long brown hair

Sun-kissed locks. How can you make your brown hair look like youve been on the beach for a week? Use a two-tone dye lighter than your brown locks and dip into it your ends. You will get an amazing sun-kissed look as soon as the color settles in. Ash blonde Bring out your brown locks with the blonde. This trick is particularly drastic in dark brown hair. Youre going to have to bleach some of your hair, but its really worth it. Ashy colors stay longer intact and complement brown shades. Silver fun You can turn your brown locks into a gray shadow if you love the new silver hair trend. You can make your hair look very good if you have rich brown color as a base with grayish hues on the ends. Meanwhile, if you get tired of the style, you can always cut off the ends. Reverse A reverse shadow is always fantastic.

Ways to wear it in style

ways to make long brown tresses look great. If your natural hair isnt brown, these options may help you decide on dyeing. Brown is the hair color that is the most versatile. Make the most of it!

Elegant Single Wave Hairstyle

It can be a serious challenge to give straight hair more structure and motion without curling and spraying it to death. This classy yet modern look allows women to have their cake and eat it too, without sacrificing straightened shine by adding volume. A single swirling wave of beautiful brown hair catches the light and gives hair bounce while the accompanying smooth look gives healthy hair a sparkling spotlight. Well Defined Curls For A Romantic Ending

Looking for a romantic fairytale? You may not be able to deliver this hair to Prince Charming but it will make you look like a princess! This iconically curled look will certainly make everyone look stunning at the ball straight at you. Whether its a prestigious event for a special occasion or just a fabulous-looking night, these are the curls that can make your dream shows come true!

Daring Layers of Dark Brown Hair

Brunettes will love this bold and contrasting cut with a crazy confidence. The striking length differences help accentuate hair with multiple tones while being relatively straightforward to style. If you have the need to dress up this edgy hairdo, the longer layers can even be pulled back while the shorter ones are left to frame the eyes. The outgoing look is one full of creativity and anticipation.

Edgy Cute Hairstyle For Girls

If youre looking to make an impact or shake up the worldly, this might be just what youve been looking for. When incorporating bold or heavily saturated color choices, the adventurous choppy angles are made even more thrilling. Perfect to start new chapters in their lives for girls and women who need a look to celebrate with. Your trust will carry this look and prove it to your amazing new selfies!

Lovely Long Curls For Business Or Casual

Many modern women find themselves in numerous roles: professional partner parent. It makes sense for her to need a hairstyle that can be as versatile as it is. This hairstyle will help you look good, no matter what youre trying to do, if youre a woman on many missions. With this cut, the type and color of the curl can also differ from day to day and can be easily styled at a notice of moments.

Cute Hairstyle For Girls On The Go

is a style that can become beautiful and sweet with minimal effort.

Curled-In – The-Middle Look For Brown Hair

Unanticipated curls in the middle of long and otherwise straight hair are a trend that redefines modern style. This produces some look at truly diverse beauty by being at the same time an audacious romantic plain unexpected competent and elegant. You may want to try this one for those with brown or dark hair looking to embrace a fearless and ever-changing style.

Dark Brown Hairstyle With Barely There Waves

Does your dark brown hair just have enough curl to be nervous? Is it difficult to get it to commit fully to a curly or straight look? Use this type of medium length to help you accentuate your natural beauty instead of operating against it. Through choosing a brand over irons or curlers, let your kinky hair go a little wild.

Long Feathery Vintage Hair Idea

This hair selection recalls the feathered curls ofs and s. This style curls away from your face your long brown hair, adding visibility and movement to the long hair at the same time. Perfect for trendy streetwear and stylish club, this option brings in a fresh new way sexy back.

Loose Sleek Half-Braid For Straight Hair

Looking for a

Long Easy Hairstyle Layered To A Point

While the layers may be long, they are certainly dramatic in this long dark brown hair look. The layer angle would allow you to maintain the length on which you worked so hard while making a pointed statement and adding body. In your chic ponytails you will see a revival of style along with a severe positive effect on your loose and lazy looks. If your long hair needs a shake-up, this style is definitely worth a shot without losing much length or extensive coloring. Feathery and Silky Dark Brown Waves

These inspired dark hair spirals are perfect to embrace your wild inner child without sacrificing your chic composure. The presence of loosely defined curl cascades gives a sense of gravity without being static or repetitive. Its an incredibly easy alternative to the pulled-back look of everyday life that will have friends and colleagues doing a double take.

Remain natural

Sometimes it is better to ignore all suggestions and internal voices and simply remain normal. In their natural hair color, most girls look so amazing that they never like what they end up with after tinting. Stick with it if you like your natural hue. Go instead for a change of hairstyle.

Best Bun For Busy Brunettes

Positive skin. But lets be honest about being the boss for a couple of days and doing stuff. This topknot bun will ensure that your stunning hair is out of your way and safe from damage as you go about your daily lifes busy tasks. Without the right accessories and suit, it can even be dressed up when stylization seems too much effort.

Swept Away By A Dark Brown Bob

This dark bob style will captivate passers-by with your glamorous whirlwind. The style movement along with the cuts short length makes this an easy and memorable choice this autumn for an edgier style.

Chic But Low Maintenance Hairstyle For Women

This look can be appreciated by working women and students at home. The cuts simplicity makes styling a breeze while leaving enough length for those moments you need to pull it back and get things done. This look fuses comfort and elegance into a style that you can wear anywhere, perfect for a lot of different hair colors.

Edgy Mid-Curled Modern Hairstyle For Brunettes

dating a single mid-length ringlet into your beautiful long brown hair may at first seem like a crazy idea of style. This awesome and easy idea, however, has made a surprisingly trendy and beautiful hairstyle! The brilliant blend of straight and curly combined with the curls surprising modern placement produces a fresh look of one kind. This style is one of both daring and minimalist beauty and bravery.

Pretty Dark Brown Hairstyle For Women

A dark hair does not mean a dark look. For those who are fun-loving and active, this bright sunny look is the best choice. Give your style a youthful injection by adding bouncing curls to move around your smiling face. The cut is perfect for all brown tones, but its not best for dark hair and highlights or more natural colours.

Sharp Angles and Soft Curls

This cut is all rolling beauty and strength. Soft feminine curls make this courageous and dramatic cut versatile and accessible. A shortcut with large curls will turn heads as well as make waves as you look after business and enjoy your life. The fun face-framing angles youve been looking to add could be the excitement.

Extensive Angle In Long Brunette Bob

Long bobs are a youthfully elegant style option for anyone looking for an easy-going sexy, classy haircut. This is a curled style suitable for all occasions and requires no extreme effort to pull together. So its definitely worth giving a chance whether youre heading out to impress the woman in the mirror or want to impress. You also have the option to take off longer or sharpen the angles later, leaving the bob long.

Elegant Hollywood Glamor Curls For Long Dark Hair

This curl look is ready for paparazzi. The well-defined yet smooth curl look gives the elegance and refinement impression. Showing off your brown hair in such an elegant manner will make people think youve stepped out of a classic Hollywood. All youre going to need is Ians outfit and youre going to be ready for red carpet.

Soft Features

The color of soft brown hair is great for fine locks. If you cant master thick tresses, especially if your hair is wavy, dont try to get rich colors. Soft brown blend is perfect for any hairstyle with a hint of blonde.

Wavy and Striking

You can choose the hairstyle depending on your wishes if you are going for reddish brown shades. This means that you dont have to stick to something traditional and neat. The only thing is messy wavy tresses. Short Curly Wavy Hairstyles Now that you know what youre expecting to do with long brown hair? Do not waste another minute on searches that are long and fruitless. Choose and go for one of the above options!

Trendy Carefree Modern Hairstyle

Typically, chaos and unpredictability are not assets in the hairstyle world. Not every woman, however, fears the unpredictable. You may want to go out on a limb for this style if youre a woman who can go with the flow and isnt intimidated by a more flexible style. The serious twisted look sporadically curled can all be intense and adorable at the same time. While this is a style that can be played in many ways, it is best left to be a bit more extreme to those who are ever-style sensitivities.

Not-Quite-Straight Easy Style

Drop your hair and let it go. We choose our style for a few days less on how it will impress others and more on how it feels to us. This is the perfect look for those days when you want the wind to blow through your hair, but after it dies down, you still want to look cute. Whether youre pulling it up or leaving it down and this relaxed hair will free you all day.

Smooth Dark Wave Look

Dark hair hits all alone. D Major length and even more impressive. Throw gently rolling waves into that equation and youve got an unforgettable style recipe. Let your long dark hair be the shows star by dropping it and giving it a few gentle waves. Fiery Highlights


Show Off Your Shine With Cute Easy Hairstyle

Does your hair glow smoothly? Is it creating a confident beauty glowing aura? Dont hide it with the wrong style or dull it down. For those with a tremendous shine, a shoulder-length haircut is a perfect length to spotlight it without weighing or cutting it too much. Adding subtle highlights or a well-mixed color transition cant help accentuate your shimmer as well, but make sure the color is balanced and wont damage the luster youre working hard to display.

Light Soft Touchable Hair With Tapered Ends

This style is a fun and attractive choice for soft fine hair. The layers let the soft hair float and shift while adding a bit of texture to the slightly curled ends. Tapering the end season with a bit of curl either inward or outward can dramatically change this looks overall style.

Blonde and Shining

Another way to highlight your brown locks is to add a blonde. Brown and blonde, no matter how you put them together, are a perfect mix. Your choice is a shadow or highlights it.

Multi-tone Long Brunette Bob

Looking for a simple hairstyle that reveals the carefully selected colors in your dark brown hair? The perfect presentation for your unique color is a shiny straightened bob. Without unnecessary coloring or excessive size, the hair colors will be highlighted. This is a perfect hairstyle for those who like a feel of high maintenance without the greatest effort of maintenance.

Versatile Long Layers With Carefully Curled Ends

Sometimes an effective hairstyle may be a challenge. It can be difficult to think about ways to make them look feminine and elegant when you are used to pulling your medium-length layers back or up. Well-defined curls can take and dress up a casual haircut.

Luminous Highlighted Hairstyle For Brown Hair

The golden brown color variation of this style choice would result in double-taking by men. One of the most effective ways to shake up plain dark brown hair is the bold combination and smooth mixing of gold blonde and brown tones. Splash of shimmering highlights will enhance any haircut for brown hair. These combinations of colors also work on a number of styles and textures of hair length. Wild Curls


Simple Modern Haircut For Busy Ladies

Not everybody has straight or curly hair. In the end, several women are trapped. If youre looking for a cute, easy hairstyle that doesnt require you to pick a team that youve met! With the boldness of the cut, the simplicity of the design will make women and girls sport and enjoy the look in between.

Lazy Soft Long Brown Curls

One that needs a few tricks is the art of looking sloppy without looking like a mess. Large curls are one of those tricks. Particularly large curls with long hair lend themselves to the appearance of effortless beauty. Hold your long brown hair selfie with this look at all times. Grungy Gothic Hairstyle For Shoulder Length Cuts

is an individualistic and confident look. Its a hair concept that transmits edge and attitude while being easy to maintain and wear. From dark to lighter brown hair, the subtle fate in color will add nuance while holding the cutting-edge emphasis cut. A slight curl or wave can also add volume to give an even more pronounced and audacious presence in strategic locations.

Brown Chocolate

helps you to experience darker colors. Put some dark shades of chocolate into your light brown hair and top them off at the ends with some black dye. What a fantastic combination!

All-Tied-Up Traditional Hairstyle For The Busy Boss Lady

If you want to solve problems and turn heads while doing so, you might want to think about pulling back your curls. Only pulling back part of your hair keeps it out of the way while staying polite and classy. Need the big presentation to have your hair back down? Nothing to undo is extensive or elaborate. Untie retirement as needed and untie it as needed. Youre a hard-working woman. Make sure you choose a style that is not going to tie you down.

Layered Haircut For Brown Hair With Length

Use these long layers to convey to the world your careless nature. Loose texture and messier ends will make a bohemian masterpiece of your rigid uniform style. The cutting length will give you styling options while giving you the option not to style your hair at all. With this fun casual alternative, let your wild child out and let her be lazy.

Vibrant Youthful Cute Easy Hairstyle

Those with thin fine hair may feel out of the question with long hairstyles. This style proves that amazing and exciting fine hair can be! By adding a little volume with very low key curls and some dimension and direction with strategic coloring, even if your hair isnt thick, you can have the length you long for. Just be creative with it, dont sacrifice your style!

Spinning Brunette Into Gold

A dark brown hair fade into a golden color may just be the change youve been looking for this season. A fade into warmer color can create depth on the face and add warmth to your overall appearance. The element of a color transition can be striking and impressive even when hair is pulled up or back. When making a smooth transitional look for the color fade, curls can also be helpful.

Highlighted Color Fade With Whispers Of Color

Dark hair can be hard to color without feeling like it is either barely noticeable or totally overhead. Especially with longer hair. You may want to consider faded or muted accents instead of choosing a saturated and bold color pallet. Such fading color choices will be a more demure alternative to a drastic change as well as a touch of hot hue that will tie your new look back into your natural color. For women with inspired coffee color

Coffee fiend? The caffeine jolt in the morning is not the only coffee inspiration to deliver. Let the hue of everything from deep dark espresso to lait cafe get you to the perfect shade. Play with shading and focus to find a look as good as your morning cup. Wake up the world by showing it with length and curls when your color has been perfected!

For Beautiful Smooth Hair Ultimate Style

Let it shine, let it shine! This long rounded cut is the perfect choice for those who cant wait to show off with thick straight hair. This beautiful brown hair hair style can take a lot of effort when it comes to shampooing and proper washing, but its an absolute breeze when it comes to styling and maintaining this soothing smooth look. (This particular city makes a beautiful ponytail dead as well!

All Business Straight Edge Haircut For Brown Hair

The straight edge of this cut suggests youre not here to play games. The angle and style are beautiful and severe at the same time. It transmits confidence and composure while being polished and heavy. Youre not here to take charge of softening the edges youre here. This is the so-called haircut. Youre going to take the world by storm with this cut and youre a favorite power outfit.

Hairstyle For Brown Hair With A Purple Haze

Purple may not seem like an obvious complement to dark brown hair but this style demonstrates that both are more than comparable. Its a flexible and surprisingly elegant choice if youre hoping to add edge without seeming to have dropped off one purple accents. Long haircut and styles make the color combo look really good.

Cute Style For Girls With Dark Brown Hair

In short hair, a tailor-made bob provides very specific shape and direction. Many assume that this means the need for perfectly curled or straight hair to pull off. It can actually be fun to have a little volatile curl. Leaving a few longer chunks in the front will give you more styling options and further demonstrate your hairs natural texture.

Show Stop Long Curls

These long, sleek curls are ready for the magazine! Although they are not exactly well-defined waves, this look is far from being messy. Rounded wavy curls will help you show off your long luminous hairs overwhelming brilliance. While the color choices are really a matter of taste for this long cut, the darker the hair will be the more noticeable and the shimmering shine of your waves will be prominent.

Straight and Rich

If you have a rich brown hair color, keep your hair straight and smooth. To keep the hair flowing, using hair gel or frizz battle cosmetics. Thats the only way to really discover the long brown hair wonder.

Long Easy Dark Brown Locks

The long brown curl look is a classic one. Whether worn messy and somewhat allied or sprayed tightly to perfection, this style will be suitable for any occasion your hectic life can throw at you. Suffering from near-forgotten incidents and changes in the last minute plan? This is a hairstyle with the simple change of an outfit that can go from casual to formal.

Multi-layered Dark Brown Hair With Cool Tones

This look helps you cool down with the weather while spicing things in the mirror. To be sure, the surprise of soft cool hues will attract some gazes, but the angle of the layers will hold them to you. Using a pastel cold pallet to switch things up makes a unique statement without necessarily being loud. Use that hot look to embrace the cold.

Subtly Wavy Dark Brown Hairstyle

Look no further to add to the size of your long hair! For those with excessively straight hair whose tight curls fade these loosened spirals may just be the balance youve been looking for in bounce your locks. The slight curl will add movement while avoiding the need for product pounds or a mid-day touch-up curl.

Permed Ombre

You can have as much fun as you can when you play around with brown locks. A wonderful combination for a shadow is dark brown on top and light blonde on the bottom. On permitted hair, it looks even better.

Long Brown Locks Fade Into Beautiful Blushing Blonde

The warm dark brown and rose gold blonde looks like a beautiful combination of colors that everyone will fall for you this fall. Pinkish tones produce an enticing and romantic look in highlights of color that can be further enhanced by large soft curls. This soft color range is ideal for long hair.


Long brown-haired girls often think of red. No major changes need to be made. Find auburn highlights or partial highlights to get your way to your favorite color of red hair. Light and dark red hair colors

Long stretched dark waves

This wavy look is a fun option to add some size to long mono-tone hair. Long loose curls offer heavy hair bounce while eliminating the need to spend hours with a curling iron and a full product counter. Let the weight of your long flowing hair loosen those spirals to look attractively modest and easily maintained.

Classicly Pretty Hairstyle With Curled Ends

This look is all about being beautiful and trouble-free with slight layers and a slight curl. Face-framing curled ends will guide gazers into your dazzling smile while captivating them with subtle layers of shoulder-length. With this style, your beautiful brown hair will be picture-ready in no time. Give yourself a boost of confidence with this sweet cut and a little more time to sleep in.

Warmly Toned Waves Of Dark Brown Hair

may be just what you need to warmly embrace the colder seasons. Make your holiday pictures memorable by slicing your look as bold or subtle as you like with streaks of color. These shades and colors also help to bring out the lustrous tones of your beautiful dark color by adding a bit of a glow. Consider letting your hair look this season with the colors of autumn help.

Simple Curled Look For Long Hair

This is a simple go-to quest for days when your long hair looks crappy. A bit of curl will bring out color highlights without being a huge time burden and draw attention to layers. This option can also make a noticeable difference from your daily look without being above the top. There are a few days when you just want to switch things up a little without changing them completely. Thats just what this simple style does.