Man Bun hairstyles

A man bun is a basic yet fashionable hairstyle that helps to tame a mans long or medium-length mane flow. All you need to do to build this look is to pull your hair to the middle of your head or back, then tie it and pin it. Contrary to what most people think they dont all look the same, and by inventively twisting the hair or combining it with other hairdos, you can create a very fashionable one. Although designing trendy buns isnt always easy for men, the following 65 hairstyles will give you some ideas about what to try.

Natural Curly Chignon

Curly locks are very charming, and without any styling they look good. however, giving them a fancy design to keep up with the times is still important. Also, a simple design like this one will work well for you, and you wont spend much time doing it either. You should tie all your locks back into a beautiful chignon to create this look. You should also leave a few short bangs at the front to float across the forehead, though.

Curly half Up Model

half-up designs can also work for men, giving them a sleek and classy look. The style comes from dividing the length of the shoulder curly locks into two sections in this headdress. Then you should tie the one on the crown into a swirly ponytail and then leave the curls at the back to flow freely.

Stylish Blonde Top Knot

Bleaching or hair coloring can also give you a very sophisticated look like this blonde bleach. however, if you want to look good in your distinctive color, you still have to create a stylish design. In this style, while the sides and back are tapered short, the strands form a small and tight topknot on the crown.
Crown Bun with Side Part and Tapering

This look is as sexy as it can be and if you can imitate it, you can be sure of turning your head. And while it looks sophisticated, its very straightforward, and if you know how to create it and have the right length, youll have little trouble. It involves pulling the crown strands into a tight knot and creating a hard side line below it. The fibers below the line should then be tapered to the same length as the sideburns.

Bold and plain

Most men prefer something simple but still very elegant because it allows them to make a statement and attract all the publicity they need. This style is a perfect example of this, and the good thing is that even if you dont have a long mane, you can still build it. All you need to do is take the strands and pin them into a bun to recreate this feel. Before tying the strands, though, you can spice up your look with some inventive twisting.


Dreadlocks need a lot of patience to develop and maintain, but theyre worth the effort because they always make you look amazing. And if you spice yours by pulling them on the side like this headdress into a simple knot, youre going to look really classy.

Low Bun twisted by Shaggy

This hairdos messy look makes it unique and perfect for a man who wants to wear a rebellious look. And you can be sure of a fabulous look if you have full facial hairs. Its also very easy to create because you just have to twist a few strands and then loosely push them back into a low bun. You should also leave some twists dangling from your eyes as this helps improve the rebellious appearance.

Tight and Neat Bro Knot

This hair is much longer than it looks because it looks shorter than it is with the Bro knot. The style comes from wrapping the strings securely and neatly in the middle of the head to create a small but very solid knot. You should use an elastic band to make your Bro knot as tight and neat as possible if you want to build this hairdo.

Low Knot for Medium Length Tresses

Simplicity is one of the things that makes man buns popular with people who hold long tresses. This hairdo is as easy as it can be, and youll never have to waste much of your valuable time styling it. The low knot on this design is a perfect example of how simple these hairdos are because creating them will take you only a few minutes. All you need to brush your strands back and then roll and tie them tightly into a knot for this style.

Elegant Low Chignon

This headdress elegance will make anybody want to grow their strands so they can have it. Everything from the hair color to the strands texture is top notch, making styling easy for you as you dont have to do much to create a polished look. And so all you should do is take all the strings to the back neatly and then tie them into a simple low chignon to finish your sophisticated look.

Classic Samurai Look

If you can pull it right, the Samurai looks like this one. It also looks very natural, so in order to look stylish, you wont have to make it clean. You should pull your strands into a simple topknot to create this retro style and use a ribbon or band to hold it in place. You shouldnt make it very close, though, as this will make it look flat and instead you should leave some bangs flowing over the face in one hand.

Intricate and trendy Faux hawk

This impressive style should be tried by anyone who wants to give his long locks a complicated look. It involves cutting the strands on the sides and leaving in the middle the long hair. This long hair should then be used to make some intricate braids. In the middle of these twists, you should also have a neat and tight braided bun to finish your elaborate faux hawk headdress.

Twisted Topknot

This knot is amazing in size, so if you want to replicate the look, you should have very long locks. Its a very simple design as long as you have the right length and you know how to make a bun. You should pull all your hair to the center of the head to wear this style and then twist it and put it in a tight knot. You will also look very stylish if, because of their incredible shine, you have healthy dark toned strands.

Gentlemans Flawless Bun

A gentleman wants a hairdo that will make him stand out from the crowd, so this style is perfect for him. Its all flawless, and the strands are also flawless, and they look very healthy. And so the only thing you should do to complete your look is to pull the locks into a plain, smooth bun.

Multiple Size Braid Rows

If you are able to make rows of braids as elegant as these and in different sizes, you will have an exquisite appearance. You should also make them slightly layered in a fancy layout. The center of attraction in this fashion, however, is the braided bun, which gives a very attractive look to the model. The greatest advantage of this hairstyle is that if you dont have a very long hair, you can use extensions and most people wont notice it.

Natural Dreadlocked Bun

Dreadlocks are very common, but most people have difficulty shaping, and most of them will still stream backwards. however, to spice up your fears, you can use a simple bun like this one. You should pull them back and wrap them in a bun to create it while using a few to tie it tightly. Just to add a twist to the look, you should also leave some of them free.

Chunky and Twisty Top Bun

The top bun appears to have no particular style in this style. This, however, is what makes it feel natural and attractive as well. You should pull all your strands to the center of the head to create this style and then loosely twist them to create a messy top bun. You shouldnt try to make it neat as it ruins the natural appearance.

Majestic Bun

This headdress is another example of how a man can wear a fashionable half-up design, but it looks very elegant because the strings have a lovely dark tone and are very smooth as well. The model consists of two parts with the top one being the neatly twisted bun and underneath there are some soft straight locks flowing backwards.

Colored and Braided Bun

If you prefer detailed and fancy, try this cool hairdo with long strands. The style starts by adding some color to your locks, but if you dont want to dye your locks, you can also use colored extensions. The next step is to create some fancy cornrows in the crown and finish them all in the center of the head where you are supposed to roll and tie them in a bun. You can also braid down the strings or just let them float backwards.

Punk Top Bun with Shaved Sides and Back

A style like this one is hard to notice because its very punk. The topknot looks a bit exaggerated, but thats whats going to help make a statement. If you have long tresses, this design is very easy to create. You should pull the strands together on the crown and tie them into a topknot to replicate it. If you want a modern finish, you should shave the hair around it or do some tapering.

Simple Messy and Curly Bun

This hairdo does not include any intricate shapes or complicated patterns, but it still looks incredible. You need to style your curly locks in a loose knot in the middle of the head to wear this look. You should also make the knot slightly messy and make sure you keep the curly appearance as this is what makes it a polished style.

Delightful Curly Ponytail

Without healthy hair and creative styling, you can not achieve a stylish look. These two things make this headdress look very enjoyable. The model locks are very long, with some beautiful natural curls. Since the strands are naturally beautiful, to make them look amazing, you only need a basic styling. Its enough the tight pony in this fashion, and it has some beautiful curly locks streaming from it, and its going to make every man look really trendy.

Chic Braids with a Knot

Braids are very fashionable, but because of their pattern and the way they end up in a knot, they are a class above the rest. The braids have a dark tone that naturally makes them look charming as well. You will need a talented stylist to develop this look, however, so he or she can get the pattern and the knot right.

Smooth Slick Back Bun

Leonardo Dicaprio has all the talent any actor can ever like, and also some of the best hairstyles. he takes his overall appearance a little higher in this design, however, with a smooth slick back that he finishes with a small, neat bun. his hair also has a stunning shine and light, making his look even more adorable.

Textured and Messy Ponytail

This style is perfect for men with thick, heavy, dark-tone hair. With a full unkempt beard, it also fits well. You should pull the strands back into a huge ponytail to establish this look. You should use your own strands to build the pony, so you dont need to use a hair band. And to complete your look, you just need to brush the strands on the pony to give them a natural look.

Double Side Braids in a Knot

Another hairdo shows that a little creativity always gives you a sophisticated look. The design involves weaving on the sides two simple braids and finishing them on the back of the head. Then you should pull back all your hair and braids to create a polished knot to make you look very distinct.

Funny locks with a bun

If you are patient enough to grow your locks and are fortunate enough to have some luscious locks, then an elegant bun is enough to give you a sophisticated look. Before tying them, you can inventively pull your strands to create a ball like shape. And for the bun, you dont even need a band because you can use some of your luscious locks to tie then keep the bun in place.

Gorgeous Messy Bun

A style like this will take you a few minutes to make, if not less. The beauty of it is that because its easy, you dont even need to be very professional in hair styling. You will pull your strands to the middle of the head to create this pattern and roll them into a messy bun. however, if you have a lovely color like a melting of dark brown and blonde, this design will look more charming.

Crown Knot with Tapered Sides

This headdress is ideal for medium and long locks and is also ideal for dark hair. You should pull the strands on the crown to the center of the head to create it and attach them to a simple knot. Then, by creating soft part lines, you should enhance the overall appearance and then taper the strands below this line to be on the same level as your facial hair.

hot Topknot with Dreads

Anyone watching this headdress will want to take a second look because it is very adorable and makes the wearer look very trendy. If you have long natural dreads, the style is easy to create. All you need to do is pull up your long locks and then use a few to tie the perfect knot.

Dreamy Man Bun

This long curly locks Afro texture is splendid and makes the headdress look wonderful. Its also very easy to create because you just need to pull the curly strands to the head center and tie them with a cute and dark band of hair.

Low bun with loose bangs

The long bangs in this style have a cool dark tone, perfectly matching the skin tone of the wearers. They also have a very stylish design that involves loosely pulling them backwards and then twisting them into a bun. The other thing that distinguishes the look from the dark tone and bun, however, is the few bangs that flow freely across the head. Youre not only going to look natural by leaving a few loose bangs, but theyre also going to give you a very bold look.

Tall and hugeDreadlocked Bun

This headdress is another perfect example of the elegant design you can make with your natural dreads. And it involves pulling you up to the top of the head with thick dreadlocks and then wrapping them into a huge bun with a few locks. The longer the locks are, the more rounded it will look, which means that for men with long dreads it is a great hairstyle. You should also use a beautiful headband to accessorize.

Innovative Double Knots

You should be prepared to break away from the standard if you want a unique hairstyle. This style is a perfect example of this as it creates a very distinct look by using double knots. With ladies, double knots are very popular, but a man can have them as well. And contrary to what some people might think theyre always going to give you a masculine look. You will be able to create a special headdress if you combine it with your full facial hairs.

Elegant Knot with Face Framing Bangs

The locks in this model are only a few inches long and not very formal, but still make an elegant bun. Theres much more to the project, though, than just pulling the strands into a bun. Also on the front, the model has some fancy bangs that you should style with a center part and then sweep them into a stylish face framing. Those strings also have a beautiful color and shine, and youll have a very masculine look if you match this with the big beard.

Messy Low Bun

This style is ideal for a man who wants to keep a natural look and doesnt have much time to spare in his hair styling. You should finger-comb your hair to the back and attach it to a loose low bun to create it. You dont have to make it smooth, but you should leave some locks free flowing. What gives it the messy and natural look is to leave the few free strands and make it a trendy design.

Chunky Bun and Ginger Beard

Combining a chunky bun with an adorable ginger beard is a bold look in this model. This design comes from pulling some long straight bangs to the center of the head and then loosely twisting them before clipping or pinning them. And you should trim and shape your ginger beard to make it look smooth to finish this look.

Dreads with Shaggy Dude Bun

This hairstyle looks very straightforward and comes from twisting and wrapping some grown dreadlocks in the middle of the head. The style doesnt follow a particular template, so you shouldnt try to make it smooth, because the rugged look makes it look stunning. however, men with extended foreheads can leave a few bangs hanging over the forehead and want to wear this style. And this is because it will help to hide this physical characteristic. And if you combine this design with some facial hairs of medium size, you will look very stylish.

Close with Protruding Locks

The hair length on this model is fantastic, and its what makes it possible to make it. Its a simple design to create as you just need to pull your strands to the head center and then tie them to a band. To make it look cool, you should make the knot tight, but you should also leave a few locks out of it to make the model special. And if you combine it with full facial hair, youre going to look very fashionable.

Classy Braids and Buns

This headdress combines braids with a simple bun to create a very refined look that should be tried by anyone with long locks. You should make medium-sized rows of French braids which flow backwards to mimic this look. You can also make any other kind of fancy twist you want, however, the ones on the crown will end up in the center of the head where you should turn them into a clean bun.

Elaborate Braid and Pony

Long strands give you a lot of styling options, so you just need a little creativity to wear such an elegant hairdo. If you have long locks, its a very simple pattern to reproduce as you only need to make an intricate braid that ends in the middle of the face. A fancy pony like design should then be created where the twist ends. And you can taper the rest of the hair to hold all the eyes on top of the beautiful model or pull it into the pony if you dont want to cut your locks.

Brush Back Waves and Bun

You dont have to keep a very long hair to wear a bun because you can still make a nice hair like this if you have a few inches of hair. Also the strands in this model are wavy, which helps to improve the overall look. And so you should brush back your wavy locks to mimic this hairdo, but make sure you keep the waves. Then you should finish the style by pinning them on the back into a little bun.

Sleek and high Pony Knot

This design is very sleek and trendy, but its still very easy to create if you have long or medium hair. You only need to keep your hair on the crown and fade the sides and back to wear this look. Then you should take the strings of medium length to the middle of the head and tie them in a sleek pony. And by making it slightly curly, you can spice it a bit.

Curly Medium Size Topknot

This hairstyle is suitable for men with long swirly locks because it makes styling simple. The style is to lift the strings to the top of your head and then tuck them into a curly topknot. Its important to make sure you keep the curly look on the knot because thats what makes the hairdo stand out. You should also have a smooth short beard to keep all your attention on your beautiful hairstyle.

Shaved Sides Top Knot