Messy Bob Hairstyles

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Prev1 of 60Next Messy bob hairstyles are trendy and easy to style. All you need is to have a flattering bob haircut and choose the right hair product for your type of hair. Wavy hair is the direct indication of a messy bob, of course. But there are ways to achieve the common messy texture even if your locks are straight. Here are great ideas for fans of dirty bob!

Messy Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles

You will find all the clues on messy bobs and lobs for different types of hair and textures and some styling tips in the following examples. Get inspired and plan a cute messy bob hairstyle or your next chic bob cut!

Shaggy Medium Length Bob

This shaggy medium-length bob with disconnected ends is incredible in its carefree atmosphere. It looks like the hair with which you woke up! To push your> ombre highlights, think of an unusual hair color is a great solution.

Choppy Balayage Bob with Bangs

The choppy layers of this medium-length bob effortlessly combine with the long side bangs and metallic copper scanning highlights strategically positioned throughout the style to integrate the broken strands into one harmonious whole.

Side Bang Peachy Hair

The sleek bedhead hairstyle may not be just slightly imperfect but still retain the rounded bob form. A little extra backcombing will help boost the volume and make that special effortless feeling come true. Go for a glamorous hair shade to add even more to your beauty ranking.

Sliced Caramel Bob with Blonde Babylights

The caramel cut is unique in the world of blond and brunette, and the shade is well suited to the overall trendy bob cutting vibe. Placing strategic subtle highlights or baby lights throughout the hair helps create a texture look without the need for everyday wear to style.

Flipped and Shaggy Cut

The tone and motion of this sassy layered bob. To order to keep the ends wispy, the bottom layers are cut with a razor and a round brush is used to create the cute light flips at the ends. Those with thick hair struggling to keep their tresses should embrace this cut as it takes off the bulk at the expense of layers that are expertly done.

Sliced Sliced Blonde Lob

The messy long bob’s sun-bleached waves look sporty and natural. They barely graze the shoulders at this comfortable medium length and the wispy layers add to the hairstyle texture. The sliced ends keep the cut secure and without worries.

Messy Bob with Textured Waves and Babylights

You don’t look like a little girl when you have a messy bob with a fringe. Jaw-length combover bangs with a deep side frame the face gently and give the messy bob cut an air of romance. The blonde baby lights shine and shine every twisted curl.

Sliced Bob With Textured Ends

Choppy bob’s straggly waves are playful and effortless. Twist the curly tresses of the top and finger to restore volume and movement in your hair. The balayage of the bright blonde looks healthy and bright.

Brunette Bob with Feathered Layers

Longer bob’s feathered layers keep the hairstyle natural and casual. It’s a great way for busy moms to wear their hair because in styling it’s not as precise and challenging as a blunt bob might be. For women with fine or thinning hair, a cut with a lot of wispy ends also works well and the wavy texture adds to the overall sense of volume. T4.557.jpg” />

Razored Brunette Balayage Bob

When your bob’s ends are thinning out with a razor you get a super sharp cut that looks awesome in messy hair>Dark brown and chocolate is always a winning color combo.

Chocolate Brown Razored Shag

Your curly shaggy locks feel even better when you put them in a messy bob haircut with bangs. Then run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls and create easy waves.

Brunette Bob with Face-Framing Balayage

For thick hair, a long bob with choppy ends is a worthy medium-length haircut option. How to style a cut like this? Messy barely-there waves made with a straightener are a fantastic styling solution that flatters the cut silhouette and thick hair’s natural texture.

Modern Teased Hairstyle

Unlike past perfect teased bobs that were extensively backpacked and then covered with a smooth top layer, the modern teased bob has no secrets hidden underneath. It’s sharply messy and imperfect. For example, if you have a shaped haircut like this cute rounded bob, such a texture looks best.

Long Shaggy White Blonde Bob

Light blonde layered waves are reminiscent of the bob of Christina Aguilera. The face-framing waves are not too long, but they only have enough structure and body to create a thick and voluminous bob that appears to be natural and colorful. Note 4/t4.565.jpg” />

Choppy Angled Dark Brown Bob

A rasped bob is a classic cut edgier. Tell the stylist to do choppy layers, they can either use a regular razor or shears to mimic the style of slicing. Keep this look shorter in the back and don’t be afraid to gradually lengthen the layers to the front all the way up to the neck’s nape.

Chocolate Brown Messy Wavy Lob

A long bob or lob is the safest option to try if it’s your first time with short hair. When hair is about the length of the shoulder, it can be designed as easily as longer hair so keep it sweet and simple with waves or opt for braids buns ponytails and more to change it.

Short Side-Parted Blonde Shag

A side part can add a messy bob haircut and add something extra to it. Work through the hair a textured pomade to mould piecey shattered waves and embrace the side part to create a faux side bang.

Shaggy Messy Lob with Razored Layers

A shaggy lob with a middle part is a great idea of a low-maintenance hairstyle for any face shape literally. It will slim down and stretch a full face softening a square face’s jaw angles and add volume on the sides to balance a long face. The facial features are illuminated by the light blonde front pieces and flatter your complexion. Don’t forget about it! If you like, consider and customize the cut.

Cute Chopped Caramel Blonde Bob

The so-called traditional messy bob is anything but boring a straight cut at the front and shorter angled layers at the back it is completely wearable and works for all types of hairs. This is the ultimate hairstyle for women on the move to wake-up-and-go.

Bronde Balayage Bob with Shaggy Waves

Thick hair looks amazing to brighten it up with some scanning highlights. If you have dark brunette locks that can turn hair instantly in a warmer touch. Pair an illuminated beach wave look with an inch curling iron and shake it out for an allied finish.

Messy Bob with Long Front Pieces

Play with color lengths and finishes to get your dream bob. There’s no such thing as two bobs. This bronde cutie begins to touch the smooth baby-soft locks. So seductive and feminine is the messy bob!

High contrast Textured Messy Bob

The combination of black roots and white textured lengths gives a special grunge touch to this short messy bob. The graduated colors and choppy ends offer an urban edge to the hairstyle that helps you to express your individuality. It’s a hairstyle that looks great with a side part and you can soften the sharpness of the cut by tucking a few strands behind one ear.

Normal Disheveled Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

Messy bob hair>side-swept bangs can provide some extra bounce with ease.

Dimensional Wavy Textured Bob

And if you’re not a grunge fan, don’t worry – messy bob hairstyles don’t have to look dirty. T4.581.jpg” />

Sun-Kissed Wavy Lob

Also combines with light waves with a messy surface. Your messy hairstyle looks as natural and effortless as possible in this case. Sun-kissed balayage for such a texture is an ideal hair color. And it’s perfect, of course, when the waves stop right above the neck, brushing your collarbone and framing your head softly.

Disconnected Blonde Bob with Platinum Highlights

If Marilyn Monroe needed her present-day styled hair, we could almost guarantee that she would rock that haircut. Clean simplicity refreshes a wavy texture and buttery blonde color with bright highlights and the bob cut keeps it modern and stylish.

Cropped Layered Cut

Not all shorter hair>platinum blonde hue and darker roots to create a special tailored look.

Edgy Hairstyle with Purple and Grey

Metallic make-up and fashion always shows on runways and red carpets. So why not add the trend to shorter haircuts too?

Textured Bob with Bangs

The textures and the appropriate length of your bob haircut are variables that guarantee a beautiful look even if you don’t spend time styling every day. This haircut works just as good for both thick and fine hair. Bangs are a compliment to the cut in harmony.

Short cut with twin layers

This short messy hair is all about layers and nuances of colour. In addition to wispy layers for extra volume, try gentle sweeping highlights across your crown and through the tips. In order to achieve an unkempt (but still sexy) appearance after drying finish with a textured mist and light hold hair spray.

Messy Layered Bob

Talking about a performance messy bob haircut keep in mind choppy layers that can be either rough and chunky or delicate and finely chopped. Depending on your facial characteristics, make your choice and you certainly can’t neglect your hair type.

Blunt Chin Length Cut

This chic bob is ideal for a bold statement. The style works best on fine to medium-textured hair and thanks to its one-length cut, fine hair will look thicker than it actually is. To produce the dishevelled messy look, use a styling putty or hair wax.

Messy Lob with Lightened Ends

Sometimes a long messy bob is better than its shorter equivalent because you get more flexibility to wear different hairstyles like updos while a free-flowing hairdo like in the picture is still a very nice option to enjoy when you’re short of time or fashion inspiration.

Dark Chocolate Waves

A blunt bob doesn’t need to be that primitive and proper. Waves like those in this chaotic bob hardly give off a calm and friendly atmosphere. It’s easy to re-create this look by using a flat iron to give your strands a bit of a bend.

Shag with highlighted layers

Initially, a messy layered bob is easy to style as the ends of the layers give you some cute natural flicks. For dark brown hair, consider caramel dark blonde or light brown balayage if you want to enhance them and create more depth within your locks.

Ash Brown Wispy Bob

Messy waves sometimes look rather rough but traditionally a wispy bob with allled waves is feminine and tender. Choosing a trendy hair color such as silver blonde or light ash brown is an excellent way to upgrade a traditional style.

Multi-tone Wavy Hair

Any girl who doesn’t have long locks or extra short hair wants such a beautiful wavy brown bob. It’s a genuinely harmonious look with bouncy waves and perfect smooth hair hues changes similar to natural ones and pleasing to the eye.

Lob for thin hair

This long shag will work for fine and medium-sized hair.>Subtle balayage is the key thing.

Precision Bob with Weightless Waves

A messy bob haircut is not only incredibly cute it’s also a low-maintenance and practical cut you’ll want to stick to for a while. It can be either angled to the front or straight cut like in the photo. Both have their special charm and can be worn either straight or wavy.

Shaggy Bob with Razored Layers

Make it shaggy and effortless when styling to make sure a medium-length bob doesn’t look too mom-like. To rough up the look without styling curls, apply a salt spray to those piece-y layers and consider classic straight-across bangs as contrasting with the rest of the texture.

Disheveled Angled Blonde Bob

Bobs are often classified as carefree and messy but elegant curls can provide a more polished approach while a slightly disheveled finish keeps things from looking too smooth. The angled cut combined with a traditional wave is a fun look for a big event or working day.

Choppy Chin-Length Bob

Easy to style and maintain a short messy bob with hair care and styling products that are suitable for your hair type. And although it looks quite ruined in form, its outline is visible and highly appealing, with broken uneven ends sticking out in different directions.

Shaggy Mid-Length Cut

Shaggy ends and gentle flowing waves are, as this hairstyle reveals, a winning combo. Style some loose random waves with a curling iron or a straightener leaving the ends straight to the lower edge of the cute fringy. A bit of honey-colored balayage highlights will only make your final look more charming.

Rocker Chic Dark Brown Bob

It’s too chic to bear something about a sharp middle part paired with an unkempt contrast. It is nice to raise the dimension with different tones, but not every cut requires highlights to describe it. The hair cut short at the neck nape of the raven-toned shoulder length is unmistakably cool.

A-Line with Highlights

The perfect mixture of polished and edgy is universally flattering for almost all face shapes and hair texture angled bob haircuts. Before drying, choose a volumizing mousse to create this style. Next step piece-by-piece with a straightening iron finish with a light hold hairspray to style hair pieces.

Brunette Purple Bob

If the thought of wearing neon pastel wavy bob hairstyles makes you slightly nervous but you still want to try some new color-wise dark violet tresses is your best bet. The bright color would certainly help you stand out in a slightly understated way under natural daytime lighting than lavender hues.

Beachy Grey Medium Cut

After all, the most typical protocol for gray hair is to cover it when choosing a color for messy bob hairstyles. But the color is making a serious appearance thanks to countless beauty bloggers and fashion-forward celebrities. For a more natural appearance, try mixing blonde and brown tones.

Platinum Highlights Tousled Bob

This cut and color gives us serious beach goals. Insert gentle highlights with a lighter concentration in the front to achieve the sexy beach girl appearance. For a natural slightly undone finish, we suggest alternating larger and smaller waves.

Classic Bob with Gentle Waves

Not all short hairs come in combination with wild shades and texture. Casual short haircuts including the one pictured here provide an effortless classically understated look that is surprisingly low maintenance. Straighten small piece-by-piece sections of your hair to add soft waves and finish with a setting spray.

Angled Violet Bob

As fun as it is sassy and sexy this a-line lavender hairstyle is surprisingly easy to pull off in any setting. A textured pomade runs uniformly across your strands to create that just-got-out – of-bed look.

Messy bob is our time’s real hairstyle gift. Quick effortless styling and charming natural looks are something to welcome and enjoy contemporary girls on the go. So let’s take advantage of the current beauty trend and make the best out of it! Prev1 of 60Next —> —> Full Stack Hottest Stacked Haircuts Trendy Inverted Bob Haircuts Haircuts and Stay Connected Stunning Ways to Rock a Sew In Bob Modern Ways to> ‘ The Full Stack Hottest Stacked Haircuts Trendy Inverted Bob Haircuts Haircuts Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Inspire hair style. Whatever the hair form is, we will help you find the best hairstyles The Best Hairstyles © Copyright 2019 Menu HomeColorRed