80+ Long Pixie Hairstyles

Long Textured Pixie with Asymmetric Nape

Consider a long pixie if you like shorter hair but not very short. Hair is any woman’s first natural ornament, so don’t be in a hurry to completely chop it off. Long side pieces The desired stylistic choices are given by a poofy top and wispy layers cut in different lengths. Play with colors around and leave one side much darker than the other.

Asymmetric Brunette Pixie

How to make an interesting one-color pixie? Opt for the asymmetrical silhouette to add the right shine for your hair type with hair products and define some wave-like strands. The haircut pictured here will also look good on curly hair, so if you want something trendy and non-banal, try it.

Choppy Pixie with Long Feathered Bangs

Cut your lovely locks into a choppy pixie with feathered bangs. The long front pieces graze the jawline just enough to attract attention to your face’s flattering angles. A playful touch is added by the short nape and allled top.

Almost Bob Pixie Cut

If the layers are long and grow out, a pixie can look almost like a bob. For maximum impact that can be achieved with a straightener, it is best worn smooth and sleek. Choose to flatter and frame your face with a long sweeping side fringe.

Shaggy Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Fashion-forward and fierce-looking pixie that was side-swept and disheveled androgyny epitomizes. A reasonable amount of boldness is required to pull off the super short lengths, but the result is undeniably striking.

Side-Parted Pixie Bob with Tapered Nape

Add pizzazz to a pixie bob haircut by enforcing a tapered nape where your hair length is gradually shortened from the top of your head down to your neck nape. The side parting inspires visual intrigue as well as creating an individualistic shape.

Uneven Shaggy Pixie Bob

Select an uneven shaggy pixie if you want a cut that screams carefree. The lengths vary significantly in order to achieve the chaotic effect that has been forced up. Request an unusual coloring and wear naturally allled locks for an aesthetic that stands out.

Classy Long Layered Pixie

If you want a pixie cut to create a polished and refined look. Blow up the glamor with dry smoothness. 015.jpg” />

Choppy Pearl Blonde Pixie Bob

Share your confusion about wearing your perfect blonde hair. Cut it into a layered pixie bob and a side part with cute wispy bangs. It adds texture and depth to the rich pearly shine. A fun and friendly youthful appearance is produced by the slightly allied crown segment.

Long straight silver pixie

Wear the largest earrings you can find and display your long haircut pixie with sliced layers. This fashionable textured haircut is brimming with trust and feminine appeal, dramatic theatrical and metropolitan.

Long Shaggy Blonde Pixie

Determine all the shaggy parts of your new asymmetrical pixie. The maintenance is surprisingly low; long pixies can take a little extra work, but it’s worth it. The uneven top and long face-framing bangs provide your overall style with an urban feel.

Neat Gray Balayage Pixie for Fine Hair

Style your sleek, fine locks into a short, smooth pixie bob and fasten the side sections smoothly behind the ears for a professional trim. With a gray and brown balayage, almost any woman can look great, but it’s a choice of color that holds a special appeal to younger women. With lots of sparkly jewelry and a vibrant wardrobe, set off the silent colours.

Messy Auburn Pixie Cut

A bright personality may pull off a cheeky look of pixies. It just doesn’t mean it can’t be layered because it’s short. Loads of angles and a ton of texture make your look more lively. You might just need a sizzling hot red color to take your pixie to the next level.

Vintage Long Pixie

Bring back a sultry short hairstyle vintage feel from ancient Hollywood. A deep part is beautiful yet easy to pull off with a large side-sweep. Let the long side bangs at the end flip out. To build the correct amount of height, tease the roots.

Bob to Long Pixie Transformation

Add more shape and texture to the usual bob by cutting it into a long bangs pixie. The deep side and extra-long bangs have an unruly touch while sophisticated and professional is the neatly cropped nape section. If you have any natural waves, you can scrunch them on the sides and add even more volume to the top.

Precise Ash Blonde Pixie with Angled Bangs

Transform the front section of your long pixie into peek-a-boo bangs to balance the rough sideburn and nape boy angles. The allled top and smooth tapered nape make the most of your thick coarse hair. Jpg

Long Pixie with Swoopy Layers

Use swoopy layers to incorporate a contemporary spin on this conventional pixie cut. These develop dynamic lines that will surely be blinding. For a sleek and lustrous feel, use a smoothing cream to remove any flyaways.

Silver Pixie with Long Chopped Layers

Try a dramatic yet reasonably long pixie haircut if you are feeling experimental. In addition to being ahead of the style pack, this ubiquitous pack features choppy layers that create some amazing distinction. Just make sure you use a purple shampoo to wash your hair to prolong the ashy color.

Tapered Textured Pixie with Side Bangs

Live up the normal pixie haircuts with feathered layers and some blonde baby lamps. The result is a feminine and professional haircut that can be worn in any location and in any situation. For fine straight hair, it’s a perfect style.

Long Softly Layered Pixie Cut

To obtain a shiny and elegant aesthetic alternative for a pixie cut around the crown with soft layered V-cut layers. To show off its amazing shape, this silky short hairstyle can be blow dried effortlessly and teased at the roots. You might also want to subtly highlight your locks to produce a brilliantly polished effect.

Long Shaggy Pixie for Thick Hair

Change your bob’s drab coloring and flat textures and change to a choppy pixie showing off a little bit of the ear and A Bit of the face. The long front pieces and stacked back area help to showcase your jawline, and the bright blonde highlights look bright and healthy over chestnut brown hair.

Long Pixie Blowout

Blow-dry your long pixie cut to create a smooth textured surface to shine and shine the metallic scanning. The side-swept bangs easily balance the top section of the poofy, which appears to sprout from the line. A versatile haircut depending on your mood, it can look like a corporate or party girl.

Cute Layered Inverted Pixie Bob

An inverted pixie bob is perfect for formal events and is suitable for everyday wear depending on how you design it. The buzzing back and sides contrast greatly with the long top, and the inverted shape creates a completely edgy look.

Long Razored Black-and-White Pixie

If you are looking for a new way to wear your short hair, choose a shaggy haircut with a striking color contrast. The strong white paint over jet black roots creates a unique signature style of which you can be proud. Comb it back and leave for a chic modern short look a few thin wispy bangs in the front.

Long Gothic Pixie

Ready to spice up long pixie cuts with unusual colors and allied styling this season. This long sport of pixies has been cropping side bangs and stacking back. Use lots of layers and a generous amount of hairspray wax or gel to make the most of the look.

Tapered Choppy Silver Pixie

Take the chance to leave your short hair long in the front and you will end up with an eye-catching and practical unique hairstyle. The wispy bangs and allled top offer the best of delicate feathery textured hair. The black roots silver balayage makes your hair look healthy and bright.

Wonderful Long Lilac Inverted Bob

This is a beautiful style of transition between a pixie and a bob. The smooth and neat graduation between the lengths is perfect for those who want a short style suitable for formal events.

Feminine Blonde Layered Pixie

It is possible to wear a long pixie haircut with shorter bangs to soften the face and a few side layers to provide a cool angled frame. This particular style covers the ears and is ideal for oval and heart-shaped faces that accentuate the jaw line.

Short asymmetric haircut

No need for a drastic undercut to pull off a pixy-like bob a subtle length difference may look just as good. On one side of the face, this style sports long cheek-grazing layers and on the other, shorter swept back locks.

Classic Curly Pixie Cut

The advantage of curly hair girls is that they can rock a longer pixie in two different ways. For a deceptively short cropped look, wear your hair naturally and curly. Or straighten your hair for a longer style of inverted bob.

Undercut Pixie with Purple Highlights

Long haircut pixie look best with a bit of color! Such violet and black bits show the undercut stacked back. Maximize the inverted pixie bob to show the color and texture of the style with shorter layers.

Long Pixie with Choppy Fringe

This choppy blond platinum style really makes the wearer look like a fairytale pixie or maybe a Tinkerbell fairy. Note that the fringe at the back of the head is much longer than the hair that works to build up a bit of natural volume at the top. Jpg

Wispy Pixie Cut with Bangs

Channel your rebellious side with a short pixie cut and long bangs in contrast. This> texturizing product and hands-on styling to make the most of the layers. For example, finish the look off with a statement color such as this delicious creamy blonde.

Brunette Feathered Pixie Bob

Long bangs across the front bring a sexy touch to longer pixie haircuts.

Effortless haircut

The girl next door’s essence is a longer low-maintenance pixie. The volume of texture and a little wave combine to give life to a powerful but adorable cut. When it comes to effort, it’s really less.

Painless Pixie

This long haircut picture shows a style that anybody can rock. It’s cute fresh and it’s attitude enough to make it stand out from the crowd. A cut that is painless requires almost no maintenance and is the test of time.

Smooth Sailing Haircut

This is an elegant and sophisticated short haircut style with a deep side and angled fringe. For a more dynamic hairstyle, longer hair on one side creates a fun element of asymmetry. Keep a smooth finish and you have a perfectly polished mane.

Layered Pixie with Nape Length

This cute long bangs hairstyle also features choppy layers that work best with very light color options. It’s also the case here where the darker roots offset the platinum strands.

Modern Pixie Style

A long pixie haircut with a modern twist might be just what you need to revitalize your look. You get a trendy and confident look with a lot of length on top and closely cut back. Add additional dimension to the dark underlayer with a platinum color.

Short and sweet haircut

Try a cropped cut for sultry brunette locks if you want an understated pixie bob haircut. Keep the top of the hair long and wear it with a root lift side-by-side. Go as short on the back as you like.

Pixie shine

A long pixie-cut look is like a blank canvas. You can stylize it any way you feel once you have the right cut in place. You can use some waves to keep it pin straight or soften it. Combine the two in one hairdo together. It also allows you to pull off whatever color you like. An iridescent purple tone can give your pixie plenty of shine.

Chin Length Cut for Fine Hair

The triangular face and soft hair of the model appear to be inconsistent in the first picture. But the image that the hair was cut and styled into a cute edgy pixie bob afterwards shows how a certain variety of layers and lengths goes a long way. 055.jpg” />

Neat Black Pixie with Long Bangs

Quirky and this long pixie cut alternative has a shorter back stacked and undercut as a point of difference. It uses blended layers to create a round shape at the crown that causes fullness to lift the hair. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Long Silver Pixie Style’

‘ This pixie cut (nearly a bob) has a lot of length but does not sport the usual smooth parting. The hair is messily styled from the crown of the head with a maximum height and the locks are asymmetrically arranged throughout the cut.

Undercut Wavy Pixie

This long pixie cut has all the volume and femininity of a longer cut with a short style ease. A slight undercut in the top layer will draw attention to waves and curls and add some height to the stacked back.

Crisp Back-Swept Waves

Add glamor and elegance to retro curls on longer pixie cuts. They are perfect for a beautiful look at the evening. For sophisticated Hollywood allure, Charlize Theron wears loose curls away from the face. With a heated curling tong, this style can be created and then spritzed for maximum hold with hairspray.

Long Edgy Pixie with Side Sweep

A fresh punk vibe on Kristen Stewart gives a longer pixie cut. Using a textured product helps create more hair movement and add volume. This style is perfect for teen girls or those in their twenties as it is trendy and with highlights looks great.

Refined Straight Pixie Cut

Wearing long pixie hair> with bangs like Sienna Miller is highly flattering for oval and long face shapes. This style can be rocked with various hair accessories and is ideal if you’re planning to grow your hair. A small volume on top helps to add thickness to fine locks.

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Best Updos for Medium Length Hair

type= Buns. A bun is probably the easiest updo you can do yourself. With medium length hair that is not thick enough you may lack a body that eventually shows the size of the bun. Backcombing helps to add body and visually increase the size of the bun. Knots. Modern knots are rather loose and messy.

Fancy Roll for Medium Hair

If you choose a simple look like this messy looped> chunky highlights to add visual interest. They’re particularly exciting when twisted together to make a swirling blend of caramel and coffee hues.

Cute Loopy Twisted Updo

Medium hair doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a glamorous updo.

Diagonal Braid Loose Updo

The short version of Elsa’s hair is a cool diagonal Dutch braid. You’ll feel like a princess with a wide braid across the back of your head. The looseness helps to keep the theme casual, but it is enough formal to wear even for prom!

Medium Hair Messy Bun

Who doesn’t like a messy bun? Nobody would ever suspect that when you gathered your bedhead hair into a low bun, you were actually running to work or school. The key to making this style work is not to put it together too much. Flirty and feminine are the loose strands.

Fancy Loopy Updo for Medium Hair

Medium hair updos are available in all shapes and sizes, including this loopy look that you can wear with bangs. Whether your bangs are cut straight across the front or swept side, they are girly delicate to top off this style. The key to a cool style is

Messy Updo for Bob Length Hair

Whether your tresses are tightly wrapped or hanging your back, the piece-layered look, coupled with waves, will always be a complimentary magnet. A balayage is the only thing that can make it better.

Elegant Buns and Chignons

Minimalism is a major fashion phenomenon and can be easily applied to the beauty industry. The simple but elegant hair you see here would actually be the perfect accent for a polished shift dress or a cashmere sweater and midi skirt.

Shorter Hair Messy Wavy Updo

Attending a more casual and relaxed event? A boho-chic updo like this wavy mess packs a stunning style of color and texture. Highlighted waves are the focus and make you feel like the show’s star.

Messy Wrapped Chignon

There is still a consistent trend in the messy chignon popularized by fashion icons such as Lauren Conrad. Use day two or three hairs to achieve the optimal level of messiness for this hairstyle to really shine. Section off a chunky piece on each side and make the remaining hair into a low looped pony. Wrap around the chignon the side sections and hide their ends with bobby pins under the elastic or pin.

Low Wavy Messy Updo

Every time a messy updo is in style. The highlighted waves give an enhanced texture and easy detail to chic hairdos like this. Pair it with an earrings statement or a necklace and it’s nice to go! The key to most bedhead looks is as always loose wavy strands. Figure 2/t2.076.jpg” />

Low Messy Knot Updo for Shorter Hair

Quick medium-length updos sometimes trick other people into thinking that you’ve spent more time on your hair than you have. The low knot is a perfect night out at a club or dinner with your girls for a weekend jaunt around town.

Low Curly Updo with Small Bouffant

Successful easy updates for medium hair always look like much more effort has been made. At home try to tease the head’s crown and half down style the hair. Then curl the ends and pin up the lower half of the hair’s ringlets without any specific pattern.

Delicate Curly Updo for Medium Hair

Classic for a reason is always nice and always ready for a special event curl. On any face shape, they’re charming and flattering. Plus their spirals provide your updo with a dose of dimension and texture.

Twisted Crown Half Updo

Creating an updo with mid-length locks is sometimes difficult. If that’s your case, go down the hair with a half up. Make two French twists and join them in the middle with bobby pins from either side of your head. You can’t go wrong with the waves if you want to add a little more oomph.

Low Flower Bun Updo

The rose tone of this hair style contributes to the magnificence but you can rock a low flower bun updo regardless of the color of your skin. For maximum detail, there is no need to add a fake flower accessory to the petals.

Romantic updo for Tousled Balayage Hair

Definitely consider an updo when you come up with your dream prom hair. It is classy and endearing, and while still holding its own merit, it will not distract from your gown. Super cute and youthful are the twists and curls. But add for a touch of much-needed movement in a few loose strands.

Loose Messy Updos

Dolce & Gabbana’s show’s hair and makeup was one of the shining points. Not only do they make a bold statement on the runways, but for your next formal event, the messy updos for medium hair paired with a dark romantic lip and golden accessories would be great.

Contemporary French Roll Updos

Notwithstanding the previous look, there is some advantage to wear a more traditional updo like a French twist, especially if you’re a busy woman who has to juggle many different types of events in one day. Your best bet is easy updos that can be done in minutes or less. Note 2/t2.084.jpg” />

Loose French Braided Updo

Raise your locks and attempt a bangs updo. This way, the front and back of your coif looks good. Sweet finishing touches are the thin tendrils and fringe that perfectly complement a braided chignon’s romantic allure.

Medium Hair Messy Chignon

Long hair hair hair hair is not limited to loosely swept bobs. With a chignon, lift your locks. Feather out small sections of the updo to create a size and body texture. Without long locks or extensions, these key features may be missing from your bun.

Lovely Twisted and Tied Updo

Smooth and sophisticated weaving and knotting. A few twists and pins are not difficult to do on a daily basis, but it is better to trust your locks to a trustworthy stylist if you want something special for a special occasion.

Swirled and Pinned Updo

Up styles are great because so many styling options are available. A wide barrel swirl gives your coif the appearance of motion even if it is tightly held in place. The whimsical-yet refined-allure is brought by the swooping and curves.

Romantic Loose Curly Updo

Simple hair styles for medium hair can be as simple as styling large curls and creating a half-down style. And try spiraling out of it with a tiny chignon and curls. The beauty of curls is that it will always look fabulous even if your hairdo isn’t perfectly clean.

Low Twisted and Tucked Updo

If you’re having a wedding in the near future, make sure that your look is ready! An elegant formal alternative to consider is the tucked and braided low updo. Set the hair spray to encourage you to dance away the night!

Twist and Pin Messy Updo

Sometimes in detail is the main attraction of updo hairstyles. Many twisted hair lines will make you appear to wear a crown. Twists and braids play to create your own lovely low updo. Loose tendrils are a beautiful finish touch on the sides.

Wavy Messy Low Bun Updo

A little dry shampoo is easy to refresh the second day hair and a curling wand will give you a fast textured beach wave. The third day after a wash is a little bit more tricky and a little bit more unruly strands. A wavy updo is the solution for this; one that extends the previous style.

Classy Bob Half Updo with Chain Braids

If your hair is too short for a few quick half updos to be pulled easily for medium hair master. It also fits well for those who don’t feel comfortable away from the face with all their locks, but want to switch the casual downdo look. It contributes to a sophisticated vibe by combining the braid with a mini-bouffant.

Textured Chignon Updo with Braided Elements

The incorporated braided elements make a sleek, shiny updo apparently effortless. Using plaits strategically makes or breaks the look. This adds a color around the crown in this case and breaks up the hairstyle formality.

Major Bouffant Tuck Updo

The larger the better when it comes to bouffants! To maximum volume on top, big sexy hair comes to life. Loose textured locks make the appearance messy but gorgeous. Try this updo with side-swept bangs.

Messy Low Chignon

A versatile hairstyle for a semi-formal event or everyday wear! Show off your hair color’s multiple tones whether you have highlights or scanning and play with your messy-chic chignon!

Side Braid-to-Bun Updo

This looks like something from a romantic black and white film. Show the world that when you shape rolled waves into a side bun, you are a classy lady. This look will work for you, whether you’re a bridesmaid or a bride!

Low Messy Wavy Bun for Shorter Hair

It is comforting to know that the low bun is always there for you when it comes to medium-length hair updos. A bit of pulling at waves creates an easy texture while a soft touch is the wavy tendrils near the face.

Loose Curly Updos

In period movies like Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, women who are fans of romantic updo hairstyles will love these looks. These styles are quite formal on their own, but with accessories such as flowers or barrettes, you can take them up a notch.

Loose Rolled Bun

As far as medium-length hair buns are concerned, they are not only a classic choice but also protect your ends against injury. As the hair rubbing against clothing friction breaks the cuticles and moisture is drawn away from the hair shafts especially if you like to wear T-shirts cotton tops etc.

Knotted Mohawk Updo

You don’t see something every day? Mohawk braids are getting more creative! If a low bun isn’t your thing, a fancy braided Mohawk will be able to work as a casual or formal hairstyle. A couple of well-placed rhinestones or other accessories pick up the look.

Messy Curly Updo with Face-Framing Tendrils

Commonly polished and neat updos compliments mature ladies and younger women prefer less refined finishes more often. It can take medium length updos from polished to age-appropriate to draw out face-framing tendrils and embrace an untamed curl.

Shorter Hair Big Bouffant Updo

Short-haired girls unite! You may not have the length, but you’re not out of reach with a bouffant updo. It’s a fun way to express your playful side with a simple style with little effort.

Bob with Half Up Mohawk Braid

Looking for bun-free medium hair updos? How about the half-up braid of the fishtail? There are a few degrees of excellence in this hairstyle from the intricate braiding on the top to the free flowing curls on the bottom.

Side Updo rosette

Sometimes the details are important. This seems to be a simple side bun at first glance, but after further inspection one notices that it resembles the petals of a blooming bud. This look can be casual or sophisticated and can take you effortlessly from a work to a happy hour.

French Braid and Low Bun

Take the standard chignon to the next stage by braiding French around the middle of your head and overlapping the side pieces at your neck’s nape. If you have longer layers that won’t stick out of the braid, this style will work better, but shoulder-length hair will work with it too! Only pull the rest of the hair up into a smaller, better bun!

French Low Ponytail Knot

Learning new medium hair updates will add some elegance to your routine style. The French knot pony is one example – a simple and sleek modern take on the low ponytail. The technique of wrap-around gives a polished look while at the same time covering the elastic skin.

Long Shorter Hair Straight Updo

Plain hair must not be dull. While being understated, it can still have eye-catching information. Updos for medium-length hair can not offer many inches to work with, so for those with shorter locks, a more minimalist approach is a win – win. Jpg

Half Updos with Braided Details

Half Updos is the best of both worlds; they can pull hair out of your face while retaining a certain length to frame it. Braids and twists can bring the basic style to the next level; this look is no brainer from the date night to a debutante ball.

Curly Curly Pinned Updo for Shorter Hair

Don’t worry; for shoulder-long hair, there are updos too. Add a few barrel curls around your finger to your cut roll and tuck them with a bobby pin. Bring a thin braid through the updo for a touch of edge.

Pinned Up Vintage Wavy Updos

Waves are so versatile – they can be used in a variety of ways within medium hair updos; sliced finger waves give a retro Old Hollywood vibe while more intricate loops may appear modern and futuristic.

Loose Braid-to-Bun Updo

Is there any wedding coming up? It should be your go-to hairdo, whether you’re the bride or a guest an updo. Render yours special by pairing a sweet bun with a fishtail braid. It’s a streamlined look with size and texture – the trifecta perfection.

Halo Fishtail Braid

Welcome to an awesome updo braided version at the base of the fishtail braid. Halo braids are so perfect and, thanks to the texture and cute flyaways, can look casual at the same time!

Make a statement on your wedding day with beautiful blonde platinum hair and a delicate wispy side bow. Add a bouffant to some length. For women with thinner hair, this is an ideal option.

Side Curly Bun with Braided Accent

By adding an interesting braided detail, keep a formal updo from appearing too sweet. For a slightly updated feel, flatten the curls into imaginative coils and gather them into a low voluminous bun. For women with medium to long hair, this is a worthy choice.

Loose Low Braided Bun

With medium hair formal hairstyles must be tactical because you have a minimum length to use. To make the most of your locks, create a small braided bun. It’s much more chic than your normal lob and during a night on the dance floor it will keep your locks off your head. 116.jpg” />

Low-Key Loose Updo

Medium hair updos should not always be polished and elegant in formal settings; they are also ideal for everyday wear. Choose a look that is as low as possible in terms of maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your day and less time getting dressed.

Mid-Ponytail with Sparkled Comb

Collecting curls that are neither too low nor too high somewhere in the center produces the lowest fullness and a ponytail-like effect. Let the tendrils hang for a loose, lush look that leaves a few to frame the face around the front. A small comb adds visual interest, making it the perfect look for a prom or dance at school.

Twisted Medium Updo

Let this cute medium-length hair style inspire you to try creative, simple yet special doses! Skip the traditional twisted hair chignon and roll bits into a complex design. A tiny hairpin that your design partly hides will add some extra suspense.

Messy Braid Medium Updo

Straight medium hair ladies this one is for you! Move away and try this loose messy braid from the curling wand. DIY cut out some bits to frame your face creating a large braid on one side of your hair and loosely gather the remaining hair with bobby pins at the nape of your neck. Fan some loops and it’s nice to go!

Wavy Pulled Back Bun

This is a great example of how medium-layered hair can be used! Creating this simple hair> messy bun and voila!

Collected Mid-Length Updo

Collected updos are a go – to hairstyle for many occasions as they are elegant and attractive on all hair types. It’s also an easy updo for medium hair! Curl the locks with a wide barrel wall and collect them in a loose curly chignon.


Easy and Charming Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

, there are a few easy guidelines to follow. In this article we will look at variations of hairstyles for thick wavy hair. You will know that your hair structure is not a disadvantage, but a cool benefit, having looked through them. Whether it’s a formal or casual look, choosing the right hairstyle will help you look beautiful every day.

Bob Hairstyle

This beautiful bob does the trick in thick hair reduction. This style is bouncy and airy for anyone who wants to present their volume in the best light, it’s a great choice. With a bit of sea salt spray and some scrunching, waves are especially easy to achieve.

Shoulder-Length Wavy Blonde Style

Whether you have short or long wavy hair texture and size, it is important to create an instagram-worthy look. Darker roots and highlights blended throughout can help achieve depth illusion while waves – even frizzy ones – provide the texture you crave.

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle with Tousled Waves

Medium-length strands are probably the easiest to style because there is ample length to curl the braid and the hair is not long enough to weigh down styles. Make a couple of big waves with a big curling wand and you have an easy look every day.

Medium wavy shag with highlighted ends

When choosing haircuts for thick wavy hair it is important to consider lengths typically longer hair allows a wavier texture while shorter strands may provide an irregular curl pattern where pieces of hair stick out unflatteringly. The perfect balance will always be achieved by a medium length with highlighted tips for interest.

Medium layered hairstyle for thick wavy hair

One with a lot of size is the perfect haircut for someone with thick hair. Lowlights mixed with highlights help break the hair color so it doesn’t look too dull. Since they further facilitate these results, layers and loose waves are fantastic.

Shoulder-Length Brunette Lob

Talk about beautiful bright, subtle scanning and allled waves. The broken bits that are loosely twisted are positively sparkling. If you could use a boost to your locks, you might end up with a bit of bright serum.

Longer Cut with Medium Wavy Layers

Love long hair but want shorter strands to move and bounce? Ask your stylist for a longer cut throughout with medium layers. Without making it look or feel any shorter, this will give your hair a little boost.

Cinnamon Brown Highlights Black Hairstyle

Long wavy hairstyles are absolutely fascinating. A sleek and soft balayage can improve movement to your back-skimming locks to retain an interesting layered cut. The look evokes simple vibes and any day of the week is a style that you can wear. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Wavy Choppy Bronde Balayage Bob’

‘ Try the three Bs bronde balayage and bob if you want wavy hair that stands out. Bronde is having a great moment right now and a seamless blend is guaranteed by the balayage approach. A bob cut removes dead ends and only shows the best.

Choppy Shaggy Honey Bronde Bob

Thick wavy hair is beyond cute when cut as a bob, especially when mixed with choppy layers to create a shaggy, carefree look. Spritz in a little textured spray and let the rest of the styling for you do for your natural waves. Effortless and elegant!

Wavy Chocolate and Caramel Bob Shag

Sometimes thick dark hair which is all one shade may seem a little heavy. To brighten up a brunette foundation, ask your colorist for caramel highlights by adding some dimension to your theme, the two-tone look will really emphasize a wavy texture.

Lob with Long Wavy Layers

If you want a long bob, be sure to balance it with some piece layers as thick shorter cuts may look too fluffy if they are not thinned out properly. Ask your stylist to give you non-length weight-removing layers.

Messy Shoulder-Length Hair with Highlights

Hair> Scanning can be just a shade or two darker than your natural hair color and still look beautiful.

Chin-Length Wavy Brunette Bob

Choosing haircuts for thick curly hair will really accentuate your natural texture.

Long Wavy Layered Hairstyle

Is anything more dreamy than long waves of bounce? This look inspired by mermaid includes hair that retains a curl in order to make it better the longer and thicker. To add some grit, wrap large sections around a curling wand and finish with a dry shampoo that is not hairspray.

Platinum Blonde Balayage Brown Bob

Love your thick curly hair. A balayage of high contrast will really stun all that body. After all, the sense of depth that produces a balayage is all about. The darker and more realistic your hairstyle looks the smoother your locks.

Bronde Medium Wavy Shag

A curled shag provides a fun lady-like texture contrast to edgy piece layers. Use a traditional curling iron to curl those ribbons and then run through your fingers to break them up and prevent the style from looking too good.

Chocolate Brown Bob with Honey Blonde Highlight

The only thing that is more appetizing than chocolate and honey highlights is to park them with super-cute waves. The layers of pieces offer a refreshing airy quality to the cut. It is a very light style suitable for someone who, despite having fine tresses, needs the feel of weight.

Mid-Length Side-Parted Brunette Shag

Many of the best thick wavy hair cuts and hairstyles are specifically designed to bring out the natural texture so you don’t have to do much heat styling. A side part and side bangs of chin-length help the waves create a flattering face-framing shape.

Shaggy Disconnected Dark Brown Bob

A slight shag in your tresses is a great way to find your cool inner girl. The effortless vibes are always in style and fresh fun. What’s even better is that with your natural hair color the style looks just as cool as with the highlights of a balayage shadow or whatever color you like.

Medium Length Spiral Curls

Most people will pay a lot of money to get such curls so use what you’ve got to your advantage already. To show your curls in the best light, you don’t need waist-skimming lengths. Thanks to the rounded shape and layers throughout, there’s plenty of movement going on with her shoulder length style. Only embrace your natural wavy texture and you’re going to be amazing!

Thick Hair Stacked Wavy Bob

Do you really want to show off your thick strands? A stacked bob is the perfect cut as it helps you to highlight the shape and volume of the hair. Even add to the effect are the thin subtle highlights. 144.jpg” />

Long Side Bangs Medium Bob Shag

If you have super thick hair that doesn’t show a natural wave or curl a bob cut with shaggy layers, it will allow you to build a little motion. Use a sea salt spray to highlight the texture so that the locks appear not frizzy but chic on the pillow.

Edgy Angled Wavy Black Bob

An angled bob is an incredible cut to give extra edge to long wavy hair. To play the look’s high-low drama, keep face-framing strands as long as the length of the collarbone and lift them up to the neck base in the back.

Graduated Angled Bob

Layers are an essential component of wavy hair hair styles. While its surface is completely undone, this bob features detailed edges and graphic form. The strictness of the classic angled bob is skillfully blurred.

Medium Wavy Black Cut with Chocolate Highlights

After eventually finding the perfect shape to enhance your thick wavy locks, you acquire the freedom to play around with colors and highlights. It can be completely transformed by adding warmth to black or brunette hair, so a few chocolate brown highlights are a must.

Shaggy Wavy Black Bob

Naturally wavy hair is ideal for frame cutting this refers to the strands around the face that are cut so that their ends curve inward wrapping around the chin. Pairing this with an edgy look that is unkempt can add some sweetness to your style.

Wavy Chopped Bob

Who doesn’t love a nice thick angled bob? The cuts with choppy jagged layers show that you certainly don’t need much length to make a statement. Use a flat iron to bend hair into loose waves if some strands are too short to curl.

Tousled Wavy Golden Brown Balayage Bob

Not ready for the bronde but you still want to heat up your brunette locks? Keep most of your base dark and streak in a few highlights of golden and brown honey. Curl hair away from the face for a sensation of ethereal allure.

Medium Rounded Wavy Cut

Great hairstyles for thick curly hair often have rounded edges strands appear to create U-shape from the back and face framing pieces from the front are the shortest. It removes unnecessary weight and prevents too fluffy and unbalanced hair thickness from appearing.

Inverted Thick Wavy Brown Bob

There are lots of wavy hair lob hair styles to choose from but often the most common inverted shapes. Long pieces in the front make it possible to hold wavy tendrils while short layers in the back turn up the natural thick hair length.

Long Choppy Bob

A beautiful sight is the long A-line bob on wavy hair. Choppy ends and sweet irregular waves create 100% natural spontaneous look that you’re going to love. Due to its effortless on-trend style, the blurred side parting contributes to the overall messy finish that makes this style irresistibly magnetizing.

Medium-length Soft Wavy Bob

Smooth platinum waves with their soft curves throughout the length cover twisted bangs. No roughness, no choppiness, but a fantastic feminine texture and reflected heavenly lightness in every lock. For darker roots a stunning shoulder length hairstyle with a romantic tint is improved with natural thick hair thickness.

Stacked Bob With Light Wave

Although it has a very distinct texture and jagged shape, this bob leaves an impression of a very soft feminine style thanks to very light natural waves accentuated with bright pale blonde highlights for a superb dimensional effect. Pair it with asymmetric bangs side-swept.

Mid-Length Brown Balayage Style

Loose hair styles for thick curly hair rely on smart cutting, but you shouldn’t forget color either. Lighter strands with darker roots, especially if they are expertly chopped and defined with a product, look lighter. Adding a few waves with the right bend is also quick – away from the face. ‘

‘ ‘

‘ Angled Brown Lob with Caramel Highlights’

‘ Haircuts for thick wavy hair require balance to avoid becoming too bulky or poofing into the infamous pyramid shape. The answer to this problem is strategic layers. Longer on the front and shorter on the back, without sacrificing elegance, this cut tames big hair. Choose a balayage for even more sizes.

Choppy Hair Tousled

You don’t need a complicated haircut with thick hair. A few well-placed layers and a striking shape are needed. A choppy lob with an angle is going to do fine. If you want to stop this unflattering triangular shape, combine the layering with a fade filter.

Medium Choppy Ash Brown Balayage Hair

A medium length is ideal if you want to maximize the length of your hair while minimizing the amount of hair you need to keep every day. If you’re fortunate enough to have something as simple as a soft shadow naturally wavy hair, it will add a chic aspect to your cut. The

Dimensional Curly Bob with Bangs

Wavy hair will rely on a bold mixture of lowlights and highlights to create a deep look. The more size the cut is, the more the waves will be identified. The texture really pops up against this blonde-and-brown balayage’s strong color differences – or whatever high contrast-color combination you want.

Blonde Waves with Dark Roots

While looking for the right thick wavy haircut, make sure you pay attention to the various coloring jobs as well. A suitable color can transform heavy long wavy hair completely. For a head-turning look, her beachy blonde lengths contrast the darker roots.

Medium Blonde Shag

Fully versatile haircuts for wavy hair. You have a classic shaggy hairdo with a little allle a little frizz and a few coats. Effortless waves create a polished coif while blonde brings out SoCal vibes from the channel. The more volume your hair has, the more different looks you will get. So take up your thick tresses!

Messy Shaggy Shoulder-Grazing Bob

A scanning imitating the awe-inspiring effects of sun-kissed locks is good if you’re in the mood of something beautiful and equipped to make an impression. Pair that with rough waves and a touch of frizz and you’ll be taken straight to the beach essentially.

Bouncy curls

Similar hair> teen-aged girls and adult ladies. Bouncy curls are uniformly attractive to almost all facial shapes except very large heads that should avoid excessive sides thickness. Eventually, you can forget flat ironing! Bouncy curls are extremely appealing and feminine. Sounds complicated a little bit? But all your efforts are definitely worth this lovely hairstyle. Jpg

Messy Pixie

We’re used to messy hair of medium length, but what if you want to embrace the trend and try a messy hair for your short locks? It will look great. This elegant hairstyle is suitable for active girls. The soft copper hue improves the color of the eyes blue or grey. Use some textured material to add color-retaining shampoo and let your hair dry.

Black to Purple Ombre Bob

Smart haircuts for thick wavy hair let you wear it loose and don’t look overwhelmed by volume. When it comes to creative dyeing jobs, talking about coloring wavy and curly hair is just as versatile as straight locks. This shoulder-length alignment with slightly longer front layers was a blank canvas asking for some pretty purple bits.

Brown Shag with Subtle Highlights

Wild bangs or hair accessories don’t need a dramatic shape. The way they are, their locks are perfect. Its V-shaped layers and subtle highlights, the long cut style is just stunning.

Wavy Bob with Cropped Bangs

How cool is her choppy bangs multicolored mane? In her wavy curly hair, the reddish blonde bits pump up the wind-swept sheets. You see all the different tones gleaming in the sunlight when she turns her head.

Choppy Inverted Brown and Blonde Bob

A short cut is a good option for someone looking for a daily> heat protection and hairspray to hold the curls.

Chestnut Brown Wavy Textured Bob

Warm up your hair with some chestnut and brown honey highlights. The toasty tones are a chic complement to the ease of a wavy cut.

Thick Defined Gray Waves

You can choose a more structured look for disheveled waves. Her silvery gray hell falls into the latter category with the curls defined by these gorgeous bouncy. The style has a retro vibe but keeps things fresh with the funky dye job.

Long Brunette U-Cut with Caramel Balayage

The extra weight is eliminated when the hair is cut with a rounded edge and the fresh new ends can be played with a scanner. Instantly mixing a soft caramel hue into a dark base brightens skin without bleaching too much.

Tousled Wavy Bob with Flyaways

If you like a lob with defined waves, make sure you use the right hot tool when curling wands, the tighter the curl the smaller the barrel. Leaving the ends out when wrapping your hair makes sure you get a somewhat shaggy look chic, slightly associated.

Long Choppy Burgundy Brown Cut

Because thick textured hair can make a lot of styling for you wavy hair cutting is often quite simple. Build textures for your stylist that complement the natural movement of your hair and use texture-enhancing shampoos and conditioners to bring out your natural wave.

Chocolate Brown Inverted Bob with Jagged Ends

Perfect curls from root to tip appear much too formal and finished so that the ends of the hair are left out while curling prevents styles from looking too prominent. To make sure your future waves are effortless and cool, ask your stylist for piecey jagged ends.

Brunette Textured Inverted Bob

As a fancy detail, a thick inverted cut can be quite short with a few significantly longer face frames. Blurred highlights catch the eye and make a lot more attractive the look of dark hair.

Well, depending on its size, there are a few worthy go-to choices for thick wavy hair. Note that messed up and carefree styles are on the rise so don’t be in a hurry to make your glamorous tresses flatter. Prev1 of 60Next Similar Haircuts for Thick Hair Most Beneficial Haircuts for Thick Hair of Any Length Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair Ideas of Ideal Short Haircuts Ways Of How To Make Your Hair Wavy Gorgeous Wavy Bob Hair Cuts and Styles Stay Connected Get ideas for hair style. Regardless of what your hair type is, we can help you find the right hairstyles The Right Hairstyles © Copyright 2019