Mens medium hairstyles

Windblown Pompadour

inches long (or even longer if you are brave enough. Brush it upwards and secure with some hair spray. Greatest Fohawk haircuts hairstyles for men

Deep Ocean Bottom Treasures Blue Nail Art

Enticing and Sparkly Flat Tip Nail Styles With a classic look of fish scales over a fun ombre sparkle nails ranging from a dark mint green to a beautiful blue anyone looking for a smaller nail shape with flat tips that won’t get in the way of typing (or picking simple things up will really enjoy these! There’s a touch of shiny silver nailpolish outlining the nails.

Combed Over


Pretty Funky and Quirky Nails for You

This look’s an unusual and varied nail art with a different design on each nail. On the thumb is a fun combination of a reef-like imprint and a touch of glitter. The pointer finger is a stunning dark green to lime yellow ombre scaly design. The middle nail has a fun fish with a gem representing its head. How fun!


The forelock is a classic on its own. The glory that shows a volume of hair is still modern. It is a sleek selection for a style-savvy hairstyle for men with medium hair. With additional hair length highest and short pale sides the most challenges arise because of the excessive styling that is required. Though the ultimate look is definitely worth everything most men are too busy to work on their hair each morning. Even so to try to a forelock we suggest you begin with clean hair that is dried by a towel. For an untidy look use a product that is equally throughout.

Beautiful Mermaid Nail Idea

Next we have a beautiful mermaid nail idea to show you. Some nails have the mermaid scale design some are decorated with rhinestones and there is even a starfish too. It is a stunning manicure and the look was created with Sally Hansen Color therapy Well Well Well Fresh Paint Matte About You and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Big Teal.

If you are ready for a change but don’t want to do any cutting consider getting highlights. Well-chosen colors will make men’s medium hairdo look brighter and more alluring. If your hair is dark start with some light brown and dark blond shades.

Tiny Golden Genie’s Wish Granted Nail Art

This nail art appears to have the shortest nails of the entire list. There’s a lot of glitters packed into each nail despite the small size. The colors are just gold and a muted blue. Each nail has some hint of gold sparkles in it making this look really glamorous. Both hands also contain fingers embellished with rhinestones and gems.

Blue All Over Bubble Explosion Nail Art

There’s something special about this particular nail art in comparison to the rest of the designs. While the other nails have a mermaid tail scale lattice that is either sparkly or one made of black nail polish this look uses an all blue color palette to reinforce its ocean theme. The top is sky blue and fades to ocean blue.

Green Bokeh Glittery Green Short Nail Designs

This set of designs is a lot less quirky than the last. To begin these nails are short and what most people would consider “normal sized.” There’s a uniform teal used across all five nails. Four are the same and have white fish scales outlining the whole nail whereas the ring finger includes a unique type of buildable transparent glitter.

Nails of Glam Mermaid

! Most of the nails are black, and the design of two of the nails is sparklingly mermaid. Only one nail has a sweet little starfish. This is a beautiful design that suits everyone. On the page below, you can check out a short tutorial that shows you how to use a stencil to create the mermaid scales. It looks pretty easy so at home you can make your own sparkling mermaid manicure!

Sleek and Chic

If you choose a medium haircut for guys but need to look sleek, make sure to take care of the front of your head. Consider making a side part and brushing up and to the side of your hair. Seal it with some gel of hair.

Cute Ombre Nails

Next weve got a cute, simple, mermaid-inspired nail design. All the nails will be painted light blue and pink will expect one. The accent nail is a silver glitter painted with a small shell and a rhinestone. This is a beautiful nail design that you can easily recreate.

Blue Gem Stone Cut New Nail Trend

Nowadays everyone is browsing Pinterest to try on their nails and share with their friends! This intricate blue nail art is similar to the treasures of gemstone found in a cave. With an uncanny resemblance, just wearing this gemstone-like design will make you feel luxurious. To complement the metallic, the ring finger has a beautiful seashell-esque look.

Short Buzz

containing a medium-sized cut.

Roughed One

Tilted over haircut is one of the most widely tried and tested middle haircut champions for men. Especially when youre going to work sprucing up. Make a side part and walk through your hair and youre done. To protect the haircut examined from weakening, we can include various styles such as a blurred face.

Cotton Candy Unicorn Fairy Nail Art Designs

Do you recall the coloring books that you would like to pose for as a child? Such nails in style are both short and recreational pleasure. The rainbow tones will require some effort to properly blend and apply the nail polish itself, but once you do this and add a print of the seaweed fishtail scales you will feel transported back in time!


If you have hard-to-manage thick hair but are not ready to get rid of it, consider making layers. Layers are great to shape the medium-length hair of a man. Theyll also enable you to easily style your mane. The layers may not be as obvious if you have curly hair. Mens Stunning Crew Cuts You Can Copy

Cute Pink Nail Design

Do you want trendy painted nails and lovely nail art? If so, for you, this idea might be fine. Some nails are two pink nails with a leaf design and the rest have beautiful decorations such as shells and pearls. These nails are trendy and will match everyone. You can buy online small shells such as these. Recreate the entire look or just try one or two nail designs. The jpg
<img src="

Sharp Cotton Candy Ombre Amazing Designer Nails

These beautiful mint green and pink shadow nails almost look like the yogurt wed all have as kids! Look familiar? The one difference is the shape of the pointy nail being inserted. This look is actually quite simple in general and can suit somebody who may not be used to experiment with their nail art. This can be done by anyone looking for a change!

Pale Pink and Golden Cute Glitter Nails

Nail art looks very much like the pictures of viral manicure on social media. Most bloggers have tried and posted this kind of nail art at one point or another in their feet. With beautiful gold embedded in the design, the pale pink is beautifully complemented by a subtle hint of glamor and trend

Under the Sea Mermaid Nail Art Design

This sea-green shadow design is quite similar to the former design described in a different style. With this model choice, the fish scale prototype is much larger and more distributed over the other set of nails compared to the smaller scales. Still the simplest finger shown is the ring finger.

Girly Lavender and Pink Nails For You

This long nail design will almost resemble a festival-inspired theme when you see the amazing use of gems on the fingers of both hands. The gemstones are reminiscent of a bindi designed from South Asia and are a perfect addition to what would otherwise have been a basic lavender finger. The design range is versatile.

Strident Under

An ideal illustration of just how stylish this hairstyle can be. We have a medium-sized hairstyle here for men in two completely different ways. A blow dryer has a lot of volumes on the hair. The finished hair was styled in a muddled look of the harvest back to the front. This state-of – the-art take is called a broken blur.

Desert Sand Storm Long Rounded Nail Art

Looking like the grainy consistency of a hot barren desert in the Middle East, this subtle yet luxurious nail look is great for anyone who likes a little touch of pop. On the middle finger is a single gem. The highlight of this stunning look is this golden fish like stone. For a big party, this is perfect.

Clear Mermaid Nails

Awesome is the next nail concept weve got to show you! This is an amazing project, and it is also very innovative and imaginative. To people who do not like bright colors, its great. If you like to stand out from the crowd, pick these nails.


but on medium-length locks they appear even more amazing. The longer your hair will be, the more impressive will be your spikes. Get some hair gel and start playing with it. Youre just going to stand out from the crowd.

Neat Long Bangs Bob

If your hair is straight, consider making this cool long bangs bob. The sides of the hair will stop near to the ear line. The medium hairstyle of these men will need to be regularly brushed. But the result is going to look very good and the effort is certainly worth it.

Easy Metallic Ombre Modern Mermaid Nail Design

Both modern and elegant this simple but sophisticated nail art is a perfect addition to any party nail and can even be worn more casually if youre okay with metallic shades. The five nails are shiny reflective and display signs of mainly blue teal and violet, of course. When decorating the hair, the ring finger has white colored fish scales.

Dreamy Coral Mermaid Nail Polish Manicure

Similar to the last form of manicure. With the exception of the ring finger, four of the nails are the same. The best design is the ring finger. The coral nail itself has a plain but cool outline of fish scales. This lively set is a great addition to your choice of manicure.

Slick Back

Slicked back hair remains one of the most popular male medium hairstyles. The style and sophistication have altered over time, but the sleek back look still requires a fade or undercut on the perimeters. The suggestion for simplicity is short plastered back hair. Handsome Slick Back Hipster Hairstyles for Stylish Men


A med-afro is a medium hairstyle mainstream with twists of Afro hair. Its a kind of predominant style decrease that begins at the middle of the scalp. It leaves at all points of the scalp a bundle of thick hair. Its been a go-to hairdo for the dark as well as many white men since its that hip for quite a while now.

D White Seashells and Fairy Dust Nails

These nails look like a vast universe or galaxy. These fairy dust nails are likely to remind you of the sky and a summer sunset how beautiful our environment is. Both white seashells are the middle fingers with a tiny diamond at the bottom giving a beautiful message to the whole look. There is even a touch of glitter added!

Easy Black and Teal Mermaid Nail dicts Dream

This nail art has a very basic coat of black nail polish on two of the outer (long fingers using an all-black base for almost half the look. If youre a lover of all things black and find the color to be as classy as we know youre probably going to love this meermaid design and embrace the little switch.

Fun Rainbow Fish Scale Long Nail Designs

Do they need some entertainment? Theyre probably a rainbow lover! I mean, whats not the kid?! These colorful rainbow nails on each nail have a different shadow color. With such a large selection of colors ranging from yellow and orange to younger green and pink viewers would love to try out those nails! You can also join the ults!

Chrome Nail Design

We all saw the amazing mermaid tail makeup brushes. You need to see this next nail design if you love those as well. These chrome stiletto nails look just like the mermaid brush with the hair. Some of the nails are matte black, some of them with gems. This is a very stylish idea and you can recreate the entire look or just try the chrome.

Gold and Emerald Nighttime Sky Nail Art

Emerald is an amazing color that is often underrepresented. These nails are great for anyone who wants the first few sign-ups to create a uniform experience! In this look, the nails are metallic green that could be perfect if your eyes are also green. Youll look more beautiful if you suit the color of your nails to the color of your eyes.

Ariel Nails Inspired

How sweet are these nails? There are no seashell-themed gems in this nail art, yet it is clear to anyone that these are mermaid-inspired nails. Thats because the color palette of the Little Mermaid was used by the nail artist.

Pale Baby Blue Sky and Cloud Nails

This kind of nail art is certainly the lightest in the collection. Most of the look is in a blue Tiffany – indeed, like the business of diamonds and jewels. At the bottom of the pointer finger and the ring finger, there are also hints of gold gems. Look closely and you will see the other decorated with tiny white and gold pearls.

Simple Trough

For guys, the haircut is both flexible and stylish compatible with medium-grade hair. The explanation why this haircut is one of a kind is that the sides are not hummed due to the use of scissors. While the look is still getting slightly shorter towards the base of the head, a decreased hairstyle is not indistinguishable from a fade. As some folks start longer styles, this slice is set to be one of the most common of

High Bangs

if you like the way your bangs look but need some variety you can style them upwards. If your hair is thick enough, its a bit of hair gel that you will need. Let a strand fall down your forehead carelessly to make your shot more romantic.

It would be a felony to cut off your hair if your hair is soft and curly. Soft curls are very romantic and look like bangs in particular. Keep the rest of your hairstyle brief, just leave a few curls in front and top. This average mens hairstyle is a sure hit with the girls.

Blown Back

This is a distinctive mens hairstyle that is ideal for those with wavy hair. The hair is whipped and swept back, separating the sides and blurring around the eyes into the locale. Whiskers will contribute to this hairdos appeal.

Voluminous Pixie

Dont be afraid of the word pixie. While this male medium haircut is considered short for women, for men it may be called medium. Allow the hair to remain high on top. Youll add some volume to it this way. Some side strands may cover the ears.

Smooth Lime Green Fantasy Cool Design

new age mix of lime green and marine green background. This magnificent shadow really emphasizes the green lime. In fact, with a touch of a small gemstone, the middle nail is absolutely lime green. If youre wondering where theres no worry about the sparkles. There is a beautiful outline of golden fish scales adorning the green shadow.

Holographic Scales

d a manicure-like color pop to your look. Each nail is a different color and all the nails are designed with a holographic scale of mermaid. This is a cute and colorful mani that would make the summer perfect. Recreate this look or just one or two colors you should try. You can choose five different colors as well.

Chrome Nails Mat

for anybody!

Shimmery Golden Royal Arabian Carpet Nail Art

This set of nails resembles a Moroccan temple and has written all over it Arabian Night with a silver gold blend covering four of five fingers. The middle nail is the one containing the lattice design of the mermaid tail scales. The tail scales lie over a very smooth baby blue (not glossy solid color foundation. Try it. Feel free!

Pompadour Hairstyle

The sleek and complicated forelock relative of the pompadour hairstyle is certainly one of the male fashion call for medium-sized haircuts.


and high foreheads. I do a great job covering the folds of the front as well.

Unique Nail Design

Are you looking for a unique, wow-looking nail design? If so, please check it out! The nails have different designs for this style, which include scale falls of shells of water and more. The beautiful mermaid tail is what really makes the nails stand out! In fact, one of the nails is shaped and decorated to look like a tail of mermaids. This is such a fabulous idea and in any color and design you can recreate the tail.

Sharp and Unique Cyan Coffin Nails Glitter

At first glance these nails look a tad bit scary with their very very pointy tops but the sparkly and vibrant mint green will help ease the intimidating shape of the nails themselves. You can sport these to a Halloween party or even a friends graduation party… just be sure not to poke anyone or potentially hurt any small pets.

Pretty Nails With A Gold Mermaid

Like your nails to look glam and unique? If so check this out! Here we have beautiful and light nails and each one has a different design. One is simply pink the next is sparkly then there is an embellished nail and finally the last nail has a stunning gold mermaid decoration. This is a gorgeous and chic design and you can buy little gold mermaids like these online.

Hexagon Glitter Little Mermaid Nails

< With such a well-done design and placement of the hexagon shaped glitter it’s hard not to admire this nail art. There’s an ombre in the glitter itself! You can see tones of royal purple midnight blue mustard yellow and a nature like green. In a way the ombre almost resembles a rainbow with all the stunning colors it holds.

Reptile Metallic Purple Techno Nail Art

At first glance the design resembles the scales of a snake. With a more hexagon like shape this fish scale outline stands out in comparison to the previously mentioned nail options. Unlike the other options the ring finger is the only simple nail bed with a plain purple coat. The other four nails are where the magic happens.

Pretty Light Blue Nails

Brighten up your look with beautiful blue nails like these. Here we have long coffin nails that are all painted blue except for one. The accent nail has a white shell design. You can recreate this simple design or you can jazz up the manicure with silver starfishes shells and rhinestones. These embellishments can be bought online for a cheap price. You just stick them on with nail glue after your nail art has dried.

Creative Extraterrestrial Coffin Nails Glitter

Incorporating a reflective metallic style mermaid nail polish with thin black scales painted on top this uniform design is a show stopper and will fit any modern theme you’re going for. This nail art screams outer space and extraterrestrial vibes. If you look closely you will notice hints of purple green and even blue tints to this beautiful silvery hue.

Teal Sparkle Sky Ombre Galaxy Design

This nail art has a very very pointy tip. Not everyone prefers really pointy nails but this nail art is still applicable to other shapes of nails. The design itself almost resembles a galaxy during the daytime. With a light blue it appears as though there’s a solar energy at the center of the nails when interlocking your fingers.

Lovely Nails With A Gold Mermaid

How glamorous and unique are your nails? If so, please check it out! We have beautiful and light nails here and they each have a different design. One is clearly pink, the next one is sparkly, then there is a gorgeous nail and finally the last nail has a spectacular decoration of gold mermaid. This is a stunning and trendy model and you can buy online small gold mermaids such as these.

Reflective Sky and Sea Creative Nail Design

Those imaginative nails look like they came straight out of the



would be the best for those looking for a long kinky hairstyle to go with a male medium hairstyle. Especially if you like hair that is fuss-free. The first step is simple: grow as naturally as possible your hair. Simply trim whenever you feel its going too long or want to be particularly kinky.

Messy Bob

Bobs look wonderful for romantic people. The best part about such a bob is not having to make it look smooth. You can hang in front of some hair strands and stick out in the back. Only make sure your mane is dry! Glitzy Mermaid Nails

Our next nail idea is sexy and perfect! All the nails on each hand have a different design, like rhinestones and shells of glitter ombre. This is a wonderful set of nails and its great for women who want to stand out from the crowd. It will take patience and time to recreate this look yourself, but it will be worth it! Shop for some glitter and decorations under the sea hair, and its fun to go.

Simple Royal Purple Reflective Ombre Sparkle Nails

Using a mixture of both metallic and very basic purples, this sweet look is made in the shape of a coffin and looks great on all five fingers. While the outside reflectivity of the four fingers makes this look quite edgy, the ring finger features a very simple purple-toned base with small dashes of dark purple making subtle designs over gems.

High and Neat

The two choices can be mixed if you are in stylish haircuts but are not ready to shorten your hair. Keep your medium hairstyle smooth by combing it back and forth and applying some hair gel. Dont exaggerate the jelly. If not, youre going to get a greaser look.

Color Experiments

looks grey and sluggish to change your image.

Cute Ombre Nails

Next weve got a cute, simple, mermaid-inspired nail design. All the nails are colored light blue and white. The accent nail is a silver glitter painted with a small shell and a rhinestone. This is a beautiful nail design that you can easily recreate.

Long and Wispy Bangs

You may consider making long and wispy bangs if you have fine hair. They will look really impressive and because of their windblown look, they wont need too much maintenance. Hold the sides and back short.

Flow Freed

, especially for teenagers. This haircut is flexible and needs to blur the sides directly to the area around the ears. The hair should be trimmed to medium length at most. Provided a medium-scale length of hair to survive.

Bold Ocean Inspired Nails

If you are planning a beach trip, decorate your fingers with an ocean-inspired nail design. If you are a fan of bold manicures, this model would be perfect for you! These nails will catch everyones eye with very long coffin nails and ocean-themed gems on each and every nail!

We hope these mermaid nails inspired you!

Magical Mermaid Inspired Nails

If you dont like the Mermaid Scale Nail Art, you could try this stunning design. Another nail is light pink two nails have a pink and blue combination and the other nail is decorated in sparkles. On one key, too, there is a gold pattern. We love this manicure because it reminds us of the mermaid and underwater magic. If you wanted a more clear look at the mermaid, you might add a few small white scales. Thatd look pretty!

Sweep Rearward

Walk down the rain-soaked lanes with this cutting-edge hairdo and get people around you to take a gander. A cutting-edge mens hairdo is the sweeping rearward medium-length hairstyles for men that will require a hairdressers abilities to trim the hair at different lengths. Dinging the hair surface is important for an excellent showing of this haircut. You can use the equivalent of a quality styling item. Glam And Bright Mermaid Nails

Another of our favourites is this next idea. We have bright blue nails here with the style of a mermaid scale. Some nails are also decorated in green and silver colors with rhinestones. Its a beautiful design that will fit all the lengths and shapes of the nail. With a net, you can create a similar look and there are online tutorials that can help you.

Side Swept Pompadour

-long inches, it looks more like a high pebble over. If you grow it longer, youre going to get an amazing male medium hairstyle.

Beach And Ocean Inspired Nails

One of our favourites is the next nail idea we need to show you! These nails have a beachy design with an ocean-like nude color like the sand and blue tips. Theres also an accent theme with scales of mermaid and a lovely shell. This is a beautiful manicure of the mermaid and the shell is also real! The You Callin Me A Lyre look was created with Opi? Floss Gloss Wet Sally Hansen Shell Say What s Up Nails Mermaid Scales Stencil and a sand shell.

Chrome Nails Mermaid

and the chrome looks like the tail of a mermaid. Keep it that simple, or you can add a few scales. It would be perfect for the black scales. 631.jpg” />

Chrome And Glitter Mermaid Nails

Another great short nail design is the next idea. Two nails are black, one with blue glitter and the other with shells and jewels is bright blue. This is a style that is easy to wear and is going to suit everyone. Recreate this look or just try the decorations in the blue color.

Nail Design For Short Nails

You the note that most of the nail art is on long nails as you browse through the internet to find your next look. But, if you dont have long nails, you can also have stunning mermaid nail art on short nails. This is a fantastic example. Two nails have mermaid art on each side, and the rest are decorated with shell and starfish decorations in a bright color. Recreate the whole look or just one or two of the models can be attempted.

Sea World Spectacular Nail Art Design

Probably the most elaborate nail art design in the bunch. Those nails are sure to be an attention grabber with very large coffin nails and shimmering on each and every finger. Youre going to be the partys talk with everyone asking how you got those silver rhinestones on your nails on earth. The gold is bright and beautiful.

Vibrant Nails With Crystals And Shells

The magic of mermaids is perfectly captured by our next nail idea. Here we have pink blue and clear jelly nails. Some of the nails have glitter rhinestones and more to decorate them. This is another idea with the glamor and glitz. If you want a clearer look at the mermaid, just add a few scales of mermaid.

Comb Over

Comb over can transform into a perfect hairstyle for medium-haired men who hate wet looks. Applying a lot of gel to your peb is absolutely unnecessary. Simply brush back the top part and use some hairspray.

Textured Shimmery Mermaid Tail Scales with Black Lattice

This metallic nail model of this delicate and grainy teal glitter with its beautiful black outline and vignette is pretty awesome and could please a wide audience. This look is so distinct that almost as its own trend can be easily recognized. The lattice of the mermaid tail scales is the focus of the look and really add much-needed definition.

Wet Bangs

If you have selected a big pixie but want some variety, you can add a lot of hair gel and form it to your taste. You can add some zest to your hairstyle by letting down your forehead a few strands. Itll definitely turn your way to some pretty faces.

High and Textured

Lateral comb overs are a success for middle hair guys with long hair on top. Theres so much room to picture! Apply some hair gel and run it through your mane on your hands. You can create whatever shape you want.

Best decorated and diverse Mermaid Nail Design

Similar to previous cute nail art featuring a variety of nail art all within one look, this particular nail art has the same three sets of fingernail art on each hand. Both the outer fingers on each hand are gold with a delicate arrangement of miniature gold and white pearls worshiping the ground. The next nail is gleaming!

Disney Inspired Little Mermaid Nail Art Designs

Dont you remember Ariel the Little Mermaid with this set of nails? You can practically hear Under the Sea playing in the background with her iconic purple top painted over the middle nail bed on top of a clear polish. The rest of the nails are a fun opaque teal (not shiny laced with mermaid fishtail scales in white.

Classic Solitary

While the haircut is wide called the “side half haircut” several barbers and stylists realize it by entirely different names. These embody the businessperson haircut and a conventional cut with a facet half.

Tapered Guy

The tapered cut is each versatile and classy. The thing that makes tapered medium length hair for men distinctive is the sides that don’t seem to be buzzed with clippers.

We hope you got inspired after going through these amazing medium hairstyles for men. You can find the right hairstyle depending on your hair type and the amount of time you have for styling. Whatever you choose we are sure it will look stunning! Man Bun and Braids

There’s one common misconception about men’s hairstyles and that is feminine hairstyles are big no-no. Obviously with this hairstyle consisting of a man bun and dual side braids some men can look handsomer with it. Medium-length Fringe Hairstyle with Undercut

No matter the age a medium length fringe combined with an undercut can make any man look younger than he is. Front Combed Curly Medium Length Hair with High Fade

.Pushed Back Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Longer hair is sometimes harder to maintain but with this picture it’s no doubt that shoulder length hair pushed back with some styling gel is pretty badass. Stylishly Tangled

Whether you’re a male model or hipster this intentionally messy hairstyle can get you a long way when it comes to style and chicness. Tidal Wave Combover Haircut for Medium Length Hair

With this style you can create a wave-like effect with your fringe and look young and dapper while doing it too. Medium-length Bob Hairstyle for Men

Some men often go for the dreamy guy look and you can do so without cringing too much by getting a medium length bob. Combed Back Bangs with Silver Streaks

Step one to looking badass is probably to get this hairstyle as soon as possible and be sure to match it with icy silver streaks. Sea Green Hairstyle

Let’s talk about color on men’s medium length hairstyle. Clearly this sea green color is great for men who want to take their hairstyles up a notch. It’s a cool cold color which will go great with almost any clothing style. Ruffled and wavy Medium hairstyle

A good example of a medium length hairstyle for men is one that comes down to the shoulders exhibiting elegance with each lock of wavy hair. Prim and Proper Medium Length Hairstyle

Who says medium length hairstyles are inappropriate for the workplace? Well with this neat hairstyle with hair brushed back and tucked behind the ears you’re no doubt one of the sexiest in the office. Tousled Mousy Hair

Some men like to pull off the just rolled out of bed look with elegance. With this hairstyle consisting of bedhead locks you just may get the nonchalant look you’re going for. Straightened Hair with Bangs

Looks like the emo era has left its remnants in the form of this hairstyle. Still fashionable this medium length hairstyle with long bangs over the eyes can be a great option for men who want to look younger and carefree. Textured Medium Length Hairstyle

Messy hairstyles can come in different variations. In this particular one we can see a little bit of careful styling and texturing to give us a uniquely disheveled look. Mane Bangs

This type of bangs or fringe imitates that of a horse’s mane. Like a powerful stallion you can attempt a pseudo-mohawk look with a more modern twist with this hairstyle. Blonde Messy Curls

Natural blonde curls are a thing to be boasted about so make sure they’re the center of attention by cutting the sides of your hair short and letting your curls fall down to your forehead in a messy wavy fringe. Pompadour Mohawk

Like the title says this hairstyle combines the elements of pompadour (with its wavelike style and the Mohawk. Sleek and Stylish Top

who want a clean stylish look. Long side Fringe for Medium Length Hair

Most guys love the side fringe hairstyle and this is one of the reasons why. Long Bangs with Subtle Undercut

Long bangs and fringes plus undercuts have been the trendiest combination of these past years. And you can see how it focuses all the attention on the top of the head where you can highlight your best features. Reverse Fade and Medium Curly Hair on Top

There is a lot of action in this medium length hairstyle; curly top V-shaped cut and a reverse fade. All of these styles together can either be chaotic or the perfect way to catch everyone’s attention — in a good way of course. Faux Hawk with Mid Fade

wherein you can see a short hawk cut carefully styled so that it stoops forward and a mid-fade to add to that mix. Medium Length Combover Haircut with Buzz Fade

If you have a long fringe like most men these days you can try a combover hairstyle as such and combine it with a buzz cut fade. Rippled Mohawk

Yet another fresh style to take on the famous center cut. In this particular one you can see a rippling effect on the Mohawk which is really cool when done right. Naturally Curly Medium Length Hairstyle

Now this is another nice length for men to try. At the middle of the nape and almost down to the shoulders your natural curls will make you nothing short of cherubic but mature. Curly Locks with Back and Side Undercut

This is another way to center the attention on your curly natural hair—by getting the sides and back of your head buzzed clean. Windowed Effect

This type of undercut features a unique and cool design that makes most youngsters excited. The V-line

Another way of stylishly undercutting your hair is to create a V-shape along the sides and to the back of your head. Centered Pompadour with Taper Fade

Another thing you can do with a pompadour hairstyle is to bring all the hair to the center. This style works great especially for young men with shorter hair. Messy Medium Length Curls

For men your natural curls can make you ten times more charming as apparent in this photo more so if you do a little bit of tousling. Spiked Up Wave

This hairstyle imitates the motion of a wave when hitting a rock creating a cool yet charming feel. Bedhead

Having your hair sticking up in all directions doesn’t always need to be a bad thing. If you’re a guy that can pull off a bedhead hairstyle then this is the one for you. The Pidgeotto Haircut for Men with Medium Length Hair

This haircut is popular with young men as well. It mainly consists of a thick combover at the center with a buzz cut flanking each side. Straight Bangs with Creative Side Burns

This hairstyle is what you don’t see everyday. With straight bangs that no one sees anymore these days and creatively designed sideburns your hairstyle can be the most unique by far. Professional Side Combover

With so many men clamoring over long fringe hairstyles you can still keep it simple yet elegant with a side combover such as this one. Spiky Hair with Medium Length Bangs

Punk rockers will appreciate this hairstyle but men who want to explore their hairstyle tastes can try this spiky hairstyle was well. Loose Combover with Short Sides

Don’t want to be too gelled up with your combover? You can try letting it loose with a minimum amount of fixing gel like in this example so you can still look fresh without your hair looking greasy. Preppy Medium Length Hairstyle for Men

This is perhaps the standard boy-next-door jock and highschool dream guy haircut. Super Neat and Sleek Combover

Nothing can beat a good first impression with an immaculate hairstyle such as this one. It’s neat sleek-looking but not too short. Mop Hairstyle

This hairstyle was popular in the s and early s among band boys with groupies. Nowadays it doesn’t seem too bad an idea to try it out especially with many clothing styles that can match it. Afro Man Bun

As the title says it’s an afro man bun. A stylish and awesome-looking way to keep your fro neat and tidy. Center Sweep Medium Length Hairstyle for Men

The center sweep haircut makes your hair look like it’s been perfectly brushed back to give you a neat-looking appearance. Blonde Streaks

Another color entry in our list consis

Bollywood Style Maroon Wedding Dream

Would you ever like to attend a wedding in India? Now, with this amazing silky smooth look, you might feel like youre getting ready for one. The middle and ring finger is made up of gold gems from small pearls and a light but shimmering mermaid tail scales lattice. Theres a green to purple shadow. Most of the other fingers are maroon.

Cosmic Galaxy Rainbow Ombre Nails

Nail art looks very mysterious and looks like something from a National Geographic film or Space Magazine. You will notice a rainbow shadow if you look closely. The shape of the nail is very sharp. At the top there is no yellow and at the bottom there is no blue. There are gemstones at the base of the nail on the middle finger.

Slicked Back

The slick back may be a classic mens medium hair painting hair style that appears smart on most men. The plastered back undercut was a staple of hippie millennials. If you are looking for a high differentiation thanks to the thick hair plastered back designs, the circumstances fit well. The simplest part is that slicing your hair back is virtually the best tug-off look. Inches of hair on the edge of the undercut or on the foot. Some pomade and a comb of high shine and youre lovely. Only comb your pomade with a smooth professional look through your medium hair.

Embellished Teal and Orange Ombre Sparkle Nails

Ombre is all the rage and these beautifully decorated sunset-like mermaid nails will give those around you a closer look. This look would be perfect for you if youre a lover of gems and rhinestones! Youre sure to stand out with some sparkle on every nail and make a fun statement. Theres even a nice star in the reef!

Textured and Tinted

Middle hair leaves a great deal of space for people to use their imagination. You can ask for textured locks from your hairstylist and brush them forward to create long, thick bangs. D some color and immediately your image will change.

Royal Emerald Nail Color Gem Nail Art

If your favorite color is green, these nails are perfect for you! These nail styles dont look particularly easy with the most gems and embellishments of all the above-mentioned nail art. Getting the right color of the nail will take the manicurist a lot of focus and a lot of patience to get the job done.

Beach And Ocean Inspired Nails

One of our favorites is the next nail idea we need to show you! These nails have a beachy design with an ocean-like nude color like the sand and blue tips. Theres also an accent design with scales of mermaid and a lovely shell. This is a beautiful manicure of the mermaid and the shell is also actual! The You Callin Me A Lyre look was created with Opi? Floss Gloss Wet Sally Hansen Shell Tell What s Up Nails Mermaid Scales Stencil and a beach shell.

Seashell Short Nail Designs Coachella Festival

Those nails might be a good idea for them right here! This simple nail art will go along well with any light outfit like a white shirt with a mix of both baby blue and light pink tones. In reality, on the pointer finger and the pinky there are henna-like designs! Added the nail of Seashell.

Sparkly Teal Pink Fusion Mermaid Nail

A beautifully fascinating combination of sparkly teal and pale pink, these sparkly blue nails are the perfect color pop to complement your girlfriends shiny dress for a fun night out. Ding just a bit of colorful glitter as you can see here can lift your look by adding a vibrant pop and channeling a fun, youthful style.

Mermaid Accent Nail

Then well share with you another beautiful blue nail idea. Most of the nails are dark blue and sparkly, and a starfish and gems are accented with a mermaid scale. Its a nice and simple look thats going to suit everyone. You will look at the items used and see a brief overview on the following page.

Dread Hang

In the case of people with usually wavy or straight medium-sized hair, the hair is usually made using creams or gels. This is done to keep the hair in place. The hairdo is shaped frequently and held informally known as an Afro pick, with the aid of a wide-toothed comb.

Asymmetric Bangs

Long asymmetric bangs look stylish. Not all people will allow themselves such a hairstyle as it requires careful daily maintenance. Try this haircut for at least once if you have long hair. You could really enjoy it.

Teal Fairy Dust Nails (featuring Short Nails

While most people have certain tastes, certain common and traditional designs can be attempted by anyone. This look is one of them. It must be easy to create very short and one-tone nails. All the nails except the ring finger are exactly the same for this meermaid nail powder model.

Holographic Scales

d a manicure-like color pop to your look. Each nail is a different color and all the nails are crafted with a holographic scale of mermaid. This is a fun and sweet mani that would be great for the summer. Recreate this look or just one or two colors you should try. Only five different colors can be chosen.

Magical Midnight Maroon Nail Art

This look has all the sparks that a girl might ever dream of! This design shines beautifully with magenta to purple to midnight blue shadow, particularly when kept in front of a lamp. As if that wasnt enough sparkle, in a dazzling glittery red, theres also a mermaid tail scales lattice. Think about the mania of glitter!

Creative and Custom Gold Accented Pale Designer Nails

This nail art offers a vibrant range of colors from mint green to barbie pink lipstick. Such longer nails leave plenty of room for decoration and creative control embellished with several seashells inspired gems like different shape pearl stars and bright shiny balls. There is a gold decoration on both the middle and ring finger in the outline of the fish scale. Glitzy Mermaid Nails

Our next nail idea is sexy and perfect! All the nails on each hand have a different design, like rhinestones and shells of glitter ombre. This is an impressive collection of nails and its great for women who want to stand out from the crowd. It will take patience and time to recreate this look yourself, but it will be worth it! Look for some glitter and decorations under the sea nail and its fun to go.