Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

The most common medium-length haircuts for round faces are bobs with longer front tresses and angled shapes. They deliver the richest style choices that are advantageous to the current hair patterns for round heads and consonant. The gallery below will provide you with multiple choices for round heads with cool medium-length hairstyles.

Medium Length Hairstyles for a Round Face

Contents type= . Medium Pastel Pink Bob . Wavy Hair . Medium Cut with Feathered Face-Framing Layers . Two-Tone Wavy Bob . Soft Medium Length Waves . Straight Blonde Bob . Shaggy Comb-Over Lob . Wispy Layered Cut for Fine Straight Hair . Gray Bob for a Round Face . Medium Wavy . Messy Choppy Hair . Brown Bob with Subtle Lavender Face-Framing . Blonde Medium Length Waves . Disheveled Brunette Bob with Bangs . Purple Bob . Cute Black Bob with Choppy Ends . Inverted Shaggy Brunette Bob . Side-Parted Wavy Blonde Bob . Medium Disheveled Hair . Disheveled Textured Blonde Bob . Medium Brown Shag with Bangs . Brunette Hair . . Choppy Tousled Bob with Side Bangs . Blunt Cut Medium Haircut For Round Face . Medium-to-Long Wavy Layered Hair . Subtly Highlighted Shaggy Brunette Lob . Delicate Shoulder-Grazing Shag . Cute Shaggy Lob for Round Faces . Shaggy Chocolate Brown Combover Bob . Blue Medium Length Waves . Medium Length Wispy Hair . Curly Bob . Straight Silver Bob . Asymmetrical Bob . Purple Balayage for Medium Length Hair . Medium Textured Blonde Hairdo . Symmetric Bob With Point Cut Ends . Razored Shag Haircut With Straight Bangs . Medium Haircut For Round Face With Sharply Angled Layers Actually the best length for round faces is up to the shoulders or a little bit longer. This length elongates a round face. Texturized edges are a plus. The forehead may be either covered with asymmetric bangs or open. Individual features should be certainly taken into account. Flat-ironed bobs look fantastic on women and girls with round faces. Side parting and long side swept bangs cover one side of the face and it seems considerably thinner. Straightened shag medium hair for round faces with loads of layers draw dozens of vertical lines around your face adding it the desirable proportional length. Be careful with curls on medium lengths. Sometimes they tend to be overly voluminous which broadens your round face unfavorably. If you love curls make sure they are not too fluffy while your hair is teased at the roots. Volume on the crown will correct the proportions. If you want to try messy hairstyles ask your stylist not to cut layers too short to avoid added volume on the sides. Style your hair with gel or strengthen it slightly raising at the roots. Make sure that locks don’t stick out at the sides. Long earrings are an extra trick. And now let’s see the examples.

. Medium Pastel Pink Bob

This pink hair color is the standout feature but the cut itself is also very pretty. The angled bob is styled with a voluminous side sweep to feature the graduation of layers and their razored jagged ends. Straight layered hair has never looked more beautiful.

. Wavy Hairstyle for Round Face

Medium haircuts for round faces should feature vertical and diagonal lines which are easily obtained with longer lengths. This hairdo is on the longer side of mid length styles so it is a great choice for those who are nervous about losing too much length. It is also excellent for making your face appear rather elongated than round.

. Medium Cut with Feathered Face-Framing Layers

The layered and brushed-forward face-framing pieces slim the round face and elongate the neck. Pair your cut with long curtain bangs and you’ll complement yourself even more. This shaped cut adds the desired sharpness to a fuller face.

. Two-Tone Wavy Bob

A hairstyle may do wonders for the shape of your head, but does not underestimate the color strength. By lengthening it, her dye job helps shape the eyes. With such an excellent dye job, no contouring maquillage is required!

. Light Medium Length Waves

Do not be afraid to experiment with different hair textures when it comes to medium hairstyles for round heads. For round faces, the best haircuts are those that flatter your face and reveal beautifully your natural texture. These waves would look too voluminous on the sides with a chin-length cut that’s not welcome for a round face but you’ll look beautiful and feel confident with a longer cut like this one. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Straight Blonde Bob

With this stylish bob, you would think a bit of teasing would just make your round face look broader. Due to the root lift fade of color which runs down and straight face-framing strings that reach under the nose, it produces an elongated profile.

. Shaggy Comb-Over Lob

There is a combover for the collarbone on the shorter side of the shoulder-length hair for a round face. Playful and endearing are the indistinct part line and windblown texture; it’s like your hair just running into a convertible car. The milk-chocolate hair color of the lob with vivid blonde highlights even in the winter months gives it a very beachy look!

. Wispy Layered Cut for Fine Straight Hair

A which works perfectly if you have thin hair and a round face; wispy straight layers frame the face flatteringly but not overwhelmingly covering its sides. Natural-looking blonde balayage tones run the entire length of the super-straight locks and a soft center-part line gives it the charm of the cool girl. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Gray Bob for a Round Face

These are the perfect round face bangs. They cut a wide face’s width and attract attention to beautiful eyes. To upgrade your favorite flattering cut, select a trendy hair color.

. Medium Wavy Style with Side Bangs

When searching for medium haircuts for round faces, consider> chocolate-brown lob should reach the shoulders to frame and elongate the face.

Messy Choppy Hairstyle for Longer Hair

If you are hunting for medium-length haircuts for round faces, we suggest you try this style.

. ‘ Brown Bob with Subtle Lavender Face-Framing

Just a teeny bit shorter than the length of the shoulder; this is not a typical brown bob. Have you noticed the tone of highlights slightly lavender on the angled front pieces and in the bangs? If you want to allow the audience to see your sparkling eyes and a sweet, friendly smile, it’s a great selection.

. Blonde Medium Length Waves

The characteristic shape of your face is provided by your cheeks. Choose something that brings attention to another part of your face when you’re trying to de-emphasize them. Her long allled waves are slimming the cheeks and focusing on the lips.

. Brunette Bob disheveled with Bangs

Never looked better than a bedhead! The croppy-choppy locks were deliberately disheveled and a deep brown chocolate color applied to the somewhat tomboyish look of the allled. The wispy bangs over – the-eyebrows turn it back into a girlish and youthful hairstyle. It’s low-maintenance, and when you scrunch it, it looks great.

. Purple Bob

A bob haircut should be tried at least once by all women with round faces. In order to get her, ask your hairstylist to give you an angled bob of medium length. Take inspiration from black to magenta shadow to add more color. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Cute Black Bob with Choppy Ends

Check out one of our favorite round face medium haircuts. It’s the strong side of the jet-black bob. The angled cut’s single long wave goes from slightly shorter back to swooping right at the jawline, which is a perfect way to narrow and feminize the lower face. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Shaggy and wispy this confident dark-brown bob have hidden waves tucked in all the right places. The collarbone length of the cut angled and the layered layers separated to the side and curvy side-swept bangs do a great job of highlighting your beautiful face and showcasing its best features. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Side-Parted Wavy Blonde Bob

Nothing better spells confidence than a deep side-part uber-blonde and sultry bob. Your curly (or loosely curled) locks are just what the perfect way to outline and correct a rounded face renders a bob hairstyle. The waves ‘ bent is angled directly to the cheekbones, which has a very rewarding elongating effect. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Medium Disheveled Hairstyle with Subtle Highlights

One of those classic medium hairstyles for round heads that never fail is a disheveled lob. The allled appearance of this dark-brown cut really works to flatter a fuller face loosely divided to the side and uneven in length. No chance of it being boring; just ask the baby lights of rusty copper!

. ‘ Disheveled Textured Blonde Bob

What makes it work so well for fine hair is a straight cut end of a. The disheveled ash-blonde enhances the eyes and forehead to nearly white locks. For a rounded head, it is a perfect medium size. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Medium Brown Shag with Bangs

Recalling the shaggy hairstyles of the classic 1970s, the choppy locks work to frame the ro.

. Delicate Shoulder-Grazing Shag

A shag haircut looks sloppy and edgy, flattering a girl with a round face who in casual wear should shy away from prim and proper styles. For a regular allled look, shoulder-grazing loose waves are easy to scrunch. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘

A slightly off-center part adds personality and style to a shaggy lob featuring cute black waves with copper tips. It’s a wash-and-wear haircut, easy to style and keep. For fine hair, the layered waves are a great choice which tends to fall flat during the day. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Shaggy Chocolate Brown Combover Bob

Straight finely chopped and shaggy the shoulder-long hair for a round face fits well because it flatteringly sharpens a round face offering a balanced frame for it. The combover creates a relaxed free-spirited look, and the best features will always be accentuated by the slightest sense of waviness.

. Waves

Check out her beautiful blue mermaid eyes. The razor cut with shaggy ends of the shoulder-grazing works great with the color that reminds us of some stormy waves. For round eyes, all types of asymmetry and side sweeps are very flattering.

. If your hair is thin and your face is round, go for a straight edgy cut to match the roundness of your face. A array of uneven bangs is perfect with this sweet shag’s allied style. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Curly Bob

An angled bob of medium length is universally flattering because it flatters all the shapes of the face and suits almost any hair texture. If you’re after a style of washing-and-go, this is a cut to remember in case you’ve got a similar natural curl.

. Straight Silver Bob

Many people suggest that round heads without layers do not fit with shoulder-length haircuts. That is not always the case, however. For those with medium hair and fuller eyes, a lob haircut may really be a brilliant look. Pick a cut that swoops over the head with a deep part and eye-framing lines.

. Asymmetrical Bob

Do you owe your hair a lot of consideration? You’re supposed to. Simply splitting your hair at another place will produce a completely new look. You don’t have to think about equipment or hair products that match scissors. For women with round heads, a deep side part is typically a foolproof choice. ‘

. ‘ Purple Balayage for Medium Length Hair

This balayage provides a stunning dimensional effect that appears to be much darker than it is. And since your hair frames your face and covers its eyes, your face always looks slimmer and longer. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Medium Textured Blonde Hairdo

It is common misunderstanding to think that the best is complicated medium haircuts for round faces. To truth it can sometimes be a simple one to look better. The theory is supported by this shaggy theme. Striking and appealing are the textures and effortless texture.

. Symmetric Bob With Point Cut Ends

When Ginnifer moved to pixie haircuts, Goodwin was delighted to be rocking chic mid-length bobs. We have to admit that with both of them she looks great. The actress is not afraid to experiment and look bright with haircuts. This asymmetric chin-length bob is going to suit girls with fine hair and a red face. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Razored Shag Haircut With Straight Bangs

Stylists caution against straight horizontal bangs for girls with round eyes, but Kara Tointon wants to go against the rules. Due to the shaggy razored layers and jagged bangs, this variety of haircut gives a light look and becomes the voice of Kara. Do not forget that there is an exception to almost every statute. It’s not just your haircut silhouette that matters. The finish and the texture that has been achieved may be more important. ‘

‘ ‘

. ‘ Medium Haircut For Round Face With Sharply Angled Layers

Cameron Diaz has fine hair but the good thing is that for her round face she doesn’t need any excessive hair volume. Her confident choice is the medium layered haircut with elongated bangs. It flatters the face of Cameron and provides a good basis for simple downdos that always look great.

Wonder if you’re going to afford more hair> long hair and short hair. As always, they’re full of inspiring ideas. Prev1 of 40Next Related Post Top Flattering Hair Refreshing Bangs for Round Faces Jaw-Dropping Long Hair Brightest Medium Layered Haircuts to Light You Up Sensational Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair Beautifutifutifutifutifu
Blunt Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles

Blunt cut makes your hair look stronger and thinner and better. In straight hairstyles, most blunt cuts are worn to show the accuracy of the lines and sleek texture. But that doesn’t mean that when you’re in the mood, you can’t style waves for a blunt cut.

Cool Gray Blunt Haircut

You may want to try this cut if your hair is thinner but straight. The chin length makes it perfect for square and round formed faces as it will allow you to conceal some of the features that you would like not to draw attention to.

Straight Bob with Ombre Highlights

Here’s one look that’s going to work with the highlights as well as the shadow skin. That’s because its iconic cut can serve as a blank canvas that elegantly frames your eyes, it’s ready to be creatively enhanced.

Brown Chocolate A-Line Lob

This last style shows that blunt bobs do not require too much maintenance. These are also quite easy to style as a perfect base for different hairstyles.

Blunt Cut with Bangs for Thick Hair

This style is a very common cut updated version in the 1970s. The heavy hair mass is allowed to follow natural sweeping lines that establish the silhouette’s smooth geometry and perfection.

Asymmetrical Side-Parted Bob

Here you have a chic bob cut with perfectly angled asymmetry and finished with a side part that allows the hair to mysteriously fall over one eye. The best thing about this haircut is how beautifully smooth it looks out of place with no hair.

Sleek Pointed Bob

Remember the movie hit Améliie in France? This blunt cut is very similar to that shown as Am ¨lie by Audrey Tautou. The pointed tips beautifully frame the face, especially when its shape is square or triangle inverted.

Textured Bob with Chunky Bangs

With chunky and unmissable bangs and slight waves throughout the length, this chin-length bob looks a bit messy but it still looks chic. There is also an overall texture added to the hair that adds weight of dimension and reveals the cut’s stunning silhouette. The

Wavy Gray Ombr ©

Yes, it is also possible to wear the blunt bob wavy. Now this may not show the cut’s precision as much as if it was worn straight, but you can still see the dense ends that are disconnected naturally. This wavy gray ombré bob is ideal for all edgy girls out there with a medium length and a slightly off center part.

Shaggy Blonde Bob

There’s just something about blonde hair color that makes it possible to flatter almost any type of haircut bob. Here you have a blonde bob of medium length worn with a wavy texture and a side part. The blunt cut at the ends gives an accurate and finished look to the hairstyle.

Black and Burgundy Side Style

Slightly angled accurately chopped and> burgundy highlights add depth and size to this absolutely chic hair style.

Precision Cut Perfect Blunt

Clean sleek and auburn perfection lies within this cut. Use brightness and no-frizz spray to reveal such a beautiful look that it’s hard not to touch! ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Purple Fade-Away Bob’

‘ Purple is residing in the modern hair color world and this fade is a gentle yet noticeable way to play with it. This is even better than a root fade as your roots remain natural and as your hair grows out, the purple will slowly move down. Whatever color your blunt bob’s remaining is the purple will be a stylish pizzazz pop.

Rainbow Blunt Colors

Who says blonde’s fun? This black hair technicolor look is sure to tell everyone you know how to take beautiful hair to a whole new level. Best applied to straight dark short blunt cut, so the range of colors reflects beautifully as you walk through your day. Blonde Blunt and Layered

So modern yet so plain. This cut allows the layers to fall as easily as possible. The beautiful blonde caramel color for the girl-on – a-budget is easy to maintain. Give a dab of styling product to the layers texture and you’re ready to shine with this bob.

Chin-Length Cool Toned Bob

This blunt haircut allows soft cool tones to fall softly across your face’s sides. This hairstyle is both feminine and whimsical from the frozen lavender roots to the icy pink lengths. This is almost too stunning for words with a pearly blonde as a foundation. The

Flipped and Fabulous Blunt

Parts down the middle after a while may become boring. The side part adds volume and incredible texture to an otherwise simple style by simply moving a few inches to the right. Naturally, the flip produces hair with layers falling on other hair lengths to offer anything but a carefree feathered look.

Waved and Wisped Bob

Photos speak a thousand words but the combination of lowlights and highlights is the true news in this bob. This look is ideal for going straight from work to play day to night to build a sea of natural color on a soft brown foundation. Use a curling iron or seasalt spray to add loose curls to the ends for a look that will surely turn heads on yours.

Blunt Bob with Chevron Undercut

The blunt cut bob is for hairstylists. The style is chic and easy when left down, but you get drama and art when pulled up! When you devote too much to the half-shaved head, why not look into shaving the nape? When letting your hair down, you can always cover it up.

Connect the dots Bob

This bob is for the heart of the kid. For colored polka dots strategically placed throughout the slice, you can be included in a special rainbow. Looks best for a color based on a lighter hair. The number and color of dots you choose to have painted are endless possibilities for your stylist and you.

collapse into a Blunt

This short choppy hairstyle is ideal for transitioning into the fall / winter months as good as leaves changing colors. Longer pieces with a hot color spectrum with lowlights in the front shorter layers towards the back and highlights this chin length cut and color is a seasonable masterpiece.

Highlighted with Romantic Waves

This bob cut can be used for any day or fashion. Whether the soft wave and natural appearance fade in jeans and a t-shirt or a LBD is the perfect look to complete an outfit. This bob cut is for you for all the girls that want to look good without trying too hard.

Straight and Soft Bob

Every woman doesn’t want to spend hours in her hair. It’s easy and fashionable for most of us. This blunt bob with a medium size is just that. It’s refreshing to see so much sophistication in a minimalist style of one duration and evenly distributed light.

Sleek Dark Fade

Ombre is going to be around for a while and that’s no exception. The middle part blunt is fashion forward, whether worn straight and smooth or loose with curls. Pair it with a deep dark lipstick and do not let anyone stand in your way! The

Brunette Classic Bob

The middle part of the bob is sleek and perfectly symmetrical, but if you have a slight asymmetry on your head, e.g. asymmetric eyebrows, go off-center. Use a round brush to get the perfectly edged blunt cut style to move with you throughout the day. For depth, tuck a little behind the ear.

Fine Yellow Line

This fierce and bold look is not for the heart’s weak! The all-over dark color with matching bangs makes it possible for the yellow line to create a striking look of someone who knows what they want. The yellow will work on the darkest of darkness, but if you are lighter as a base, choose a dark line color that will work for you boldly.

Dark Long and Blunt

This style is bold and sexy in the back because it tapers longer in the front. You have to commit to the middle part, however, or it will not look as accurate and perfectly symmetrical.

Caramel Fade Blunt with Bangs

A chin length bob can easily blend in with the casual hairstyles of everyone else, but this look is one-of – a-kind with the addition of bangs and sophisticated fade. It will make you the most trendy gal in town, suitable for work or play this hairstyle. It’s ideal for those fine hairy ladies with a lot of volume looking for an easy style.

Fade to Blonde Bob

The natural pick-me-up is bright and blunt. The shorter lengths make it a trend-setting, fast and easy care / easy wear style. Short care for the hair / do!

Rock and Roll Red Blunt

If Jessica Rabbit were on the new hairstyle market, she would be guaranteed to choose that! The bright red color makes something to take a second look at this long bob. Low upkeep? Perhaps but worth it when it comes to setting the style bar high!

Sophisticated Bob

A classic medium length straight bob is something that can be worn by any face shape. Pair it with a lipstick pop-of-color and minimal make-up, and this look is in-vogue! Striking at every angle is the healthy shine and perfectly cut ends.

Shoulder Length Center Part Bob

This blunt bob haircut works especially well with triangular and diamond heads and lighter hair colors. It compliments the symmetry of your face and your cheekbones. Although it is not necessarily recommended for round faces, if you opt for an off-centered parting, it can elongate your face. The

Icy Blonde and Steeply Angled

This expertly angled medium-length bob is the stuff that makes haircut dreams! The cut’s precision is a must if you want those sharp front angles to succeed. The final touch comes in the shape of a flattering part in the middle of the head.

Short Red Cut with Cropped Bangs

You’d find pictures of this bluntly cut style and its varieties if you looked up the definition of a blunt bob. This bob is edgy daring and ideal for those of you who love to take risks with your hair, wearing extremely short bangs that are thick and chunky.

Chocolate Brown Textured Lob

The rich brown chocolate color is what attracts your attention in this cute bob but the standout blunt cut with choppy ends is what drops the jaws. This shoulder length style is suitable for a variety of hair types, complete with a side part and subtle highlights. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Pastel Purple Straight Bob’

‘ Purple is always a fun color to experiment with in clothing or even hair shades. For a short bob, you’ve got a pastel violet hair color that’s bluntly cut around and finished off-center. Note that the hair is cut without any layers at one length.

Wavy Lob with Caramel Highlights

Blunt haircuts are created in a variety of ways and no assigned way to cut or wear a bob with bluntly cut ends is available. This wavy medium-length style is punctuated with flattering caramel highlights that are sprayed to raise contrast through the unfinished waves.

Blonde Ombre Bob with Center Part

If you want your cut to be the highlight of your look, the best thing to do is to wear it flat and straight so that it stays the focus of attention. This blonde angled bob with a center part definitely follows these guidelines and the result is pretty beautiful.

Short Hair with Swoopy Bangs

This short shoulder length bob helps you to retain a longer length while also bluntly embracing the ends. The deep side part is setting the stage for the long swoopy bangs that frame the face with some extra height and a nice line of outline that acts as an accent.

Rosegold Bob with lowlights

All potential blunt haircuts will certainly be inspired by this one as it is quite good. This A-line bob is slightly angled with a medium length and worn completely straight to ensure that there is no distraction to see the precision cut. The soft side bang that completes the look is the only extra mark.

Natural Brown Lob

If you’re looking for hairstyles to flatter your beautiful brown hair, this shoulder-long bob may be just what you need. If you want a symmetrical style that is optimal for complimenting classic symmetrical facial features, the middle part is the best. The great thing about this haircut is that with nearly any outfit, it’s simple but trendy and looks good.

Chin-Length Cut with highlights

Blunt cut bob is a hairstyle that’s been around for a long time, but it’s never going to go out of fashion or look dated because you can update and customize it whenever you like. You can do this with your most flattering length and some custom hair color solution, of course, with an acute or right angle of the front pieces.

Sandy Blonde Straight Lob

Clear sandy blonde hair color sets the stage for this medium-length lob with a sleek side portion. There’s also a mix of blonde highlights and lowlights to add depth and contrast to the body.

Short Bob with Square Cut Bangs

This chin-length cut with bangs is distinctive in its color pattern and angles. It is a perfect frame for a sweet face and a decent choice of cut for straight hair. Why don’t you try this vibrant statement look if you can pull it off?

Black Sleek Lob

This classic bob hairstyle doesn’t have any frills or extra touches and it’s fine. The traditional sharply cut ends and this bob’s style flatter a wide range of facial shapes and most styles of hair.

Silent Film Star Bob

If the name Clara Bow means anything to you, then in the name of this hairstyle you can know the connection. If you can’t simply call it the Cleopatra. It features a broad fringe rounded and super straight cut at the edges, which is also a good guide.

Classic Rounded Blunt Bob

It has no bangs and a very simple cut which is perfect for straight hair. It is suitable for most forms of the face and texture of the hair. It’s a very versatile cut that allows you to experience bold colors and anything in between with highlights.

A-Line Bob with Elongated Front Pieces

This uber sleek look stirs the thoughts of Parisian timeless elegance. It is classy laconic and beautifully shaped. This is the perfect cut to wear without a risk of looking too flat with a strong hair color.

Straight Hair Tousled Bob

Would you like to jazz up straight hair? There is no better way to do it than with this slice, which at the same time succeeds in being both finely crafted and messy. In fact, it doesn’t require any special styling. Even with a quick wash-and-go, you’ll look fabulous.

In-Curled Feminine Blunt Bob

Blunt bob haircuts are often styled super straight, offering a rather strict look that doesn’t flatter everyone. For complete the look, if you want a softer and more feminine feel, curl the edges slightly and add long side bangs.

Blunt Cut for Natural Hair

This cut would need chemical straightening if your mane is naturally curly and frizzy. After all, it is said and done, however, with its sophistication it will make ample compensation. Both contemporary and classic blunt bob hairstyles are among the few styles of medium length that the test of time and trends has stood. Perhaps there is no woman out there who has never cut a blunt bob. It’s easy to understand why to see how they fit with most face shapes and hair types. Prev1 of 50Next Similar Haircuts Ways to Make a Long Inverted Bob All Your Own Long Choppy Bob Hair Stunning Ways to Wear a Sew In Bob Traditional Ways to Inspire the Full Stack Hottest Stacked Haircuts Trendy Inverted Bob Haircuts Haircuts Cuts and Patterns Stay Connected Whatever the hair form is, we will help you find the perfect hairstyles The Perfect Hairstyles.