Long-haired Weimaraner Care Pointers Long-haired Weimaraner is a wealthy-historic breed. Their owners require special care for these beautiful hunting dogs. They will make any owner proud of their lustrous shiny coats. Thanks to their soft temperature, Weimaraner dogs are very desirable to families. Thanks to their silvery gray coats, which feature a slight touch of amber, they go by the names Silver or Gray ghost. Weimaraners eyes are usually blue or brown. The behavior of these dogs should be given special consideration. They look to them as aristocratic as they are very tender and loving.

Long Haird Weimaraner Smart Care Tips

You have a lot to learn when you bought a long-haired Weimaraner puppy. If you never owned a dog before a Weim is not the best race from which to start. Some dogs require a lot of mental stimulation and exercise for special care. If you dont give the Weimaraners enough attention, they can get nervous, which can lead to different health problems. Such hunting dogs have a lot of energy and you need to give them the opportunity to sell it. Such pets, however, require special care that is not always an easy deal. Tips for Long Haired Chihuahua Puppies

Sell the cat

Weims are cardiovascular predators and do not tolerate small animals like hamsters cats or even small dogs. If you think twice before you buy a Weimaraner. You could have a serious problem with your hands.

Feet excess hair

Check the hair of your dog once a month. Pay close attention to the feet of the body. To stop knotting and tangling, it needs to be cut as short as possible. This will prevent the dog from carrying dirt on their feet.

Watch your dogs nails carefully

. The time has come to cut them off as soon as you hear them clattering on the floor. Make sure you use different tools for nail cutting to do the job. Large nails can be broken and separated. This may triggers your dogs painful moments.

Building space

Weimarans must be close to their owners. We prefer to come back inside, even though we love running around. Make sure you have plenty of room for your new pet. Consider buying a large dog bed in your house to accommodate it.


In the case of strangers, long-haired Weimarans can be very violent. You need to teach your pets that not all people are dangerous to avoid problems. Make sure that when its still a puppy, help the dog meet as many people as possible. These Super Cute Dog Haircuts – We Bet!

Say No

The training must be very consistent. Weims are just like children, and they need to learn what no is. If you decide to be soft with your long-haired Weimaraner puppy, in the future you may regret it.

Weim-proof your house

Weims are very smart and do all kinds of things like getting ice from the ice dispenser turning on the light starting from the microwave and flipping on the roofs. Make sure your house is as weim-proof as possible by keeping doors closed and bathroom access restricted.

How to Groom A Long Haired Weimaraner

Make sure to buy a wide-toothed comb once you buy a long-haired Weimaraner puppy. Its going to be your best friend and your dogs. To remove all the dirt and dead hair, you need to brush the dogs hair at least once a month. Weims are extremely active dogs so you need to be prepared for more frequent brushing if they like to roll in dirt. You need to brush the neck and tail in addition to combining the dogs body. Be very cautious not to touch the skin while brushing. Weimaraners have sensitive skin which combs can damage. The same applies to the areas around her nose and eyes. Daily baths are not required when it comes to bathing long-haired Weimaraners. Frequent washing could be detrimental to their health. Do not wash your dog in the absence of a bad smell or a very dirty appearance. To keep your pet dry, use special dog shampoo. Make sure that inserting cotton balls keeps the water out of the pets ears.

Talk to your children

Weims make great childrens companions, but they can be a problem when it comes to kids. We might even be chasing babies just as smaller animals would be. Talk to your kids to show them how to act around a dog.

Teet care

Make sure the teeth of your dog are well looked after. You need to buy special accessories for toothbrushing and clean the teeth of your pet twice a week. Regular teeth care can help you avoid different diseases and increase the lifespan of your dog. Interesting facts about Dachshund You never realized that

Learning to be patient

is not easy to train such animals. Weims can become real destroyers when theyre puppies chewing everything on their way. You need to immediately start learning and learn to be respectful with their active lifestyle.

Dont leave

Longhair Weimaraners may have anxiety about separation. Never leave the dog for long periods of time or emotionally it may suffer. Such dogs can even kill themselves if left alone for a long time. Weimaraners are prone to excess weight

If youre worried your pet will eat too much and get bigger, check the waist. You have to be able to see a waist as you look down on the dog. If you dont ask your doctor about your pets mandatory dietary changes.

Keep them inside

Because Weims is a big bundle of energy, they sometimes try ways to escape from the house and/or backyard. Make sure the dog is unable to leave your yard. If she runs away, she may not find her way home.

Ready for long walks

If you want your long-hair Weimaraner to stay healthy, you must encourage it to use its power. There are plenty of these hunting dogs! So you have to be confident for long walks every day. You dont buy a Weimaraner if you dont have time for such walks.


Long-haired Weimarans are wonderful companions. They may be the worlds only creatures that can help you get your butt off a couch and do some cardio. Theyre lovely and sweet. Amuse yourself with them!

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