long bob with bangs

h2>Blunt Bangs for Straight Sleek Lob

If you have a black sleek lob and want to keep things natural yet stylish then go for blunt bangs. These bangs end in your eyes and make you look severe and intense. If you want to, you can also have them cut longer.

Ponytail Long Box Braid

Our next concept features trendy braided containers. The braids are long-sleek and put in a semi-down-style high-up. For a classy and stylish look, keep the braids simple like this. If youre looking to add some trendy and unique hair accessories.

What is the difference between Lob and Bob?

Praise and bob are both impressive hairstyles and popular. A lob is also sometimes referred to as a long bob, as its the same as a larger-length bob. A bob normally skims the jawlines surface when the shoulders are hit by a lob. Women who love short hair but dont want to risk cutting their hair too short may go to a lob as it falls into the medium-length hair category. While a lob is longer, Bob is more oriented around the head and is ideal for all face cuts and shapes.

Box Braid Pleated Crown

Why not braid your braid? This show-stop style pulls skinny braided box hair across one side of the head into a French plieth-style crown before allowing the length to hang in a natural and understated style.

A Pop Of Red Long Box Braids

Another stylish combination of colors is red and grey. This is a beautiful example. Heres long and gray braids with black and red shadows. Such a hairstyle is bold and exclusive. Its perfect to try something completely different for the ladies. This is a trendy look.

Asymmetric Long Bob with Side Bangs

This look is smooth and yes there are side bangs. The photo is asymmetrical, but it is a sleek, clean cut that turns heads. Some girls look fascinating with this design with triangle and oval face shape.

Multicolored Long Box Braids

Why add one color to the braid design of your box if you can add all of them? To create this unusual but eye-catching style, ask your stylist to create this modern rainbow effect using at least three different colored extensions and combine the colored hair in different patterns and braid thicknesses.

Long Goddess Box Braids

Braids look amazingly chic when the ends are curly. Dont just take our word for this hairstyle to check out. As you can see, at the ends of the braids there are long curly hair. The curls give a glamorous look to the braids. For a special occasion, hair like this would be perfect. Wear or let them loose in a ponytail.

Braided Box Braids

Another cool way to fashion your braids is to put your hair in two braids like this! The braids look so trendy and cute as you can see. A hairstyle like this is perfect for looking stylish but also casual and relaxed. Anyone and any braid color would match this hairstyle.

Long Bob with Flowy Side Bangs

This sleek and modern look is particularly attractive due to the trendy gray highlights on brown or black hairs natural base. Such flowing side bangs will certainly draw all the publicity you want.

Long Box Braids With Hair Cuffs

Then weve got another trendy piece. There are beautiful silver hair cuffs in these long braids. The cuffs are an easy way for braids to jazz up. You can use the cuffs with any hair color and braid length to recreate a hairstyle like this. The cuffs are available in various colors and shapes online.

d Beautiful Beads

If you want to add additional details to your braids without adding color, why not add beads? Built from wooden beads and shells, this beautifully natural look creates an outdoor and organic style.

Choppy Bangs for Thick Wavy Lob

If you have thick hair in a wavy, well layered lob, choppy bangs are ideal for you. While making your hair look less thick and more natural, they draw attention to your eyes.

Long Box Braids In A Ponytail

Your long box braids are beautifully styled in a ponytail. Here we have a beautiful side braided ponytail with elegant hair cuffs. This is a trendy and beautiful style that can be dressed up or down. A ponytail is also ideal for the warm seasons and holidays.

Flower Crown

Who says braids have to be boring? This is a fast and easy hairstyle, suitable for a special occasion with maximum impact. All you need to do is pull your braids to the side of your head and tie in a low loose ponytail before adding a flowers headband or crown.

Choppy Cut

This beautiful and attractive choppy cut is cool because there are many exquisite layers in the lob. The choppy bangs swept to one side adding to it more character and charm.

beautiful long bob hairstyles that we definitely think you should consider for your next hair appointment. We love them and we cant wait to see whats happening to you too! Happy to chop! Box braids can be added to your hair from thick rope braids to thin skinny plaits in a wide variety of different sizes. You can also choose to add box braids to your hair in a variety of different colors, making box braids a perfect way to change your look drastically without compromising the quality of your natural hair.

Most Popular Long Box Braided Hairstyle Ideas

Box braids are not only on-trend but also practical: this is a great hairstyle to pull your hair out of your face requiring minimal brushing and relatively easy styling and maintenance. Long box braids are an ideal choice for the summer months as they provide an easy way to handle the humidity that in African American hair can so often cause frizz. Exploring the best long box braid styles. Youre sure to find the perfect style for you with so much variety:

Tousled Lob with Messy Bangs

Who doesnt love messy carved long bob running down their facial sides? A stunning lob has swept untamed messy bangs to one side that makes you look carefree and fun-loving young. Use edgy classy hair color to embrace it and see how your sense of style is appreciated by everyone.

Classic Long Hair Bob with Side Bangs Look

The features of a good long bob with side bangs are one where the bob falls just below the necks nape with a visible side-sweeping bang. Celebrities love this style because we often see them wearing it on the red carpet or on the town for a night out. These are easy to maintain and can easily add extensions to a particular self-expression. Women look really cute with this hairstyle if it fits with the face!

Long Blue Box Braids

Another blue shadow look is our next idea. This one has darker tones instead of the warm shades we mentioned earlier. The braids that are used here are white, then blend in royal blue. This blue look is amazing and perfect for women who want to stand out from the crowd.

Natural-Looking Side Swept Bangs

Would you like to look cool and trendy but also keep things natural? This stunning lob with natural side-swept bangs is a fun look to achieve. Its great for those who favor natural looks in the crowd to have that class apart.

Half Up Half Down Box Braids

Another half-up hairstyle is available next. Using thick long box braids, this one looks super trendy. You can use a different color to replicate this look or try braids. Red would look fantastic, and it would also look shadowy. Its an easy hairstyle to wear that suits everybody.

Accessory Chunky Box Braids

Looking for bold braids that will stand out? And for you is this hairstyle. These are braids for jumbo boxes. Jumbo braids make a statement and are very chunky. This is a trendy way to wear them with parts and accessories for the triangle. Recreate this look or try a different color of chunky braids.

Sleek Box Braid Up Do

While long box braids have a cool urban feeling which doesnt mean they cant look slick and sophisticated either. Pull your front braids around your head to create a side swept Hollywood-style fringe and then pile the rest of your hair up on your head to create a bun-style do to achieve this super-stylish look.

Long Blonde Box Braids

Another blonde look will follow. These braids are slightly lighter than the braids weve featured before, creating a summery hairstyle. The hair used is not only one blonde color, but a few that produces a series of braids that looks natural. Blonde braids like this will give you a bright look and a trendy hairstyle.

Soft Romantic Bangs

Whats more feminine than soft blond locks? With your hair darkened around the tips while sporting a long bob having side bangs, you can get an even more natural and romantic feel. Beaded Box Braid Bangs

? This is a good way of keeping your bangs in place. Why not add beads to your bangs to create an unusual style that resembles a modern Cleopatra for extra impact!

Long side lobby

This long bob comes in a beautiful blond shade with a side part. The front bangs are more of a fringe as they go below the eyes and are delicately swept to one side.

Beautiful Braid Bun

Inject weight into your braided hair by piling it to the top of your head and inserting plissed twists. In comparison, this will make your long box braids look even more complete, making your face look smaller and slimmer. If you have a heart-shaped or full face, this is a great style.

Red and Fabulous

! Theres also the option for highlights to make this cut so much more fabulous!

The Clever Long Bob with a Side-Bang Pin

might be your favorite hairstyle, theres still space for rotating hairstyles.

Long Box Braids with Bangs

Bangs are great to add to your hairstyle structure and meaning and to frame your head. If you have a long or oval nose, or want to shorten an exaggerated forehead, they are the ideal choice. Just because you wear your hair in braids doesnt mean that as this beautiful style shows you cant wear bangs as well.

Braids Small And Long Box

Looking for an easy hairstyle to wear? Then check the braids out. The braids featured here are neat and sleek in the long back. Its a simple trendy look, but it does make an impact. From work to a special event, hair like this can be worn for any occasion.

Lime Green Box Braids

Would you like to underestimate the discovery of fun box braids? These lime green box braids look blonde at first glance and they blend beautifully with natural hair that has been bleached out. This is a subtly unusual look that is going to keep people looking again and again.

Chunky Long Box Braids

While skinny box braids tend to be more common, why not try chunky long box braids to add an interesting texture to your style? To build this look, ask your hairdresser for rope-thick box braids and blend your extensions into your natural hair.

Pink Box Braids

Why dont you add pink box braids to your look to accept the fashion-forward pink hair trend this season? Candyfloss pink is one of the hottest hair colors of this season and it looks fantastic in all styles and thicknesses of box braids.

d Metallic Bead Detailing

d adding metallic bead detailing across the front of your style to your long box braids. It looks eye-catching as well as chic, and in just a few seconds the beads can be added. If you want a classic style that will coordinate with each outfit, opt for metallic beads.

Blue Ombre Box Braids

Another hairstyle must-have is a shadow. The braids of the shadows look incredible. Theyre not only stylish, theyre also a great way to try a new color. This is a beautiful example. The braids begin dark and gradually blend into shades of bright blue. This is a trendy hairstyle, perfect for someone who wants to make a statement.

Blonde Caramel Box Braids

First weve got beautiful blonde braids. Not the normal light blonde, these braids are a soft, trendy caramel blonde. This warmer tone with braids looks beautiful and will suit any length and style of braid. A shade like this is great for women who dont want to be too vivid to try blonde.

Trendy Blonde Braids

Then this theory needs to be checked out. Weve got light blonde braids for the package. We love this hairstyle because a trendsetting look produces the boxes that really stand out. In any blonde shade, you can recreate braids like this from warm blond to cool ones.

Multi Tone Blonde Braids

You can pick a few different shades instead of just one when selecting blonde braids. Multi tones give you a hairstyle that looks more organic. This is a fantastic example. These super-long braids have a cool and warm blond mixture. We love this idea because its summery stylish and is going to be perfect for warmer seasons.

Black to Blonde Ombre

If your natural hair is long then you can not add box braids in a contrasting color as shown by this beautiful black to blonde shadow style. To achieve this look, ask your hairstylist to work with the length of your natural hair and match it in your braids.

Long Blonde Box Braids

Why not twist your box braids to the top of your hair in a loose and messy top knot for a style thats quickly easy and without nonsense. This hairstyle is ideal in warmer weather to keep your hair off your necks nape and it oozes laid-back elegance. Medium Long Box Braided Hairstyles

Super Long Box Braids

Want a wow hairstyle? Then you have to look at the braids! There are super long, neat and sleek braids featured here. We love this hairstyle because they look amazing because of the length of the braids. As the hair is stylish as it is, you dont have to add any accessories, but some hair cuffs would look beautiful too.

Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs are great if you have fun and easy loose curls in your lob. We make you look trendy and youthful though asymmetrically covering most of your forehead.

Box Braids In Half Up Do

effect while the full length of your hair is still displayed.

Box Braids with Extra Long Length

Because you wouldnt have to take the time to grow your natural hair to the length you want when you add box braids, its easy to choose an extra long style. Its a glamorous look that provides immense fashion potential with minimal maintenance.


d a fashion-forward geometric style to your long box braids by pulling half your hair into a twisted bun worn low across your forehead. This is a style that is surprisingly flattering, ideal for balancing a high front or shortening a longer face.

Chic Super Long Box Braids

We have a very trendy next idea. For this look, the box braids are simple, stylish and long. Such braids are timeless and never going out of style. From professional settings like work to special events such as parties, the braids will suit any occasion. We love this style of hair!

Bright Blue Long Box Braids

Why not experiment with bright and bold color while applying braid extensions to your hair? This is a great way to explore unique colors that catch your eyes without bleaching and cause extreme damage to your natural hair. This blue theme will look great on the beach for a summer!

Messy Long Hair Bob with Side Bangs

While some of the finest female bob styles are proportionate and cleanly trimmed some of the most beautiful long-haired bobs with side bangs are messy or rich with cascading waves that help to lighten the look. Messy does not mean unkempt, but rather a gloriously carefree hairstyle.

Super Long Box Braids In Brown Shade

Natural colors such as black and blonde are always popular hair choices, but have you been thinking about trying brown? In a warm brown hue, we have super stylish box braids. A color like that will change your appearance, but its not as bright and bold as blonde. Such braids are trendy and will suit everybody.

Long Box Braid Ponytail

This box braid ponytail is the last look we need to share with you. The braids were designed high on the head with a stylish white hair tie. This is a very fashionable hairstyle, and in any color and pattern you can replicate a similar look or use a scarf.

Hopefully youve found a long hairstyle braid box to try!