Hottest Male Celebrities Haristyles

Cristiano Ronaldo

As an athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo is as near to perfection as possible. Fortunately, his physique is just as powerful for his fans all over the globe. CR has a lovely, oval-shaped male face and a sharp jawline.

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Daniel Day-Lewis

Approximately regarded the greatest actor ever saved by Marlon Brando, Daniel Day-Lewis is also looking for it. Besides incredible abilities, the actor also has one of the most beautiful faces in the sector. Too bad that he’s retired now.

David Beckham

David Beckham can proudly tell, when it comes to mens hairstyles for oval faces, that he likely tried them all and then some. This guy has really accomplished it all, from cornrows to mohawks to man buns before man buns were even a thing.

See more hair from Beckham.

Depp Van Dyke

There’s nothing to say about Johnny Depp Van Dyke–it’s easy, stylish, classy.

Elijah Wood

Although not an elf in the Lord of the Rings saga, Elijah Wood is still very near to perfection of beauty. He has an oval face and wears his hair in a chaotic brief crop when it comes to mens hairstyles for oval faces.

Enrique Iglesias

It’s heartbeat raining, and this time it’s Latino. Enrique Iglesias has millions of worldwide adoring supporters, and it’s not difficult to see why. They also copy his very nice shaggy style, given that Enrique knows one or two things about fashion.

The Ewan McGregor

The gentleman look fits perfectly with the actor Ewan McGregor, and we can’t assist but fall in love with this incredible comb. It’s a hairstyle that will completely free your face, highlighting your chin and cheekbones.

Actor George Clooney has been top of male beauty charts for centuries now. Yes, the term is’ decades.’ His secret has to do with his beautiful symmetrical face and his well-chosen oval-faced mens hairstyles.

Hugh Laurie

Speaking of blue eyes, let’s move on to a couple across the pool right now. Hugh Laurie is one of the many British people we’d love to import based on his looks, talent, comedy chops, and accent.

Idris Elba Overgrown Goatee

No matter how much you attempt, Idris Elba’s look will never be nailed. But with this beard goatee and mustache, you can get as near as possible to the remainder. Otherwise, minimize the grooming. With afro-textured hair, this also works fantastic.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake wears a brief crop with a few boyish spikes in the front that you can replicate with a little hair wax blob at home. His color of wealthy and soft brown chestnut hair and bushy eyebrows highlight his eyes of gray-blue.

Actor James Franco

has curly hair in true life, so he utilizes a wealth of hair care goods to attempt and maintain his mane in place. He also likes to wear a goatee that emphasizes his chin when you have an oval face, one of your greatest characteristics.

Jensen Ackles

This modern version of the boy’s haircut is cute. When worn by actor Jensen Ackles, it’s even more lovely, so you can have a go on it as well. You can’t go mistaken for oval faces with these mens hairstyles.

Seeing Jesus

Seeing Jesus? Some individuals like it very much and I think it works. The beard has to be bushy and unkempt, but it doesn’t make you look hobo-chic. Long hair bonus points!

Joe Jonas

This is a photo of Joe Jonas back in his boyhood group, the Jonas Brothers. He was a nice teenager with a smooth, natural, brunette hair he used to wear.

John Krasinski

The world falls in love with him as a lovely god who never did a lot of job at The Office. But since his days as Jim Halpert, John Krasinski has matured a lot. He’s now undoubtedly one of the most beautiful males around with a beard beauty and mens hairstyles for matching oval faces.


Johnny Depp

was an icon of masculine style, fashion and beauty. He also had the quintessential medium haircut, just like Leonardo DiCaprio, only his was brunette. If you want to try it, though, you should understand it’s great for oval faces when it comes to mens hairstyles.

Jon Hamm

This is a layered haircut that flatters any oval face. It has a lot of length and quantity on top while cutting down the sides. This is definitely one of the finest concepts as far as mens hairstyles go for oval faces.

Jude Law

A list of mens hairstyles for oval faces is hard to produce and does not include Jude Law. Not only because he has such lovely features, but because he is now very popular for his receding hairline. The actor is known to refuse to shave it off.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is another popular face that has caused millions of adolescents around the globe to love him hopelessly. He has smooth and almost androgynous characteristics complemented by the color of the blonde hair.

Justin Timberlake

Many years have passed since Justin used to wear his now well-known and iconic’ ramen noodle ‘ blonde hair. Since then, he has matured a lot and is now more likely to wear mens hairstyles for oval faces.

Leonardo DiCaprio

We might have talked about that too quickly. As one of the most beautiful males in cinema history, Leonardo DiCaprio is a severe contender. He used to wear a s haircut when he was younger that you can remember from Titanic or Romeo + Juliet. He’s always wearing a vintage comb today, though.

The Michael B. Jordan

Now an actor in his own right, the son of Michael Jordan is a youthful and beautiful guy with a matching hairstyle. We also enjoy the fact that he pairs it to his look for some additional jazz with a easy goatee and two diamond-studded earrings.

Let’s demonstrate some love for our favourite ginger ever and the most renowned redhead in the history of literature and cinema. The beautiful characteristics of Rupert Grint are displayed for oval faces he wears by the mens hairstyles.

The Tobey Maguire

The first 10-year-old Spiderman was actor Tobey Maguire who depicted the superhero but never made it to the Avengers panel. In true life, in a straightforward yet ruffled hairstyle, Tobey wears his hair that flatters his face.


Tom Hardy

If you are as beautiful as Tom Hardy and you have a poor boy attitude and killer confidence to match, it’s simple to take off mens hairstyles for oval faces. That’s when you realize it will fit like a glove any hairstyle you attempt.

Scruff of Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s face is almost completely triangular. That scruff, of course, fits particularly well, especially in combination with lengthy sideburns and a slight mullet hair.

Mutton Chops

Hugh Jackman’s face is not oblong, but it is still the finest instance we could discover of chaotic mutton chops. But in theory, oblong faces can really attempt the side of the adventure and go for chops of the mutton. Finding the correct barber to do them for you is the only task!

George Clooney’s Silver Messy-but-Clean Beard

The beard of George Clooney operates very well with square and rectangular forms. Notice how it begins right under the lower lip, but the sideburns and neckline are still completely groomed. But the cheek lines are going up from the sideburns, rather than down, forming a kind of slope.

Bushy Short Scruff

This is the way to begin your beard if you have a triangle face and golden straight locks. Groom it around the edges a little, but leave it brief and natural and see where it’s going to carry you.


Bushy Groomed Mustache with Scruffy Beard

A certain look is needed to take off the bushy groomed moustache and not look like a creep. This look fits very well with medium-long hair with a beard and an inverted triangle-shaped face.

Will Smith

Sometimes when you have a face that’s as beautiful as this one and you can boost your perfect facial features, you don’t really need to gild your lily. In other words, let your handsomeness speak for a low-key haircut and settle for it.

Short, Scruffyw/ Thicker Mustache Soul Patch

This classic Aaron Paul look may look a little untidy down the row of the throat, but that’s just part of it. With a slightly thicker moustache and an additional dense soul patch, the beard is very neatly contoured.

Ben Affleck

This list of mens hairstyles for oval faces looks better and better as we move forward. With his well-trimmed beard and good-guy haircut, Ben Affleck is definitely an inspiration because if Batman isn’t your inspiration, who is it?

Chin strap

One of the finest hair strap. Note: no beard but an elongated S shape is formed by the sideburns.

Chris Hemsworth

Is it any surprise to anyone that Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has put it on our men’s oval-faced hairstyle list? He is not only one of the most beautiful actors ever to grace the silver screen, but his blonde hairstyle is now iconic as well.

Chris Pine

If we were to ask the true question, it would be–who, of course, is Chris better? Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Evans or Pratt? But we’re going to let you decide. We’re just going to ask who has the best mens hairstyles for oval faces?

The Christian Bale

This is the second Batman on our men’s list of oval-faced hairstyles. Christian Bale chose a chaotic, gelled look unlike Ben Affleck who preferred a nice guy haircut. It’s up to you now to decide which one you want more.

Curly Beard Styles Silver Fox

This man understands what it’s all about. The gray hairs do not take away, but rather add to the look’s awesomeness. And I believe we can agree that glasses and a top hat can improve the look of a beard any day!

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is one of those beautiful instances where we watched the actor develop from a nice teenager on the Disney Channel into the true gentleman and heartbreaker he is today. He certainly assisted his chestnut chair and blue eyes.

Zach Galifianakis Round Beard

The Zach Galifianakis chaotic hair for additional points is unmistakable.

Zayn Malik

The one-way trip down the memory lane doesn’t end here because we also have to speak about Zayn Malik’s oval-faced mens hair. As we pointed out above, adulthood handled the formerly sweet boys very well and transformed them with an approach into certified beautiful males.

The Ryan Gosling

Perfection can also be noted and studied in the form of actor Ryan Gosling and his oval-faced mens hairstyles. He usually wears a haircut sort of retro, Old Hollywood with a side portion and gelled locks.

The Ryan Gosling Classy Beard Look

Now this classy look is the staple of Ryan Gosling’s only one. Notice that his face appears asymmetrical the more you look at the picture.

Neat, straight Ben Affleck Beard Styles

Simple, efficient but hard to keep. To be able to pull this off without looking like you just forgot to shave, you need to have a fairly dense beard. Second, you must level it almost every day with an electric razor and use beard wax to keep it down.

Neat-but-Messy Basic Cut

There’s not much to say about this sort of beard, except it’s ideal to look like this inverted triangle plus freckles. It’s fairly fundamental, with a slightly longer front and a chaotic moustache following the contour of the face.

The Niall Horan

It is no error that the children of One Direction are now fully grown up, and that puberty has made a number of them. With a brief crop, a shaggy quiff, and just a touch of his ancient, blonde, Directioner hair, Niall Horan rocked this photo shoot for Flamingos Notion Magazine.

The Lionel Messi

We’ve seen Cristiano Ronaldo so now it’s time to look at his big rival for the title of the world’s best soccer player, Lionel Messi. With a beautiful ginger beard and a slick back to match, Messi is definitely a candidate for the top player title.