Magnificent Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk is a favorite hair and girls. Initially, it recommends you shave your head’s sides leaving a hair line extending from the middle of your forehead to the back of your head. Today the mohawk’s original version is not so widely used by women in particular. For example, we have other genius types of this hairstyle, the fauxhawk who actually has the same idea but looks much more appealing because there is no need for shaving. Whether it’s short hair braiding or hair raised in an updo, you simply make your sides sleek. Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of the traditional mohawk, we’re sure you know the best way to show it. We want to show you in this article how versatile it can be with mohawks and fauxhawks. You can build so many looks, each of which is going to be outstanding.

Do anybody suit Mohawks?

Well, it opens up the sides of your face revealing beautiful cheekbones and the jawline creating volume on top at the same time. That’s why if your face is large let’s say really round or usually square, the mohawk isn’t the best option for you because in this situation you need to cover the sides of your head with curls or straight tresses that spread your face and create a perfect oval illusion. Similarly, any extra weight on top will make it even longer if your head is oblong. So for you it’s also better to consider more flattering hairstyles like those creating any horizontal lines (bangs waves curl width on the sides of your face etc.) The mohawk is pretty universal meaning you can look bold and even aggressive with some versions of the mohawk while others make you more feminine and sexy. You can play your tresses straight weaving them braid with color highlights and much more. Below you will find a set of pictures with very different looks for hair types and personal preferences suitable for all ages.

Messy Hawk for Women

As older generations think of mohawks, they probably think of extreme styles that defy society. Luckily, the mohawks of today are much better than this and are suitable for men and women alike. Long and messy is a fun new way of updating the traditional definition of Mohawk.

Gelled Mohawk Styles

When it comes to a fake hawk or other style, a bit of hair product can go a long way. Color your tips only to add some color to your final look or use a cream on top of your hair. If you choose to gel for a more serious look that will last the whole day, of course.

Steel Colored Mohawk Hair

This color of hair will inspire envy among your most stylish friends. Explaining so if this is a color you’re sure to bring in a picture or two, it’s a hard shadow. When the mohawk blow is styled, the hair on the sides dry down with a flat brush and a round brush on the top.

Styled Mohawk

Use hairpins and spray setting to add some elegance into your Mohawk. Wherever you feel led, twist curl and secure and show off a unique look that is not easily duplicated. It works particularly well if you have fine or medium texture straight hair.

Length and Frosted Tips mohawk

Take a tip from nature with this sweet and fun skunk-inspired hairdo. Using about an inch of lighter roots to bleach the top skin. Be sure to add some fun undercut designs along the side and use plenty of volumizing spray for the final look to really get a performance height.

Vibrant Hues Mohawk

A wide range of fake hawks and more conventional hawks are to be sought. But when you’re really ready to stand out from the crowd go with a colorful Mohawk style that illuminates the place. For a fun fashion statement all your own, choose an electric blue hot pink or traffic cone red.

Mohawk side

Whimsical and edgy at the same time the Mohawk side haircut really helps you to express your imagination. Experiment with different angles of design and hair color to make this cool look really fun. You could rock this hawk in a variety of ways depending on the texture of your hair.

Stunning Mohawk Silver

Beautiful! Mohawk hairstyles are a brainer to try lovely new colors. This silver shade is stunning (especially when combined with shadow of gray eyes and orange lip). A large barrel curling iron and a decent amount of hairspray are used for the magically wispy styling.

Textured Blue Mohawk

Most inspiring mohawk pictures don’t show a lot of bangs. Yet take on a cool pixie look with bangs mohawks. Tell the stylist on top for longer hair and on the front for shorter bangs. Adjust the bangs on the front and clean the hair on top and forward.

Mohawk Hair Designed

Mohawk designs can be as wild as you like. For any kind of edged design, the most important thing is geometry because it looks the most chic. In this look, the curvy lines and triangles are super cool. Use a workable gel to style the hair in the middle that has a great hold.

Soft Spiked Mohawk

Keep things soft and accessible to a spiked Mohawk with little or no product involved. The lift is more from the cut and backcomb than from the gel or spray that allows your Mohawk to be soft and touchy.

Multiple-braided mohawk

Make thin and chunky braids all over the head for a perfect Mohawk look. Best of all this hairstyle doesn’t require a real cut to keep your more traditional hair and possibly your job. If you feel a little defiant, pull your hair into this exquisite braided mess.

Short Mohawk

You can create a subtle, short hair Mohawk that creates a new look that you’ll love. Separate a top portion of your hair in the center and immediately twist or braid the hair along the parts on both sides. Blow the top section back and use a certain material to keep it in place. This fake hawk is easy to achieve on short hair, yet when you feel like it, it still helps you to have a more mainstream look.

Black Mohawk Hairstyle

Black hair that look beautiful in Mohawk-inspired laid-back hairstyle. Move your curls to the front so they can graze your forehead and bring to the final look just the right amount of charming sass.

Braided Mohawk Haircut

Add an accent braided feminine touch to your Mohawk. Braided mohawks are fun to wear, allowing you to express your girly side without wearing long, traditional hair.

Curl and Cut Mohawks

Curly mohawks are super trendy and look great on natural hair. If you’re looking for an all your own fun and funky style, get inspired by this natural Mohawk that features curls along the scalp line as well as shaved designs.

Spikey Mohawk Hairstyles

Jack Frost-inspired hair can keep you cool this summer. Dye your hair with a gray or ice blue for a first impression that melts easily with a warm smile.

Mohawk Haircut with the Blonde Highlights

The natural base color combines with vivid blonde tips into honey brown. The effect is a very special hairstyle that catches the attention of the light and the men! To reach this height, you certainly need to blow your hair dry. Try to hold it straight as you dry with a big round brush.

Versatile Mohawk

Some mohawks make you to look like this bleached blonde hawk. Wear it loose or split it across the head into several tight braids. Good for beach trips or a relaxed day at home this Mohawk braids with shaved sides will change to suit your mood something that is definitely a bonus with an otherwise restrictive hairstyle.

Bleached Mohawk

While some Mohawk wearers prefer bright colors to make a statement suggest bleaching your hair blonde or even white. The look of premature gray is very popular with young women right now, and if you’re of a darker race, your black Mohawk will look completely transformed when you strip it of color without much effort.

Lavender Ombre Dream

Ombre and lavender color dreams in combination with their own extra dream. Proof? Below is the mohawk. This mix softens the mohawk’s usual hard edge resulting in a stunning, delicate color and style swoop. The

Heartbeat Babe

Pitter patter if you’re looking for mohawk hairstyles to give your heartbeat symbol. Considering the textures of the colors and varying lengths, this long mohawk takes serious guts to decide, but it’s worth it.

Retro Curls

This badass pin-up curl look meets Mohawk retro. For black hair or someone with thick curly locks, this is a great style. With plenty of sound and motion it’s super fun just be prepared for people who want to touch it!

Not Your Grandma’s Mohawk

This mohawk may be white, but it’s not the hairstyle of your granny! The white-hot hawk embraces a sleek, deep side and plenty of size with a near-futuristic look from the future that we can’t expect.


Is it hard to choose between a pixie and a mohawk? Then you don’t have to because we’re going to have all of this look. A small amount of sass and a color pop is the same as a flirty mohawk girl. And something tells us that this is the theme she would have preferred if Tinkerbell had gone through a rebellious phase.

Rainbow Bright

This mohawk will make Rainbow Bright proud of all the feminine and sexy sugar spices. The colorful coif gives you all the feelings that allow you to channel your inner unicorn and ice cream sherbet (but not to leak).

Braided Tower

Would you like to look 3 inches bigger? Don’t say any more. This braided falsehood adds inches and slimming the face. If you’re searching for black women’s mohawk hairstyles, this is a style that works perfectly for the lucky ones with thick coarse hair that remains in place.

Faux-Hawk Mohawk

Joyful long-haired women. Here’s a mohawk for women who enjoy their typical length but once in a while enjoy the sass of a mohawk. This style is easy to create and a blast to wear, basically just stacked layers of messy buns.

Bed Head Honey

It’s always a smart idea to accept your natural hair texture. So if you’ve got a bit of natural wave and you’re a kind of low maintenance gal, this is the mohawk that will carry you from the sheets to the streets with nothing but a dollop of cream and a bit of finger allling. Lazy girls are happy!

Curly Haired

Are you ready to cut into something edgy your spiral-curly hair? Then this could be exactly what you’re looking for with curls and attitude for a style. Say goodbye to the curls of your baby and hello to a look that takes almost no effort whatsoever to clean and accept the fro.

Barely-There Mohawk

A few strategically placed snips can help to do wonders to short hair that is needing a little shift. Your stylist has no need to do anything drastic to infuse your already short locks with a little more sass. Just a snip here and a snip snip there and a trendy mohawk hairstyle you’re wearing. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Voluminous Tapered Hawk’

‘ If excessive volume is your thing, if it is where it is. This light and fluffy swoop looks as sweet as whipped cream tastes as perfect for smooth and delicate skin.

Hawk Holograph

Something iridescent is simply magical. This bright mohawk is a case in point. The irregular varying lengths simply add to the color’s playfulness and make us dream brighter days.


Another great mohawk for long-haired ladies. That’s what’s used to edge this look instead of a chop hue. With or without pink strings, this twisted look is a glamorous and feminine alternative for warmer months when you need to keep your hair off your face.

Mini-Braided Babe

Braids are not just for young girls in school. Tossing one into this side-swept mohawk adds a touch of girlie without sacrificing the sense of badass. The light and dark blonde color raises visual interest.

Hot Pink Fire

What if hot pink fire? The world would not only be a better place, but it would also look like somebody lit their coif on fire in the best possible way. Mega-height pink pops and silver flashes it’s hott and we’re being sold.

Ride the Wave

Surfers and lovers of nature are here for you! If you’re looking for mohawk hairstyles for women who are one with nature, you’ve found it with a wave design buzzing into one side and a long bang cascading like a rolling tide on the other. Namaste.

Short Haired Mohawk

Another short mohawk on the list and this time with bangs this style is perfect for a busy gal who doesn’t want to compromise fashion because her time is better than spending hours on her hair. It’s super easy to shape with a little wax or paste using your fingers as your tool … less than seconds of styling and you’re ready for the day.

Work of Art

Although this feminine mohawk may require a little more effort, it is worth it. These beautiful pink waves coifed into a floral-like sculpture appear more like a work of art than a hairstyle like a museum showpiece.

Purple Rain Lady

We are gathered here today to celebrate something called Mohawk Purple Rain! This richly pigmented and visually interesting do is one of those mohawk hairstyles reserved for babies who love purple, of course.

Platinum Fauxhawk Haircut

Why not try platinum style for a mohawk girl who is super glamorous and sassy? The color adds to the punk rock edge a feminine dimension without sacrificing any. To style your cut dry hair with a large barrel round brush up and down to the side. Then use items for the keeping of short hair.

Vibrant Red Mohawk Style Updo

There’s so much fun to try for a special night out. But in a way that goes with the necklace, how do you style your hair? One unique approach is a big, voluminous Dutch braid that becomes a false hawk. Pull and loose fan strands after braiding to achieve the look.

Spiky Mohawk with Pink Peekaboo Streaks

Mohawk haircuts provide you with a great chance to play with texture. The sides of this haircut are kept completely smooth and streamlined while there is a little wave and separation in the front section. Use on the sides a fine tooth comb and gel and a textured spray for the top section to try it out.

Mohawk Hairstyle Braided

Mohawk braids are just the coolest thing ever. Not all of us are brave enough to try out a true mohawk, but that doesn’t mean girls can’t have fun trying out the look. Make a fishtail braid on the back of your head and french braids on the side to create this look. Then pull the braid for volume on the fishtail.

Quick and Easy Mohawk Hairstyle

False mohawk can be a complicated affair or this version can be super easy. Here’s how to get your hair from the corners of your forehead to look like blow drying and then segment off the middle section with a big shot. With that hair out of the way, apply some braiding pomade to the french braided side hair and around each ear. Next tease the segment at the end.

Cute and Curly Mohawk Hairstyle

Black women’s Mohawk hairstyles are a fun way to experience volume. There’s a great quality to African American hair. Whether you’re working with your natural curls or curling your hair first, you’re going to be able to get a lot of top height. Rather than braiding hair down near the ears, braid it upwards to add to the beautiful curl mass.

Glamorous Mohawk Updo

This beautiful Mohawk updo is a must-try for girls in need of a unique night out style (or a bold way of styling a daytime dress). Make a big fishtail braid in the middle and two small french braids on each side tucking down the ends to get the feel. Before you start, be sure to add in a textured product designed for braiding.

Lavender Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Although at first glance it might not look like it is a braid! Mastering the art of the deconstructed knotted braid will definitely take practice and you will need a main item in your arsenal as well as a braiding pomade. Working in your hair with this form of textured product helps to keep looser designs.

Bleached Feminine Mohawk

Women’s Mohawk hairstyles are all about character. Due to the spikiness in the thick hair, this look is so cool. If you have thick hair, to get volume, you won’t have to blow it dry. On the opposite, just let it air dry and use a mixture of gel and hairspray to keep it upright. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Platinum Mohawk with Geometric Designs’

‘ If you want a very special mohawk hairstyle, ask your stylist for side designs and no demarcation line. The drawings were cut into the hawk part right here. This is a really masterful work of designwith triangles and arrows that match like pieces of puzzle.

Long Platinum Mohawk with Faded Sides

Mohawks are usually short, but they look especially good when cut for long hair. The other thing that distinguishes this edition is the high sides taper fade. There’s inch-long hair that falls to the skin instead of just getting shaved hair and long hair.

Tall Mohawk with Side Undercut and Shaved Design

Thick hairy ladies would look beautiful with a voluminous Mohawk that demonstrates this cool style really. Experiment with various undercut designs or a more natural Mohawk by keeping the sides short but casual. Use some volumizing gel to give a serious height to your Mohawk.

Blonde Mohawk

For a Mohawk that looks awesome, you don’t always need bright colors or a super edgy fade. The longer side of a simple blonde Mohawk can look girly funny and expressive. If you want hair to fall naturally in its own unique manner, skip the styling product. The

CurlAccentuating Mohawk

Curly Mohawk styles give to the otherwise edgy look a touch of sweetness. To build a signature look, indulge in some head designs on the sides. If you’ve been blessed with natural curls, let your Mohawk grow long at the front for a creative twist on conventional bangs.

Long and beautiful

Mohawk’s long hair can be pretty good.

A Fauxhawk Thrilling

This is a really thrilling fauxhawk featuring intricate braiding with plated real chain. Looks show fantastic and definitely worth imitating.

A Luxurious Mane

We’re sure you’re looking forward to seeing some good examples of real mohawks. This one is an adorable original mohawk with a beautiful thick hair under-shave for girls.

Braids and Twists

A fauxhawk hairstyle gives free self-expression you can combine spectacular cool twists braids to highlight short and long hair in one amazing hairstyle!

A Classy Wavy Mohawk

Another gentle mohawk version. Some days you would like to weave your top tresses into soft waves rather than let them stick hawkishly out.

A Divine Mohawk-like Updo

Chic is a beautiful updo in every line curve and curl. The mohawk is an inspirational reward. Something like this can be truly exceptional.

Great Mohawk Updo

Jennifer Lopez turned so many heads on her Mohawk Updo comment that we just couldn’t leave her out of our list. The fantastic volume on top and preferably smooth sides build a sculptural look and pose in the best light her beautiful face form.

Short Curly Mohawk

Deep blue and Mohawk are faithful to Alicia Keys for the Grammy Awards. But this time she cropped her longer locks and opted with a fluffy top for a curly Mohawk.

Safety Pins as Hair Accessories

As for the most elaborate variant of all Kelly Osbourbne hairstyles, it recommends braiding the Mohawk into tiny braids and locking their ends with simple safety pins. The good news is that your hair accessories have never been so cheap!

Pink and Purple

Sheridan Smith is another member of the Purple Fan Club. Her textured hairstyle in this picture stands out with the small temple undercuts and a more sophisticated color mixing the pink and purple transition is rather unusual but undoubtedly sweet.

Well, even if you were strongly opposed to the mohawk, this display sparkled some ideas you would like to try. Don’t restrain yourself, it’s fun and exciting to change your looks, and you know that. Prev1 of 70Next Related Posts Newest Faux Hawks for Girls and Women Fun Fancy and Simple Natural Hair Mohawk Hair Exquisite Curly Mohawk Hair Super Modern Braided Mohawks This Season Best Hair Styling Techniques Tried and Tested How to Make a Waterfall Braid in Easy Steps Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get inspiration from hair style. No matter what your hair type is, we will help you find the correct hairstyles The Correct Hairstyles