Men’s incredible asymmetric haircuts


Winning Dark Hairstyle

In this cut, the hair has been removed from the middle and the line of the graded brush runs up to the edge. Longer left on the other side of the hair and combed over. Interest was created through the shaving of the hair over the ear.

Choppy, Dark Amber Hair

Here, on the sides, a blended undercut was created to shorten the hair to the same length as the hair on the head. The rest of the hair was cut with choppy edges to have different lengths and then given an allled look.

Rounded Step Detail

The dark, tightly curled hair was trimmed into rounded step shapes by carefully grading the hair length over and over again. This is an unusual theme that will definitely attract attention.

Green with Envy Over this Do

The dark colored hair is undercut and the top hair is styled to fall over the forehead from the middle of the head. This hair was dyed a shiny green sea that will surely turn a couple of heads!
Why would anyone choose symmetric cuts when people can have asymmetric haircuts just as clean and polished? These styles help to create volume and height, as well as being a great tool for interesting details and colors. You can choose an allled texture or you can choose a super cool look it’s up to you!

Sexy Fringe Detail

Source This guy had his shiny russet colored locks cut short along the sides, then styled his hair in smooth waves to fall to the right. A thick curl falls romantically over his face!

Brushed forward hairstyle

In this picture we see a dark undercut with all the long hair brushed down from the crown to fall over the face in blonde beach waves.

Urban Bedhead Style

We see glossy dark hair cut to create layers and texture. The hair on the right side is slightly longer and has been washed in a messy way.

Long layered Ash White Fringe

In this picture, the darkly shaded hair was cut to give it loads of texture and highlighted with thick ash white strips. The fringe was straightened and stripped to fall easily on the face arm.

Futuristic Neon Blue Do

The chin length of the hair in this image was snipped back into a blunt mushroom shape, but one segment remained long. While the undercut is black, startling neon blue has been applied to the rest of the body.

Strong asymmetrical cut with golden highlights

In this picture we see a high, tight undercut on the left side while the hair on the other side of the parting is long, falling to the shoulders. A golden blonde color that adds brightness has highlighted this long hair.

Smoothly Brushed Hipster Hairstyle

Shine added chestnut highlights to this sandy colored hair. The hair was blown out and a loose parting of the side was given.

Brad Blonde Hair

A much younger Brad Pitt gives us an odd off-balance look. Large blonde highlights were applied over a dark base and blown out of the locks. The hair was then jaggedly split just above the left ear and the longer hair flipped over to a spiky look.

Fashionable Sleek and Smooth

We see dark locks combined with a small lift straight back. The sides are slightly shorter, but in the top hair they are well defined.

Cool shapes

This hairstyle is dominated by triangular shapes on the forehead and a deep rounded parting. With a wave on the right, the hair is neatly clipped on the left and longer.

Brushed Copper Ombre

The roots are colored rosewood and mixed in a bright brown copper. An off-center parting was given to the hair and then combed over the forehead.

Smoky Gray Ombre

This guy has allowed his locks to grow on top while the back and sides are rasped in a tight undercut. He’s got a dark base color with a light gray / white shadow combed to fall over the undercut.
Do you feel inspired yet? You’re sure from these images you’ve got plenty of hairstyle ideas. Remember an asymmetric hairstyle for men can be varied for both work and play, and if you want the only limit is your imagination, you can choose to make it more dramatic.

Lift loads

Long hair sweeps over the face and protrudes from the mass of waves piled on the right side of the head. A very low undercut was made just above the neck’s nape.

Easy, Ice-Blonde Tousle

This man had a high undercut and long hair on top of his hair. The hair was colored with an ice-blonde hue, and a messy allied look was given.

Tight Undercut with Long Brushed Over Fringe

While the top hair remained slightly longer, there was a razor cut on the sides. This walnut-brown hair was styled into a neat coif with a long asymmetrical fringe brushed over and falling on the side of the face.

Sleek and Canted Style

In this photo, the dark hair was rasped with two off-center cantilevers. The sides are somewhat shorter than the top of the hair.

Teased Asymmetrical Cut with Messy Parting

This style is a messy, unstructured side with longer hair on the right. This colored mahogany hair was blown out and ruffled to create a hip feel.

Eye-catching and glamorous hairstyle

In this picture we see a young man with a unique style. This begins with a one-sided undercut and a dark brown to a deep shadow. The hair was then blown out and styled to fit over the face to have tons of texture.

Africans with Super Sharp Lines

The edges of this cut sit over the head in a square shape and the Africans themselves have been snipped into an angular form that looks like it leans slightly forward.

Grease Lightning

This look made the 50TMs famous and making a comeback! Not one hair is out of place with a high fringe in a smooth brushed retro back style.

Suave Asymmetrical Style

His chestnut hued hair fell naturally along the crown and small parts were ironed into waves just below the eyebrows.