Kovot Dice Style Poker Chip Set

Kovot Dice Style Poker Chip Set

Comes with 2 Decks of Cards Dealer Small Blind Big Blind Buttons and 5 Dice The Kovot Poker Chip Set is great for less player games and is easy to carry with you. : Do you just like to play with a handful of people? Or perhaps you’re someone who loves setting up casual poker games wherever you go. This package is ideal for both of those cases. First of all, there are only 300 chips that are only adequate for around three or four players. So this is the package for you if you like playing intimate games. The case is also more lightweight because there are fewer chips and traveling with it is much easier and lighter. The chips have a pattern of dice style on them, making them look very professional. Always add to the quality the weight and size of the chips. In many casinos, the dual-tone chips weigh a perfect 11.5 grams just like the cards. The case is hardy but lightweight so that all parts of the package can be conveniently stored and secured. Wherever you go, you can take this travel case with you. The set is also very well priced as a plus point! Da Vinci Poker Chip Set

500-piece poker chip set includes 150 white 150 red 100 blue 50 green and 50 black chips in sturdy aluminum case.

14 G Heavyweight Chips: lightweight poker chips made of premium quality clay. The authentic weight of the casino is 14 grams each … Textured Inlay: each denomination is surrounded by a special and simple textured chip inlay. It makes it easy to stack and … The heavyweight poker chips from Bryberry are as close as you can to the real deal. There’s also a lot of chips in the box. : These chips also look like high-quality, making them ideal for entertainment. They have laser graphic features that add a sparkle to them throughout the game. You would hardly be able to tell the difference from genuine poker chips as they are made of casino-grade clay composite. The chips can be put in a transparent case that makes them easy to arrange and carry around. To serious players that want to make an impression, this is a good choice.

Fat Cat Poker Chip Set

Contains 500 11.5-gram Claytec striped dice poker chips The Fat Cat poker chip set includes all you need to set up your own Texas Hold /Em game. : If you’re looking for some old-school poker chips, you should find the Fat Cat poker chip package. The chips are built robustly and for professional games are just the right weight. There are 500 chips, which means that a weekly game of average size is more than adequate. You also get big blind little blind and dealer buttons besides the chips themselves. These will surely add credibility to any game you are hosting at home. Within a hard-shell casing, the chips can be easily mounted to make them easy to store and transport. Inside there is a flexible foam lining that guarantees well-protected chips and any of the other materials. This set makes playing as many classic casino games as you want easy for you. You’ve got the chips and the hardware for the cards. Apart from this package, the only thing you need is people willing to play with you. Trademark Poker Dice Type Poker Chip Set

Complete Set This set includes 4 colors for different value holders 2 regular card and poker size decks … Multiple Games-Turn your living room into a holiday in Las Vegas with the practical feel of a blackjack single-deck … : This is certainly a poker chip package that looks nice. The chips have a distinct dice-like theme to look like typical poker chips. Such chips are made of resin composite. These also have thick caps, though, which help to add height to the chips and make them feel like the real deal. We are the right diameter to play with and sound very normal. You also get two cards and buttons for big blind little blind and dealer in addition to the chips. The chips have been made good, making stacking them easy. There’s no danger of them falling over and messing up the game because they’re level. Within the case given with individual storage spaces, both chips cards and buttons can be placed neatly. The felt interior provides proper protection for all parts of the game. This is a high-quality and inexpensive poker chip kit for everyone to use.