Klopp’s five headaches when facing Atlético

The Atletico of Madrid will be measured this Tuesday at Liverpool at Wanda Metropolitano in what will be one of the most exciting matches of the day in the Champions League. A duel that inevitably brings to mind the tie of a couple of years ago, when the mattress team dismounted the then champion of Europe, to which no one coughed in the continental sphere. That steamroller collapsed before a Atlético de Madrid with practically the same protagonists. Then, Jurgen Klopp he was unable to impose himself on Simeone in neither of the two games.

Since then, the German coach seems to have a kind of fixation with the Atlético de Madrid, a kind of obsession. But what is it that worries the German about the rojiblanco team?


The Uruguayan forward is especially motivated for this duel. He arrives as Atlético’s top scorer, with five goals and one goal pass. It was key before AC Milan and the Barcelona, in the week before the break. For the Uruguayan, measuring himself against his old team is a plus, a reason to want to demonstrate his validity as one of the best strikers on the planet. That he has no mercy on his old teams he knows himself Liverpool, who already marked him with FC Barcelona a few seasons ago, in the playoffs for Champions League.


For a team used to playing in Anfield Road With one of the most incredible atmospheres in world football, playing in another stadium might not be a matter that weighed on the total of the game. But the truth is that for this Liverpool, playing in the Wanda Metropolitano yes it was on 19/20. So much so that his own Jurgen Klopp he ‘complained’ that Atlético was ‘taking advantage’ of the environment to use it in that game that the English team lost 1-0, to pressure the referee in certain situations, to assert that ‘other football’ that according to the German was key . You are right to fear what Atlético is capable of doing with its public, because it has added 14 games without losing at its stadium in Champions.


In the end, when everything fails, when everything collapses, the Athletic has a weapon that few have, with Jan Oblak. The Slovenian goalkeeper is the best in the world. One last barrier that the Liverpool he was not able to overcome enough to eliminate the rojiblanco team a couple of years ago. The Balkan scored a great game in Anfield Road, of those who make time. Nine stops and more than 30 shots of the Liverpool suffered in the stadium of Mereyside. Some stops to Firmino, Alexander Arnold, Robertson, Mané, Oxlade, etc were simply superlative.


Undoubtedly, one of the things that will not have been removed from the head of Jurgen Klopp is the irruption of Marcos Llorente placeholder image in the tie a couple of years ago. The Liverpool It was the turning point for the Madrilenian to present himself in society to European football. The player slammed the door down. Marcos Llorente placeholder image culminated the error of Adrian San Miguel in a clearance. Controlled her Joao Felix and he gave it to the midfielder, whose shot was as accurate as it was definitive (2-1). He even scored 2-2. Tremendous. With another shot from outside the area. Since then he is one of the most decisive footballers in Europe. Although this course has started more discreetly and comes after an injury, the psychological effect it has on him cannot be ignored. Liverpool and Klopp the presence of Llorente.


The choice of From Paul among the issues that concern Klopp the most, but the truth is that it is no coincidence that Klopp himself Liverpool closely follow the Argentine in his stage in Udinese. He was about to take the step, but it was not finally taken and now they will have him in front of him as a rival. The German coach is concerned about the ability of the Argentine to put passes to the back of defenders who, like his, tend to play very offensively. Case similar to Lemar, whose speed and ability to move between the defensive and midfield lines give him qualities that are especially dangerous for the proposed ‘net’.

Simeone's men will face Liverpool with a lot of goal

Simeone’s men will face Liverpool with a lot of goal


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