Classy Simple Haircut Styles

Does Adam Levine’s haircut ever cross your thoughts that would suit you best? Love or hate him, he’s a star that has had a phenomenal influence on fashion. About him, you wouldn’t miss his trendy hairstyles whenever he performs that thrill fans. If so, here’s the top of his hairstyles that you can adapt to and who knows what fame you’re going to get.

Spiky Crown

On the top of his head you can see what looks like a spiky kingTMs crown and you’d appreciate it. The edge doesn’t take long to make the spike stand upright. The sides are exactly the opposite as in a downward run they are scoured into a weak mat. It’s simple and flexible, an all-top haircuts attribute.

Long Wild Hawk

It’s not the norm for long haircuts, but it’s perfect when you do. He’s not digging his faded sides, but he’s going wild with the top making it long and wavy. The emphasis is on how the top makes vertical racing waves in all directions, but they are all in a coordinated sequence.

It is not easy for any artist to prepare for a performance in cold weather. Levine knows this better, and that’s why one of his signature haircuts is the shaggy look. Through combing them back to a smooth sheet, he shades the sides. The top crown is left with a trivial flip to the back, racing and shaggy. Despite being known for his soft-looking cuts, his handsomeness is not dulled by shagginess.

Slicked Back

Coming home to welcome his little puppy, you’d expect him to look rough. But no, with his bearded face, he’s in the slick back that’s a perfect design. All the hair is combed backwards to a severe smoothness and a part’s efforts appear to be lost in the thick mop. Here’s a cut that supports it for his fondness for suits and classic wear.

Long Waves

You can see that his hair is making a big impression on the fans in this performance. Of course, he enjoys his lively stunts on stage, but you can help but notice how perfectly suited to the concert are his long waves. The top remains wild, long and wavy to a noticeable admiration from every angle.

Dried blast

Is his hair dry? Once you see this theme, you’d ask. The truth is his hair isn’t dyed, but it’s been made to look like that. The overall impression is of the thickness you want on your chest, which is such a masterpiece. The sharp edges on the forehead are left exposed to his teeth and cheek bones, and respect is just what his fans would do. Wanting to have the exact appearance wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Casual look

He the leave the hair unkempt and curly during his casual weekend. He doesn’t even flatten his hands, leaving them with the rough top to rhyme. But as much as it’s a carefree style of slice, it ends up being fantastic and you’d borrow from it anything.

Smart Look

Levine is a beautiful guy but with this smart look he’s a little bit higher. Typically, the sides are combed in a smooth fall. They are in sync with the fading sideburns as they go down to the chin. The smartness is at the top of a thick bundle, but with a few spikes. It’s one of the few looks you’ll see Levine’s amazing hairdo.

Faux Hawk

Even among the most decorated celebrities, Mohawk imitation was never shy. Levine is known for making his trademark of the medium hawk style, and he created a buzz that many men imitated the same. To excellent smoothness, the sides are combed downwards. The top begins at the top of the sides fall and a lofty appearance is brought together.

Peaked Fringe & Fade

He’s on stage and his fresh cut looks glamorous at the top. The sides are not rasped to the body, but they leave a smooth mat to the bottom. The top fringe is also reversed. It finishes just before dropping to the nape. There’s a rock star’s demeanor that all the girls would like to have in their man.

23 Short Mullet

You’re likely to see the best of him when he’s playing. The answer is simple: with his looks, he never wants to disappoint because the music is always a hit. In short strands, the hair is trimmed and then styled to appear as a squat mullet. The front threatens to go beyond the hairline, but only to end in blunt tips abruptly.

Quiff Style

He looks at the best of his element on his casual outings. Usually it’s a long style with the sides divided to the ears. The top is facing the front where a rising quiff is made. This is the ingenuity of the genius that is packed in this simple cut. Successful with his trimmed sideburns, it’s such an endearing look that you can borrow for your hairstyle rebranding as well.

Sexy Short

Levine is not obsessed with long hairstyles, which is why you will see him mostly in short or medium cuts. In this one, during this sexy short look, he decides to sing his heart out. The faded sides of the skin are not rasped, but they are left with a fine layer. The top stays smooth and is combed to the front. This complements his wild hair, which from the skin is always shaved to less than one inch.


You can bet correctly that there is no other celebration with a better taste for the undercuts than you saw from Levine. The sides here are divided into two layers of different lengths. The amazing effect is on top where the curly and wavy layer overlaps. It’s such a great appeal and the fans he’s just about to meet will be obvious.

Perfect Hot

Whether it’s hot or not, there is never a discussion. If he wants to, the question is how warm he can get. He seems to be beautiful people from another planet with the perfect hot hairstyle. Clear straight lines divide the sides from the top, but they become bleak towards the back. The top is in vertical waves that are curled at the tips only.

Military style

Artists are influenced by boys in blue and Levine made good use of it. In this show, you can see that all are exposed to his excellent cheekbones and eyes. The sides and back of the skin are blurred while the top is cut to a short side and pushed to create a flat landing.

High Pomp

Probably out with a friend on a casual walk, Levine doesn’t let his style down. His hair is made of a high-top flip with falling sides combed into smooth fineness. Each detail is put with the intention of bringing out his beautiful face and cheekbones. You can’t stop admiring or go ahead with such an appearance and have one for yourself.

Wide and flat

His hairstyle speaks volumes about him just getting ready to perform. The lower sides of the body were rasped. The top is left wide as it starts from the sides ‘ drops and with an increased length it ascends. It makes a flat bed at the front with a rising bundle. There is an intention on the front of short bangs emanating from the portion’s corners.

Short & Official

Levine wants everything to complement it whenever he is in his official appearance. He’s attending an interview in this particular time and you can see that his hair doesn’t fail him. It’s a short trim where the sides are brushed down to a glossy mop with the longer top. It’s perfect and one of the most iconic cuts he’s pulling from time to time, of course.

Blond Singer

You might not have imagined seeing him in a blond bloom, but now you can see that Levine is the king of haircutting. He’s brushed his blond mane down the sides on a weekend he’s decided to relax. At the tips, the long top is flipped to what on the other side looks like a shadow. Nevertheless, he’s as sweet as he always is.

17 Perfect Fade

Fading style has been popular since the 80s and that buzz will never die down soon. Not with the stars appearing in them in Adam’s standard. The sides of the skin are fading, but as you go up, the fade decreases. There’s a flawless transition to the thick top. You can see the waves he likes to flaunt made from his natural hair. For its stature, it’s a perfect match.

Neat Spikes

Red carpets are a standard with which he must live. To look impressive as ever, here is the starchose to go with the spiked top and if you were his stylist, you wouldn’t have advised him otherwise. With a downward comb, the sides diminish in size while the top is left for sharp tips pointing slightly to the right. Spiky all the top is such a greatness that brings out his beautiful looks and when he climbs to the stage, the girls go berserk.

Long Top Short Sides

You wouldn’t even find Levine hairstyle wanting to go out on a motorcycle ride. He’s cleared the sides and brushed into a smooth bed that’s overshadowed by what’s coming up on top. The top is left long, allowing reverse waves which end up before hitting the head fall.

Side Swept Business Like

Performing is an artist’s business, which is why your every look will compliment what you do. Levine has swept his long top patch to the sides, and with your fingers it can be simply styled. Typically, when you look at him on the stage, his sides are drawn down and what an awning appearance.

Messy Locks

You just have to do it with your hair if you want to get messy. The top is not touched but left to make locks that are absurd. They’re not being tended and pointing in all directions. The effect is a roughness that you’d never picture being messy with his looks on a man you didn’t know. But he lets his head rough every now and then, but the sides are always smooth.

Levine is undoubtedly a hairstyle icon. You’ve been a strong fan of Adam Levine’s haircut and you’ve been wondering how you’d get one. Now you have to choose from of his best pieces. To look like one, you don’t have to be a celebrity so go ahead and make a pick today.

Buzz Cut

Source Close to a bald but not near the skin. The sides are clear to bareness, but there are a few short hair stubs left at the top. It’s a’ coolTM cut that reveals the beauty with its conventional medium hair that he hides. This shows you that Levine is an artist in his style, and with whatever he does, he will never look out of place.