Laura Sánchez publishes a nude photo in which she shows burns on the skin

It is very common on Instagram to find publications in which you try circumvent the censorship that this social network applies to female nudes.

Many are the women who, displaying enormous creativity, pose naked covering just enough (nipples and genitals) to keep the snapshot online.

[+] Laura Sánchez, her best poses

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Well, to the mess. That Laura Sánchez has also posted a nude photo.

The Andalusian model has been on vacation in the Maldives and has given his followers several photos in those idyllic landscapes, although it has been one that has captured all the attention.

The one that comes out naked? Yes. Because of the nude itself? Well no.

And it turns out that the model has gotten out of hand with sunbathing and appears with striking redness on the back that contrasts with the white of the bikini marks.

The reaction of her followers has been of affection towards her, on the one hand praising the beauty of the image, and on the other advising you to put on sunscreen to avoid greater evils.

For those who worry more, know that the holidays of Laura Sanchez have run their course without major incidents and that he is back in Madrid.

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