High Man Bun

The man bun would certainly depend on the length of your hair and the longer the bun should be made. How to do a man bun is to collect your hair by pulling it through the hair tie and then secure it with it. Its safe to say that its the easiest way to deal with your long hair and look super hot and stylish when it comes to the question of what a man bun is! Low Messy Man Bun

There are a lot of man bun styles to tell you the truth and its up to you to choose which one to pull off today. You need to come up with how high you want to take it when it comes to how to make a man bun. If youre looking for an easy-going and somewhat messy look then low bun is the best way to go. Together with mans bun and beard, look sassy like hell! Low Sleek Man Bun

Many long-haired men prefer straight hairstyles. We may have a perfect bun option for you in case thats all about you! The thing is that for a classy man bun guy, the sleek bun is the best! See one of the most trendy and fashionable mens long hairstyles for yourself! Updo Style For Wedding

Even if its your own wedding is not the reason to get rid of your luxurious long mane youve spent so much time and effort on. You can style it in a sophisticated and elegant way that fits perfectly with the events dressy atmosphere. Try pulling your hair in an updo with a few strands loosely framing your face for the looks breezy and carefree vibe. Low Bun Caps are on the trend these days with Cap

. But what should you do if you want to sport a cap but are reluctant to hide under it your long locks? You dont have to worry about it. You can wear both of them without interfering with each other. Bind your hair in a bun of low men and any cap or hat will sit on your head flawlessly.


It is often said that only women are entitled to hairdos. Okay, today were going to prove otherwise! High ponytail styles

are somehow left out or incomplete without a high pony. Both men do not go as far as to pull it off, however. The thing is that it is thought that high ponytail hairstyles are just the style of women. One look will change your mind for this high man ponytail. Low Messy Ponytail

Once you look through all of the mens long ponytail hairstyles, its easy to conclude that low ponytail is the one thats most sought after. Theres no wonder to tell you the truth, because such a style is easy to come up with, not to mention the low-maintenance. Apart from the addition of some dirty vibe, it looks hot and sexy. Experience it!

An ombre

If you have long hair, the most popular hair coloring techniques such as a shadow can be used. Try to keep near to normal the colors you choose for your hair.

Stylish mohawk

if you can keep your chin as long as possible. Experience the length of the hair and enjoy the result.

High and powerful

inches long and in the morning you will have a lot of fun styling. Create hairstyles that are high and powerful.

The mix

If you dont appreciate mens long haircut trouble but still want to grab a piece of that romantic look consider leaving the top and the front short while allowing some hair to grow in the back.

Low ponytail

Low ponytail is a multi-purpose hairstyle for long-haired men. It looks smooth and keeps your hair out of your face. A great choice even for a soccer game for any occasion. Vs Fade Taper: Whats the difference?

Growing long pixie

This is the easiest way to manage a long hairstyle. All you need to do is keep your favorite hairstyle, but just grow your hair long enough to create a few locks.

Layered bob

For people with straight and thin skin, a layered bob is a great choice. It will give some volume to your hairstyle while making your hair look smooth. To complete the look, consider growing a beard.

Messy Long Bob

Bobs create an attractive romantic picture that youve always wanted. A messy bob will bring to your look some mystery. Use some hair gel and run your fingers through your hair gently to create this hairstyle.

Long Beckham Mess

Windblown and messy tresses may be considered stylish but it is not recommended to totally forget about hair care. It is necessary to brush long hairstyles for men at least once in a while.

Sporty hair

Youll see a lot of long haircut football players. You need to adapt this hairstyle to your active lifestyle. Make sure your hair is long enough to be tied to a smooth ponytail without sticking out any strands. Best Football Player Haircuts and Hairstyles

Side Swept Bangs

There are plenty of ways to play with them if you have long bangs. Consider messy side swept fringe covering just a little bit of your eyes. Youre going to love the mysterious look you are going to get.

No bangs

Bangs is probably the most difficult part to deal with. Thats why you should avoid creating bangs if you dont have a high forehead. Bobs without bangs on their own look fantastic.

Long bob

This bob would look great on you if you have straight or slightly wavy hair.

Windblown bob

This incredible long hairstyle for men will make you turn your heads. However, some maintenance is required for this haircut. It could be a hard job to keep the ends styled to create a wind-blown appearance. Would you like to try something new? Try Trendiest Fade Haircuts

Wavy bob

If you have curly or wavy hair and are prepared for some experiments, consider styling them in long waves and keeping them intact with hair gel. It will take some time, but the outcome is going to be amazing.

Long Layers

It is not easy to grow long hair. To keep it smooth, you need to cut the ends every few days. Consider creating a haircut with a layer. Its going to look a lot neater than simple long strands.

Hair Down

Its time to wear your hair down when you feel like you dont style your hair in any hair. But theres a lot more to this hairstyle choice than it sounds and were going to prove it to you today! Check out our mens beautiful long hairstyles! Side part Hairstyle

We suggest you play around with the part a little when you let your hair down. A side part adds a little more charm and mystery to your look not to mention the sexy atmosphere that all the women around you wont dare miss! Slick Back Hair

Slick back hair will suit those of you who dont like your hair in the face. If you wonder how to sleek hair from the back – its easier than easier! All you need to do is work in the front with some hair product and leave the whole party behind. Just as simple as that! For Middle Parting

there are many long-haired guys who like their hair down and smooth. Thats why we think the middle part choice will be appreciated by most straight hair guys. So easy, so normal! Shoulder Length Surfer Hair

Shoulder length hair may be a little too distracting to play with as there is a high likelihood that it will get too often into your head. Thats why we suggest you try this surfer hair style to keep your hair in place while it still looks beautifully messy and enjoyable. Long Curly Hair

There are many long hairstyles for people with curly hair, but if you wear your fantastic locks down, we think it is best. Experimenting with curly mens hairstyles is okay, but loose wavy hair has its unique charm. Curly Afro

prevails among mens curly mens afro hairstyles and youll understand why when you look at this photo. Too chic and fashionable to take off your face! Side Styling For Special Occasion

There are a lot of other fancy events in our lives apart from the wedding when we have to look at our absolute best. If you dont want to move all your hair to the side for something overly elaborate. This hairstyle looks elegant and chic in addition to being surprisingly effortless. Slicked Back Curls

If youre lucky enough to have natural curly ringlets then Mother Nature has provided you with a range of beauty choices. To accentuate the boldness of your hair texture, just slick back the locks with a generous amount of hair gel to emphasize both your exquisite sense of style. While this hairstyle is simple and effortless, it expresses like no other your easy-going personality. Messy Side Styling With Long Beard

Most of mens most popular long hairstyles are messy and all-embracing. Thats because your hair looks a lot more natural and therefore desirable than when cut and polished. If you believe that long locks will hinder your manhood matching them with another ongoing trend of men – a long full beard. We hope you will fall in love with our long-haired mens collection. Try some of these sexy, trendy hairstyles and be all attantion on you! Thysonb

Lateral comb over

Another way your bangs will work is by making a comb over to keep them out of your eyes. While regular lateral and asymmetric comb-overs are dull and boring, they are very trendy.


Long hair is difficult to style, but not when youre making cornets. For many days, these marvelous braids take the maintenance out of your daily routine. You can think about hair care at the same time and look great.

High male ponytail

A high male ponytail is a quick fix hairstyle that can be used whenever you want to keep your hair out of your eyes. But look at the front strands closely. Its a feminine way to let them loose.

Long waves

Unless they take a smart styling approach, guys with long and wavy hair may look a little girlish. Brush back the bangs and protect them for a manly look with some hair gel.


It may be a little tricky to highlight your hair as it is a big step forward. The results, however, are always great. Imagine lighting up your dark brown or black mane with partial highlights of light brown or caramel.

Straight and straight

One of the most popular choices is a flat and layered long haircut for people. All you have to do is keep it clean and comb it all day long. Hello to experiments.

Knot Styles

The top knot is the hairstyle between the man bun and the undercut, which makes it even more important. Men can forget all the troubles that long hair can bring with them with a top knot! Knots Braids Faux Hawk Style

There are dark times when you want to give up everything and go on your head for a mohawk. But dont be so careless. The times are going to pass and you are left with nothing but regrets. Switch to such a tonsorial trick for these instances as knotting and braiding. You can achieve a hairstyle with the help of these two techniques that almost resembles what is known as a faux hawk. Perhaps the best thing about it afterwards is that you wont have any regrets. Updo Knot

Whether you want to remove your hair from your face or pull off a trendy hairstyle bind your hair in a knot updo. Although it looks casual and laid-back this hairstyle doesnt mean you cant give it to a dressy case. Just switch your Hawaiian shirt to a sophisticated smoothie and youre good to go.

High pixie with long bangs

For men with round faces, a high pixie with long bangs is a good choice. Such a hairstyle can elongate your face when it comes to styling the fringe, leaving you room for imagination.

Cute and curly

If your hair is naturally curly, by making a short bob, you can create a very cute picture. All hair has to be the same length except the bangs that can be swept side by side and secured with hair gel.

Middle part

Even an Ivy League haircut can be regarded as a neat bob with a middle part. The top and the sides are cut short while the back hair runs down your neck and above the ears. A smart choice!


may result in a reversed effect.

Manly image

Make a manly bob by leaving the front strands short enough to not cover the ears while the back locks will touch the neck base. Experiment with wild-to-smooth bangs and comb over.

Frizzy look

The popularity of Frizzy looks is growing. So if your hair is a little curly, by applying some hair gel, you can achieve this look. For a more romantic image, spike up your bangs a little.

Sticky long bob

This long mens hairstyle is a good choice for young-hearted guys. Long bangs and strands sticking out are exactly what you need to get a youthful look.

Eye-covering bangs

are trendy but require a great deal of attention. If you have long bangs with straight locks, its a good choice. But if thick and wavy are your tresses or curly get ready for a fight. Haircuts for Men With Round Head

Man Braid

Man braids are very flexible and the choices are close to endless, but not all men are sufficiently bold to pull off such hairstyle. If youre bold and daring, these hairstyle ideas will surely come to your liking with braids involved! Braided man bun with Man Bun

is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd! Its true that these days, man bun hairstyles are on top, but in every way a truly unique personality must be unique. Thats why we suggest that you pay attention to this combination of man braid and bun. Hopefully you are going to get as inspired as we are! French Braided Ponytail

Mens braided styles can be stylish and at the same time brutal. This French braid ponytail will steal your heart if youre one of those men inspired by Viking culture! Braided Sides Faux Hawk For A Party

There are many simple updos for mens long hair but youre bound to look at your absolute best when it comes to the party look. Thats why this Faux hawk braid hairstyle can be useful when youre looking for exclusive braided ideas and fun! Box Braids

The box braids should be mentioned among simple updates for long hair. With braids like that, youre going to kill two birds with one stone because its going to make it even easier to look after your hair and youre going to look stylish and sleek wherever you go! Cornrows

Cornrow braids are another way to deal once and for a while with your long hair. Besides, while wearing your cornrows you can also experiment with coloring.

Let your long hair down

Not many guys have enough courage and patience to grow their hair under their shoulders. But be sure to wear it down if youre one of them. Show off the length but dont forget to keep it smooth.

Wild bangs

If youre just going to keep long hair on top and leave the rest of your hair short, you can go all out with the bangs style. Side sweep them and curl them for a wild but romantic feel. Recommended Hipster Haircuts for Guys

Pixie shag

If you like to flaunt your thick and wavy locks but do not want to take care of very long hair consider creating a shaggy pixie. Leave the hair on top to style long enough and on the bottom short enough to avoid frequent touch-ups.

Double ponytails

Long mens haircuts give you some room for style. If your hair isnt long enough to make a sleek ponytail, you can go for two: one at the top and one at the bottom.

A loose bun

Its complicated to keep your hair down because it requires constant brushing and a lot of hair spray. Consider creating a loose bun and sweeping it backwards. Only aim for a thin elastic band so its not too conspicuous.

The easier the better

Bobs are available in all shapes and sizes, but if youre not a hair gel fan, you can use this simple layered choice. Keep short on the front and a little longer on the back. You can also add some bangs.

Long and simple hairstyle

When it comes to long hairstyles for men, theres no need to make your imagination run wild. Its a great idea to just grow your locks as long as you like without any special bangs shaving layers and so on. Attention-Grabbing Faux Hawk haircuts for men


Dreadlocks are not precisely braids, but they are no less stylish. Whats more, trying this hairstyle takes some courage. If you feel adventurous enough, then you should try this at least once!

High pebble over

The hairstyle may be short, but the long top portion can completely overhaul the picture. Whatever you want, you can play around with this body. One of them is a high, careless comb over which a nice guy look will give you.

Side section

A side section and a comb over make any long hairstyle attractive to men. It looks like you brushed your hair to one side carelessly. But at first it takes a little more effort than it might seem.

Neat straight pixie

A neat straight pixie is a great choice for boy-looking men. Some daily maintenance will be needed for this hairstyle. The side swept blunt bangs should be given special attention.

Long and curl

A big, curly mane may scare some guys, so if your hair is long enough to try it, you can get a unique look that you always wanted.


Blonde is a popular hair color. So if you want your long hairstyle to stand out from the crowd, consider creating beautiful blonde highlights even more than before. Choose whatever shade you like.

High bun tight

A tight, tight bun is a hairstyle that suits every occasion. It actually makes you look like you have a short hairstyle. So a high bun is a good choice whenever you need to go to some formal event.

Curly bob with long bangs

Its a nice idea to show off your curls if you can keep them smooth with hair gel. Dinging long curly bangs is a bold move as they need to be regular tamed. But its also great to look wild!

Curly and hard

Wavy and curly locks are difficult to cope with. So you need to get ready for complicated maintenance if youre a lucky owner of beautiful curly tresses. But the results are going to be amazing.

Neat and long

There is no need to assume that long mens hairstyles may be smooth. A man who shows such a hairstyle can look very respectable. Just make sure the hair is washed and the hair gel is added everyday.

Ponytail fun

high ponytail


Mens Wet Long Hairstyle

involves using a lot of hair gel to go about styling a long hairstyle. Use your fingers to apply it and brush back your mane. For the whole day, youll forget about the touch-ups.

Obvious decision

Just leave it to be the easiest way to grow long hair. The locks can grow on their own for a long time, but do not forget to look after the bangs well. Neat bangs create an image that is cared for.

Long straight shag

Shags are the most popular way for men to deal with long haircuts. If properly maintained, straight ones look very neat. To go with such a shag, you might want to consider wispy bangs. Youre definitely going to find something attractive. If youre brave enough to start growing hair, you definitely have the courage to make some simple styling to achieve amazing results that youve always wanted.

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