial shapes but couple it like this and it becomes something totally distinct. The sideburns must be retained frequently. Every morning, the English mustache has to be waxed properly so that it maintains its shape naturally. Don’t overturn those tips or you’re going to end up looking too much!

Extra Point Van Dyke Beard

What better for a diamond-shaped face on top of your beard than another diamond. Well, of course, a figurative diamond. This beard style’s staple is the pointed tip.

Extra-Groomed Short Beard with Long Straight Hair

It seems to operate with inverted triangle faces. Pair the overly trimmed beard with lengthy, hypocritical straight hair and you get a bunch of boys looking for that dream boy.

Faded CheekLinew/ Thick Front

Fading along the cheek line up the sideburns, beyond the ear–that’s the mark of a specialist barber. This look of fire fits perfectly with square faces as it enhances the natural contour.

Faded Short Beard with Faded Sideburns and High Fade Haircut

Here we have the triple fade and, to be frank, it operates so well with round faces. No: The hair is highly faded. No, the sideburns are not. No: The beard–notice that towards the throat it’s thicker and darker. This is some kind of fade back beard that looks really cool.

Full Beard, Neatly Trimmed, with Acute Backwards Fade

This one operates best with afro-textured or curly hair, but if you have a nice barber it can also operate with straight hair. Notice the beard angle–slightly triangular but with a rounded front end. Again, the beard begins right below the bottom of the lip–which helps to offer the whole look.

Full Square Beard Styles

Keeping it long is good for most face forms, but it works especially well with oblong faces–if you square it out and leave the beard’s front considerably longer than the sides.

Grey Beard with Bushy Mustache

Older square-faced people need not sacrifice their style. Look at the guy! Perfectly clean beard with a smart groom that makes it look like there wasn’t much effort to it when, in reality, experts will see obviously the finesse with which that look was accomplished.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan succeeds in rocking this look so well. Maybe you’re looking at it and thinking–oh, is it even groomed? Yeah, it’s–look at the lines of the cheek above the beard, you can clearly see that if it wasn’t trimmed it would have gone up much more. And to match the neck line, the moustache is completely trimmed.

Mustache handlebar

Would you like to look like a bad mastermind? Use a handlebar moustache to pair your triangle face and you might have a go against Batman.

Hipster Mens Hairstyles for Oval Faces

What’s the hipster hairstyle without the mustache of the handlebar? As much as the nose ring, plaid shirts, craft beer, bikes, hair pomade, beard oil, homemade soap, and many more products, it has now become a staple of the hipster subculture.


Hungarian Mustache Long Beard and Fade

The oblong face is ideal for a longer beard. With this brief hair / long beard look, these faded sideburns work great. The Hungarian mustache is a excellent addition, but it’s a little extra to our minds. With a fundamental wild west or lampshade moustache, you could do well.

Long Beard, Overhanging Mustache

This guy’s face isn’t exactly round, but this kind of beard combo works very well with round faces. Note: when combined with that top knot, the overhanging moustache and the cool look give the abrupt fade.

Long Diamond Beard Styles

If you have a silver hair like the man pictured below, something that works with both rectangular and diamond faces will get additional points. This one is also working with thin beards. Warning: Having a thin beard is not a thin hair.

Low Cheek Line with Bushy Van Dyke

This beard style is almost a chin strap, but the cheek line is slightly greater than it would usually be in a chin strap. The highlight of this style is the goatee-styled bushy Van Dyke, slightly more messy than usually would be.

Medium men hairstyles

Oval faces also operate well with medium hair. Although we must caution you that the verticality of the face will be shortened by a medium length. So if that’s what you need, this is the trick you need to know.

Oval-faced men hairstyles

Dreads are a fun way to update your look. You can attempt some traditional lengthy ones, depending on your personal preferences, or you can go for a more modern look and try the brief version that has been very popular recently on Instagram.

Messy Redbeard with Man Bun

If your beard grows naturally like that, it operates extremely well. Otherwise, it’s hard to make it look all right. Still, literally, this style is fire!

Messy Van Dykew/ Faded Cheek Line

This may not look like much, but we assure you that much thought and effort has gone into that fade on the cheek to make it look natural. The Messy Van Dyke is another highlight of this look, with the moustache remaining a bit unkempt.

Messy-but-Neat Neck Beard

This guy’s color combos are strange but you can’t look away, right? Eyebrows of black hair, blue eyes and nearly ginger beard? I mean I’m counting in. Nothing much can be said about this style of beard except that, despite its straggly look, you have to maintain it tidy.


Neat Contour, Bushy Front w / Long Hair

Diamond appearance is perfect for lengthy hair buns. See this sleek man! Compulsory detail: heavy sideburns.

Neat Short Beard w / Cheek Line Break

This is a fairly fundamental cut, except it’s fairly far from that when you look closer! It’s ideal to trim the edges of the cheek and necklines. Once again, the mustache is skilfully contoured. And then there is a break right in the beard where the cheek line is supposed to meet the mustache. Very interesting, very efficient!

Oval Beard with Faded Sideburns

Fades are amazing, everyone knows that, and if you haven’t, we have something to persuade you! Anyway, faces that are oblong and oval can make an oval beard look cool. And if you add that super soft fade, look right there, you have a killer look!

Perfectly groomed Unruly Beard Styles

Aside from Internet fame, this man looks really incredible. Despite his beard’s bright red color, we’re not looking at it here. It may look like there is no rhyme or reason for it, but we can say that the cheek line has been expertly trimmed. Not only that, but it gently enhances the front beard along its edges so that it catches your eye.

Perfectly Right-Angled Beard Styles

Again, the beard ruler for this one must be removed. It’s such a sharp angle that it could kill. Note: the elevated cheek line runs completely parallel to the reduced neckline, but then comes down sharply to the moustache. A really cool look for a square face!

Scraggly Ginger Beard with Mustache Horseshoe

This one works great with rectangular faces paired with wavy locks. The inclusion of the ginger in the image only makes it fire-y more. Highlight: the scar of the handlebar was left over the beard to grow.

Scruff with Low Cheek Line and Thin Sideburns

It’s hardly a beard, but if you have a round face and just start growing a beard, that’s the way to go. See how the chin is ever so slightly shaved towards the tip to make the man look cleaner.

Scruffy Look

A lot of scruffy styles, but all are slightly distinct. The one below is a little bit more rough-looking and chaotic, but with square faces it works extremely well.

Scruffy Thin Beard with Bushy Mustache

This beard’s scruff matches perfectly with the man’s messy, wavy hair in the picture. And it might also be for you! The only prerequisite? A face in the form of a diamond.

Scruffy Wild Beard Styles with Beanie Look

That beanie, urban appearance operates excellent with a rectangular face, and adding a scruffy beard only improves it!

Semicircle Cheek Line with Viking Braids

This man could join this man in his battle against the frost giants from the beginning! Look at that soft cheek as curves down, then rise up just enough to satisfy the line of the moustache. If you can get those braids, extra points!

Shaggy Mens Hairstyles for Oval Faces

This is a haircut that many people prefer because it needs very little maintenance. It is a brief to medium cut that requires only a little moisturizer to maintain it healthy and happy. You can just ruffle it, as with the remainder, and be on your manner.

Sharp Trimmed Beard with Gunslinger Mustache

As we kept saying, older men shouldn’t lose out on style, even if their hairline falls back. And this guy is a good instance here. That mustache of the gunslinger is trimmed so well! Also note the line of the cheek and the slight fade.

Short Beard Styles w / English Mustache

That English mustache look is often too much, but combine it with an inverted triangle face and it looks like a murderer. The beard’s addition= perfection!

Short beard with

Notice how comprehensive the mustache is. Seeing it that way requires a lot of effort. Notice the nearly perfect-degree angle between the downward cheek line and the upward moustache line.

‘ Short Groomed Beard with Shaved Head ‘

‘ A fantastic trick to look cool for those of you with thin or receding hairlines. Simply let it go! Let your beard grow and cut it to centimeters. Look at the guy! Classic cool is written on him practically.

Short Scruff with a slightly thicker goatee

Oblong faces will begin with a light beard. Do not go overboard and be diligent in grooming as you grow it out! So, you’re not going to look like the recent hobo-chic fashion trendsetter.

Welcome to

Short Scruff, High Cheek Line

While this face is slightly more oval than round, the style of the beard operates well with round faces. This beard shape’s highlight is the elevated cheek line.

Short, Messy Beard w / Long Wavy Hair

That wavy hair is incredible, but we’re here to speak about how well that beard goes with the triangle face inverted! Note: the mustache’s ideal trim.



Sleek Bushy Beard with Fade Style

While this style looks extremely good, it’s fairly maintenance-intensive. Imagine that these two lines are going to continue to show for too long, so you need to train yourself on the maintenance.


‘ Straight Cheek Cut with Fade and Bushy Beard

‘ Full beard operates exceptionally well with straight, unfaded cheek. The issue is that it is difficult to keep. This look is ideal for square faces, though, if you can get over that!

Straight Ginger Beard Styles

It’s almost literally fire–ha. If you want to charm everybody you meet, try this brief, straight beard. Bonus points if you’re a ginger in fact.

Right, Bushy Beard

The square-faced look operates perfectly. The only thing you need to be careful about is keeping it smooth and groomed so you don’t adopt the hobo-chic look.

Textured menhairstyles for oval faces

All you need to add texture to your hair is some wax and, potentially, some hairspray to maintain it all in place when you’re finished. Depending on the time of day or the occasion you are attending, the hairstyle can be as layered as you want.

Textured Long Messy Hair Short Beard

It may not seem like much, but this beard is closely groomed to look textured and layered. Add the dude’s chaotic hair and wild look below and you might be able to attract anyone!

Maroon’s Adam Levine has always been one of the most beautiful males in the music sector, and we now understand why. With a boyish, shaggy haircut and a beard, the singer has a perfect oval face.

Classic’s Bee Gees Beard Styles

Long hair, bushy, not even groomed beard. You can get the cheek line low or high, and if you can’t get either, you’ve tried it at least!


Blonde balayage

You can always go for a bit of blonde balayage or some peekaboo highlights if you want to show the tannins or the olive undertones in your skin. Place your hair in a heavy quiff with a touch of pomade to show them off.


Circle Beardw/ Faded Short Bowl Haircut

Look away from the bowl’s hair. Ignoring the amazingly well-functioning fade. And the fact that it’s not a square face. That sort of beard you see is called a beard circle and it merely enhances any face of a square sort.

Long Tapered Haircut

If you feel you’re acquainted with that hairstyle because you’re. In the previous seasons, it’s been a enormous hit. Therefore, it seems that everyone is wearing. This implies that every moment you walk down the road, you can see a nice opportunity.


Messy Scruff

To pull this off, you need ordinary dense hair, but the benefit is that you have li. Look at this beard’s neckline–totally ungroomed. But you have to pair it with that chaotic hair look otherwise you’re going to come off as inconsistent and lazy.


Perfectly patchy beard

This square look fits well because, as you can see, all the hair is almost on the same level–beard and everything. At the beard’s tip there’s a slight accent, but that’s it.

Precise Cut Diamond Beard Styles

This style of beard fits diamond and triangle faces inverted. Here the trick is to get a nice barber and then learn to cut it yourself.



Taper Comb Over

You can attempt this nice little trick if you have an oval face and want to extend it even further. Go for a bald shave or a fade taper. The head’s faded sides will make it look slimmer and, therefore, longer.

See more fashionable hair!




Hungarian Mustache Trimmed Overgrown Beard

That Hungarian stache makes this look what it is. The beard in the front is overgrown and slightly bigger. While this is a beard-filled look, it is obviously smoothly cut along the edges.

Untamed Beard Styles with Groomed Mustache

This dude also looks wild and works very well for inverted triangle faces, particularly wild hair. The highlight of this style is the mustache that contrasts as it is expertly trimmed with the remainder of the beard.

Untidy White Beard with Wavy Hair

This unruly white beard is another entry in the beard catalog for elderly males. Although it looks wild, it’s still a bit tidy–see the lines of the moustache and the cheek. That wavy hair makes a square face look ideal.

Very Short Scruff, with Shadow Highlight Layers

This look may seem straightforward, but it was obviously not. The dude in the image has a bushier beard facing the corners of his face, giving it a deeper look and shadow.

Viking Beard Styles

You understand who can take a beer bar and fight a frost giant’s army down? This man probably! The look really has so few: a dense, bushy beard, Viking, near no trimming, but amazing outcomes!