Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you naturally have dark brown hair, you just need a fantastic set of platinum highlights to bring it to life. Not only will the magnificent contrast form your beautiful locks, it will also add some color to your wealthy roots.

Blonde Highlights Below

You can go for highlights below to add a twist to your brown and blonde makeup.

All you have to do is keep your brown foundation and lighten down with your favourite blonde color the second portion of your hair.

Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Light brown hair and blonde streaks go hand in hand. The fact that the tones are comparable makes this a soft and beautiful blend that will not be flashy.

It’s actually going to offer you a sun-kissed look you’re going to love.

Half Brown Half Blonde

We all know that the beauty industry has revolutionized ombre hair, but what do you do if you don’t want an abrupt change?

You can merge your blonde shadow with sensitive highlights that emerge from and into the gradient from your brown roots.

Blonde and Red Highlights

What makes blonde highlights even more enjoyable is that they function well with stripes in other colors as well.

For example, one of the most enchanting ways to add some warmth to your general look is brown hair with red and blonde highlights.

Short brown hair with blonde highlights

Short hair doesn’t mean a fabulous set of highlights can’t be sporting.

Especially when you add blonde streaks to a brown foundation, Bob haircuts look ravishing. In addition, they detail incredibly the curvy haircut.

Brown and Blonde Balayage

Another way to totally own a brown-blonde gradient is to use the balayage coloring method with some assistance.

This ultra-trendy technique can assist you move from a brown foundation to eye-catching blonde locks without attracting too much attention to the coloring.

Highlights and Bangs

Always consider adding some cute bangs to your brown and blonde highlights look if you want an adorable result.

At the same time, go for some side swept bangs with wavy hair to contour your highlights and your natural characteristics.

Platinum Blonde Highlights with Brown Hair

However, contrast is a major point for a few women. If you want your blonde highlights to be accentuated, go for blonde ash or platinum.

The combination will shine with a black and white effect you’re going to love with every day that passes.

Medium Brown Hair with

Highlights Is your natural color not too dark, but not too light? Well, you should understand that with some blonde streaks scattered in between, the medium brown looks awesome.

Choose some honey or caramel highlights to keep earth tones all around.

Face highlights

Did you understand that highlights around your face can affect your characteristics by having a major impact? As they are also known as Contourage highlights, frame the face of a girl in a dazzling manner.

You will bring out your natural beauty and improve your characteristics by sporting them.

Bronde Hair

You need to catch up with your beauty trends if you haven’t heard of bronde yet. Bronde is, to put it simply, a perfect combination of brown and blonde.

It has become a favorite of Hollywood, with celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba rocking it and making it look even more glamorous.

Blonde chocolate brown hair highlights

In fact, a breathtaking combination includes brown hair and honey highlights of milk chocolate.

With seemingly effortless outcomes, these two natural tones mix remarkably. It’s a versatile hairstyle for females of different kinds.

Brown Hair with Chunky Blonde Highlights

In most cases, thin highlights are randomly spread through the hair of a woman.

Nevertheless, some women opt for chunky blonde streaks that are more contrasting. If you prefer a bolder attitude to your hairstyle, this is a great idea.

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Transform your brown hair with our suggestions for lowlights and highlights!

Reverse–Blonde Hair with Brown Highlights

You can always test the other way around–brown blonde hair highlights. While for women with naturally blonde hair this concept is great, it is also a great option for those who want a full makeover.

Long Brown Hair with Blonde

The ability to have lengthy hairstyles implies you can display your new highlights gloriously.

Additionally, lengthy locks enable the allocation to play more around. For example, frontal highlights and some lowlights can be obtained.

Blonde Highlights and Dark Brown Undertones

On the other side, it is also possible to consider keeping dark undertones. If you have an asymmetrical haircut, like an A-line bob, this is a terrific concept. It enables in a extremely flattering manner to contour the accurate cut.

Reddish Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Subtle highlights definitely make the trick to improve dark ginger hair. If you have red tones in your natural hair color, you are best off with some highlights of strawberry blonde that mix well with the remainder.

Dark Blonde Highlights

If your hair is naturally dark brown, there are some separate highlights you might want to see.

You can attempt dark blonde streaks, for instance.

This does not mean, however, that if they represent you, you can not experiment with platinum or silver highlights.

Blended Blonde Highlights

Well blended highlights will create you appear to have a strong, shiny hair color.

If you want to add some shimmer to your light brown locks, you should select this option. In natural sunlight, they will shine nicely.

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

The red and blonde highlights are often seen as a couple. One of the factors is that they provide a rich burgundy shine when applied to dark brown hair.

Ladies with rebellious characters can readily sport this alluring combination.

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

If you want to keep your brown foundation but want to keep it alive and light, go to highlights and < /em > lowlights. Select highlights in a brighter color and lowlights in caramel or dark honey to add dynamism and shape.

Rose Gold Highlights

Both rose gold and strawberry blonde are trendy colors for highlights, swings or shadows.

To get a bright shade of dirty blonde with a splash of pink over your naturally brown roots, you can combine these styling methods.


In contrast, subtlety is a main element for other females. Gigi Hadid, a supermodel and a significant muse of beauty, prefers using blonde highlights for a touch of brightness to light brown hair.

If you want a natural appearance, this is the perfect method.

Subtle Blonde Shine

This is another instance of the potential effect of subtle highlights on your hair. All you have to do is mix some honey-colored highlights to add some glam to a brown chocolate foundation.

Brown Hair with Caramel and Blonde Highlights

This beautiful blend makes you think of an Irish coffee steaming cup.

For typically reserved females, it’s not a hairstyle, but for boho gals it’s a dream come true.

The key is to blend the highlights of caramel and silver blonde uniformly.

Ash Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Different shades of brown ash and blonde ash are all raging these days. However, with some platinum highlights gently wrapped around your ash brown locks, you can stand out from the crowd.

Caramel Blonde Lowlights

Not every lady wants highlights for her brown hair, but some strand-shaped lowlights. Select a profound caramel color to outline wavy or curly hair with lowlights for a subtle method.

Copper Blonde Highlights

A blonde copper hair color is another option to flashy blonde highlights.

This hot shade, particularly if you have a reddish-brown base, enables a more natural shift from your natural hair color to your highlights.

Blonde and purple brown hair highlights

Bohemian souls can convey their youth with blonde and purple highlights. This blend is all – in-one feisty, fresh and funky, just ideal for a girl who has no fear of showing her real colors and attitude.

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Blonde and Orange Mix

You can contour your face shape by adding bright red-orange highlights to the front and impressively bring out your facial characteristics.

Honey Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

If you’ve been born with brown honey hair, you don’t even have to stress a lot about blonde lightening. Scatter some highlights that are just a shade or two lighter than your roots are what you can do to make the color pop.

Blonde Undertones

You can always have fun the other way around instead of choosing dark undertones and a lighter top. This balayage-inspired look, similar to lowlights, adds with volume and charming shape.

Short dark brown hair with blonde highlights

This is another instance of how platinum or silver highlights can be contrasted with dark brown hair.

It offers a black and white look that you won’t see very often, as we described earlier.

Between Balayage and Highlights

Mixing highlighting and balayage coloring methods is an amazing way to get a wealthy color with distinct colors. You can choose two colors, like honey blonde and ash blonde, that go well together.

Brown Hair with Blonde Tint

This ever so subtle blonde tint is another outstanding way to shine a little more from your natural hair color.

You’re not going to notice individual highlights per se, but you’re going to enjoy totally shimmering outcomes.

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Both lighter and darker silver tones are chic, so choose according to your tastes your required intensity.

Curly Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Of course curly hair looks amazing with highlights. The reason is that the contours of your corkscrew curls are fabulously highlighted.

For this picture-perfect outline, we suggest curly girls to opt for thin highlights.

Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

This coloring work is so well performed that you can hardly see highlights first applied. It’s another prime instance of how without going over the edge you can get a boost of shine.

Blonde and Burgundy Highlights

If you want to blend even more contrast from your blonde and blue highlights, go to Burgundy. This combination looks particularly radiant on dark brown hair, so if this is the case for you, maintain it in mind.

Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

One of the many advantages of ash blonde highlights, particularly on brown hair, is that they add to the natural look tone.

They come close to the foundation of your earth tone, all while giving the eye-catching impact for which highlights are intended.

Blue and Blonde Streaks

A genuinely amazing mix with electric blue highlights is dark silver blonde. Again, for bohemian or rebellious females, this is a flattering hair coloring option.

It may not work at the office, but if you’re a free spirit, it’s just for you.

Caramel Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

This is what blonde caramel brown hair looks like to move back to natural methods. The findings for all kinds of circumstances are attractive, classy and clearly suitable.

Autumn Colors Mix

Whether you’re in the center of autumn or just dying for colors inspired by fall in your hair, this is the answer.

This is a complex mix of highlights and lowlights of blonde, honey and caramel. The findings like cinnamon are wonderful.

Strawberry Blonde brown hair highlights

Strawberry blonde is a nice choice for your highlights. This extravagant selection, while adding warmth and a playful touch, enables you get an initial advantage on your highlights.

Blonde Rainbow

If your hair is as colourful as your character, go for it! Splash some memorable colors like red, violet or blue as well as blonde highlights. Feel free to go with any tones representing you.

Brown Hair with lots of Blonde Highlights

This abundance of beautiful highlights of platinum results in an exceptional half-and-half look. Ultimately, most won’t be able to say if brown or blonde is your natural color!

Brown Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

These chunky blonde highlights on light brown hair look nothing less than phenomenal. The auburn lowlights provide an exquisite twist, making the entire hair color job look delicious.

Blonde Side Braid Highlights

If you have a net collection of highlights, why not display them correctly?
The trick will be done by any type of braiding, enhancing your colors in the portions weaved.

This concept of styling is suggested particularly for females with lengthy hair.

Chocolate and Caramel Streaks

It’s all about mixing delicious, eye-candy tones to get a hot and seductive hairstyle for this concept.

The lovely coloring job on auburn brown hair demonstrates chunky caramel highlights in a manner that complements the natural foundation sublimely.

Sunny Pixie Cut

In addition to being one of the best-known actors in the film industry, Jennifer Lawrence is also an icon of fashion for women who love to maintain it natural.

She also demonstrates that brown hair with blonde highlights, even if you have a pixie cut, is completely doable.

Straight Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Women with natural straight hair should take into account a number of noticeable blonde highlights.

The fact that your hair is straight, without too much effort, will make the streaks stand out. In this picture, the long bob is also a good concept.

Tan Glam

Are you in love with the manner tan hair looks, particularly after a good sunbath?

Well, a light brown and blonde combination, like Kim K, is the best way to go.
You’ve got this shot.

It’s all about having a smooth shine without slipping into a strong blonde.

Dark Chocolate with Caramel Flair

Delicious hair color always has an extra oomph and these dark caramel-shaded chocolate hands seem magical to the eyes. The color of caramel tends to lighten the face with a unique glint that is friendly to a natural undertone.


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