Balding mens hairstyles

When you start loosing your hair or if its not as thick as you used to be, you shouldnt panic because there are still a lot of hairstyles for balding men. Balding hair is distracting and saddening, but you cant do anything about it in most situations, so the best thing is to work around it.

Tidy Fine Bangs

Nothing should hinder a mans ability to wear a trendy head, even his receding hairline. Its hard to notice that the wearer is balding when looking at this haircut because it looks very chic. This includes raising the front of the crowns longer bangs and sweeping the remainder gently forward. You should then apply some gel or your favorite hair product to give the side a skin fade and finish the look.

Textured Traditional Pompadour

What makes this beautiful hairdo is the form of this pompadour and the texture of the strings. To build it, you only need a slight lift and brush back and finish with a null fade on the sides of your long textured strands in the crown.

Super Cute and Thick Sweep Back

Such strands have a brilliant dark tone that is sufficient to make them look super cool. They also have a beautiful trim and a simple styling involving sweeping them back into subtle layers to make them look voluminous.

Smooth Slick Back

You wont even need any trimming for this one because you just need to brush your short strands back and perhaps give them a slight lift at the front just to spice up your look.

Retro Sweep Back

This smooth sweep back a few decades ago is what it was all about. Nonetheless, it can still make you look polished, but with a zero taper on the sides, you have to give it a sleek appearance to make the slicked back and smooth strands shiny on the crown.

Gentleman Slick Back

Although the first thing to catch your eye in this style is the chic French mustache, the hairdo is amazing as well. Its also quite easy because you just need to cut your strands and smooth them on.

Redhead Buzz Cut

The first thing you need when you create this headdress is the red dye job. You should cut your strand really short once you have it to create a buzz cut but keep the beard smooth and smooth.
Comb Over with Side Part and Taper Fade

This comb over style works for most bald men, and the good thing about it is that it helps you to wear your hair longer than most others. You should cut the strands to a few inches to create it, create a side-part and finish by peppering over the strands to the right. Also, taper the sides and back to give a nice finish to the design.

Stylish Slick Back

This haircut should fit for everyone irrespective of the fullness of their skin. Its a very simple design that you should style with a side part and a smooth back with a long top and short sides.

Front Swept and Stacked Waves

This haircut begins with a taper on the sides making some beautifully textured locks on the top. Then you should look by sweeping across the front of the top ones.
And to do that, you need to be imaginative and come up with more innovative ways that dont expose the balding or make it look worse. heres a gallery of different hairdos that can be attempted by any balding man.

Sleek Comb Over

This haircut has a great amount of strands on the head. These locks also have an incredible length and texture to enable the funky comb over to be created. The sides have a sharp fade that enhances the overall appearance as well.

Short with Bald Fade

A bald fade on the sides and a few short fine hairs on the crown will help to attract attention away from your hairline. Besides that, the hairdo also has a beautiful ginger shade that adds to the look some elegance.

Thin hair side and back slick

These strands are thin, but their creative side and back slick will take away your attention. You should use some gel to give them their grip before styling after chopping them for some uniformity.

Short pomp and undercut

This is another modern pompadour version, but it is shorter than the traditional one. It also has a beautiful undercut on the sides, and to form a fashionable headdress you can brush this back over the undercut.

Sexy and simple balding mens hairstyles may sound like unique or distinct hairdos, but most of them are simple. A sexy man like this just needs you to taper the sides and leave some longer strands on the crown that you should style by sweeping diagonally to the left.

Swept Back and Layered

You can try this beautiful hairdo if you have a medium size hair, and the good thing about it is that its very straightforward. You just need to trim the ends of your strands, gel them and finish by sweeping them back into layers to create this headdress.

Sweet Choppy Bangs

These choppy bangs size and texture are great and appropriate to make a very stylish headdress. The only other thing you need to do in this style is to give the sides a slight taper to make them appear shorter than the crown bangs and finish by sweeping the hair back to the top.

Brushed Back and Tapered Waves

Wavy hair is perfect for balding men because it makes it difficult to notice the retreating hairline. In this style, it combines to create an eye-catching haircut with the tapered strings.


Fade and Braid

The smooth fade on the sides of this haircut is enough to make it look fantastic, but the braid is still vital to the style because its trendy to look.

Casual Layered Brush Back

This style is perfect for an early-stage balding man who only needs a smooth trim, some side pieces, and finish by brushing the strands back into subtle layers.

Wavy Swept Back Stacks

This hair style is very simple, but you must have a beautiful natural mane to look beautiful. You need a simple fade on the sides of a small patch to wear this look and leave a wavy hair of medium size that you should style by pushing back into layers.

Short and stylish

This haircuts neatness will draw all attention from your balding hair. Before finishing with a simple line-up to enhance neatness, it involves cutting the strands very short and in a uniform length.

Rockabilly Style Pump

A pompadour can make you look amazing, no matter how thin the strands are. This particular one has a theme of rockabilly making it look old school, a tapered back and a straight side line.

Chunky and Messy Top

This haircut is ideal for men who prefer to keep some crown length and height. This includes holding up some dirty, textured curly locks and providing a zero taper to the edges.

Fashionable Quiff and Taper Fade

A quiff is a beautiful haircut, but it has a very inventive style that involves sweeping it diagonally to the side and giving it a side part. And to finish the look, a smooth taper fade should be given to the sides.

Easy and smooth curls

All you need to create this elegant hairdo is a simple scissor trim and a good gel or any other high-quality product. And you should cut the ends of your curly strands to form it, gel them and finish on the sides with a moderate taper.

Shaggy Curls

Curly locks are good because they make things easy for you. For starters, all you need to do in this style is to make them slightly shaggy and also by tapering the sides give them some uniformity.

Wavy Blondie Bangs

The wavy nature of the bangs over the front is good because it helps to conceal the balding appearance of the hair. Those strings, however, also have a beautiful blonde hue on the sides and a smooth fade that adds to charm.

Stacked Modern Caesar Cut

This haircut is a modern Caesar cut without the form of the conventional cup. The locks instead have an innovative layered feature that helps to dissimulate the fact that the hair is balding.

Gray and Wavy hair

In this hairdo, the natural gray tone is amazing, providing an impressive contrast with the black strands. Those locks also have a sexy wavy appearance and you just have to brush them back for styling.

Short and Neat Quiff

May be shorter than the traditional one in this haircut, but it still looks exquisite. This blends to make a very trendy headdress with a comb over and shading in the eyes.

This haircut doesnt have much fuss, but it still looks very stylish. You should cut your strands throughout to a medium and uniform length to replicate it. And just sweep them to the sides and over the front in delicate layers to make them look voluminous for styling.

Choppy Short Comb Over

You shouldnt waste much time trying to hide your balding skin, but look for ways to inventively style it. Even though the strands in this model are still very simple, they have a beautiful side part and a stylish comb-over that makes the man look very cute.

Funky Side Sweep

Although you are balding, you can still keep some length on your hair. This style is a perfect example of this and you can make a mild side part to wear it and use it to sweep the strands to the sides and finish by cutting their ends to blunt them.

Crew cuts with part

are ideal for people who like to keep simple and formal hairdos. This one looks extra funky, though, because its not just cool, it also has a smooth side part.

Thin and faded

In addition to balding, these strands are thin. They have an inventive style, however, which involves fading and front-sweeping them. And youll look magnificent if you pair this with a full beard.

Front Swept Short Spikes

This hairdo involves cutting the strands into a few short spikes that you should style by sweeping to the front and giving them a high sides fade.

Tapered Flat Top with Line Up

The spicy appearance of this flat top model is amazing, and it also has a stunning tapered layout which finishes seamlessly on the sides to make an elegant haircut.

Stylish comb over

This haircut may be a traditional long and short sides, but it has a very original cut and styling that makes it look special. The top strands have a simple roll pattern, while the sides have a smooth and even fade. When you combine the two elements, the gentlemans look will be very polished.

Elegant Curly Brush Back

Everything about this hairstyle is fantastic, and it begins by shortening the strands to form some curly textured locks. Through rubbing them back into messy sheets, you should polish them and style them.

Tall Tight Slick Back

This haircut gives a perfect look to the quality and amount of gel. however, without the tight slick back and the high fade on the sides, the design wouldnt look that adorable.

Low with natural hairline

Sometimes you dont need any fancy haircut or styling to look adorable as its also good enough to keep your natural hairline. Though these strands are balding, the wearer only chops them short while preserving their natural pattern of growth, and this still makes them look beautiful. There are also some natural gray strands in the strands which offer them a beautifully outlined look.

Clipper Taper and Side Sweep

On the sides of this haircut, the clipper taper design is amazing, improving the look of the side sweep and side portion of the crown to make an elegant headdress.

Crew Cut with Side Taper

Also impressive is an extra-long crew cut like this one with a hard side and side sweeping of the crown strings. It also ends on the sides with a nice taper that gives it a very polished appearance.