Justin Bieber Haircuts

Childhood Justin Bieber Haircut

Cuteness overload as we take this image of Justin hugging a teddy bear down the memory path. The bourgeoning oval face and beautiful brown eyes as well as his golden brown hair can only be seen.

Gelled Spikes

This spicy look is one of the easiest to copy for a Biebs look. All you need is a couple of hair gel or hair wax, and you have finished it. It is also very simple to keep this disconnected haircut.

Magnificent Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin has as many as three wax figures of himself, all spread all over the globe. Fans can thus touch the waxy Bieber and take selfies with him in the museums of Madame Tussaud in London, New York, and Amsterdam.

Justin Bieber Haircut with a Bandana

Online fans bid for hair locks, that’s how much they love him. It was revealed a few years ago that in a bidding battle on eBay a fan paid as much as $just for a lock of Justin’s precious hair.

Justin Bieber’s Flower Crown Haircut

Is there anything this handsome guy can’t pull off? He’s here with a crown of pink flowers and looks amazing. He actually looks like he’s prepared to rock Coachella’s scene and have his lifetime.

Justin Bieber Haircut with Long Fringe

Welcome to As he grew up, Justin moved on to more mature haircuts that added depth and size to his character. He bleached his hair to a platinum blonde first stuff and never looked back.

Justin Bieber’s Bed Head

How do the most beautiful celebrities look great even when they’re in bed or woken up lately? Fortunately for all of us, Justin showers us about his most intimate moments with Insta pictures and tales.

Pretty Haircut Justin Bieber

For you, this is another fun reality. His video for Baby is one of the most-watched and one of the most hated uploads of all time on YouTube. Such a feat has been managed by few performers.

Shoulder Length Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin went through a whole stage of his hair growing. And, we have to say that with shoulder-length hair, he looks totally incredible. It fits perfectly with him and makes him look like a frat boy.

Ash Blonde Asymmetrical Bieber Cut

This is Justin’s latest hit hairstyle and we can’t get enough of his wonderful look. We enjoy both the bold color and the insane side comb he’s styled to perfection.

The Ash Blonde Short Cut

Justin Bieber took the world of fashion by storm when he changed his color to the blonde ash. As you can see from the image below, his lengthy undercut with subtle faded sides looks great even out of bed.

Autumn Justin Bieber Look

Biebs is a highly accomplished musician who has taught himself how to play piano, drums, trumpet and guitar, of course. In addition, he can fix the cube of a Rubik in less than two minutes. What’s it like?

Justin Bieber added a personal touch to the classic pompadour hairstyle of the Bieber Pompadour

and the findings are totally amazing, as you can see in the image. To get the Bieber pompadour, use only a dash of hairstyling mouse.

Justin Bieber’s Bieber Spiky Updo

revolutionized spiky hairstyles with this spectacular look. This is actually one of the hairstyles that made the Bieb a world-famous icon of fashion.

Bleached Justin Bieber Haircut

While it may be tempting, we always recommend you not to bleach your hair at home. Leaving this hazardous operation in a professional’s hands is best. There is no use to harm your hair.

Blonde Buzz Cut

Justin had the buzz cut for a while. He enjoyed cutting all his hair very short, but he never gave up his blonde platinum signature color which makes him look so unique to us.

The Blonde Long Messy Do

One of Justin’s latest looks is this messy hairstyle. The Bieb is all grown up between the long faded sides, the side-slicked bangs and the stylish moustache.

Boyish Justin Bieber Haircut

Did you understand that Justin beat the record of Mariah Carey and now has the highest number two debuts on the Billboard Hot Chart? That’s quite an achievement, and he’s not yet been deluded.

Brown Pompadour

Boys typically claim they’re not Justin’s fans or his music and he’s certainly an artist creating girls ‘ songs and albums. However, fashion industry reports indicate that asking for the Bieber haircut, more kids walk into salons and barber shops than ever before.

Classic Justin Bieber Haircut

Although he no longer looks like this, it’s his most famous teenage haircut, layered and feathery with lengthy bangs, and natural brown hair color.

Classic Justin Bieber Haircut

While Justin’s latest hairstyles made him speak about the globe of fashion, it was this lengthy hairstyle bangs that made Bieb the style icon he is today. For kids and men alike, this is an outstanding look and Justin’s signature haircut.

Classic Undercut

This is one of Justin Bieber’s classic haircut concepts we’ve selected for our list because it’s an elegant look he’s tailored to his unconventional style.

Classic Undercut With Musketeer Mustache

While Justin’s undercut can stick to the classic hairstyle outlines, his mustache provides this look a wonderful retro touch we’re just in love with.

Curly Justin Bieber Haircut

Although his hair is normally very straight, fans have noticed that it tends to curl somewhat when it grows, particularly around the temples and back. This only serves to make Justin more beautiful and even cuter.

Deep Side Part

Disconnected Justin Bieber Haircut

Any haircut that has been disconnected is one in which the haircut is disconnected. The bottom portion must be all around the same size without any fading. Otherwise, this is no longer a disconnect.

The Early Boyish Bieb Cut

Justin’s first look was this classic brief bangs cut. It is a easy cut that can be tried by any kid. The signature mark is the layered bangs which offer a very unique edge to this hairstyle.

Edgy Bieber Asymmetrical Haircut

If you were curious about Justin’s look as he grew his hair, this edgy asymmetric cut was his objective of styling. It’s brilliantly chaotic, yet layered to perfection, making it a great inspiration for adventurous males looking for a style change.


‘ Edgy Undercut with Extreme Faded Sides ‘

‘ This is one of Bieb’s most elegant hairstyles over the years. The extreme faded sides completely contrast with his lengthy golden bangs and the outcome is worthy of the history of fashion.

Elegant Justin Bieber Haircut

The Biebs can transform into an elegant and fashionable young person when he wishes to. All he requires is a power suit and slick hair to expose his beautifully sculpted characteristics. His eyes are highlighted by the blonde locks.

Elegant Justin Bieber Side Comb

As you can see, with this classic hairdo, Justin looks incredible. His faded sides are perfectly layered, and his lengthy blonde side comb looks incredible.

Eminem Even Cut Look

We enjoy Justin’s blonde hairstyle drawing on Eminem ash because it fits perfectly with him. With this short even cut, the Bieb looked beautiful and rocked the blonde look of the ash.

Extra Short Justin Bieber Haircut

This additional brief even cut marked Justin’s passage from his world-famous spiky do to today’s edgy hairstyles. It’s a very easy cut on the Bieb, which looks incredible.

The Famous Forced Justin Bieber Haircut

This is one of the finest looks of Justin from his early days of stardom, but it’s a stylish hairstyle that has marked the history of fashion.

Feathery Justin Bieber Haircut

This look is another journey down memory lane for all of us as it reminds us of a moment when the Biebz was an innocent teenage kid with a fan army all over the globe. Times were easier, and all that mattered was his music.

Frizzy Justin Bieber Haircut

Sometimes it’s very refreshing to find out that even the world’s largest celebrities have poor hair days, just like the remainder of us. They may have stylists at their disposal, but that’s not stopping their hair from getting their own lives.

Gelled Justin Bieber Haircut

If you grow your hair and want to get your bangs out of your eyes, you can always use some hair gel to comb everything back. It’s a lovely and very slick look that attracts the ladies, no doubt about it.

The Golden Blonde Combover

This is one of the cleanest looks of Justin and we really enjoy it. Notice how the texture and the beautiful golden blonde in his hair are brought forth by his faded sides.

The Golden Short Bieber Hairstyle

Justin Bieber rocked the golden blonde style with a brief haircut that highlights his hair’s beautiful texture. Although it may be one of the simpler hairstyles of the Bieb, it is also one of its finest.

Justin Bieber Haircut High School

And here’s the hairstyle that made him famous. It is a version of the adolescent swoop produced by Justin and copied by millions of children around the globe in an effort to be as cool as the Biebs.

Justin Bieber Asymmetrical Extravaganza

Justin’s asymmetrical cut is a flawlessly layered look worth replicating. His musketeer goatee adds a unique edge to his adventurous look to complete the look.

Justin Bieber Haircut with a Quiff

Justin has his own museum exhibit at the Stratford Perth Museum called Steps to Stardom, which explores his wonderful voyage from a tiny city to one of the world’s largest celebrities.

Justin Bieber Haircut with Bangs

There is no single haircut that can’t be pulled off by a man that looks good. Justin is here with a collection of gelled up bangs replicating the wet look that we all enjoy so much right now. We also love to see him flaunt from moment to time his natural hair color.

Justin Bieber Haircut with Dreads

At some point Justin even sparked dreads. They were platinum because he wouldn’t give up the color of his signature hair now. His dreads in the back were also medium in size and shorter to suit his prior haircut.

Justin Bieber Messy Undercut

Justin Bieber took the undercut hairstyle with this messy ash blonde look to a completely fresh level. You could look like the wonderful singer with a minimal styling attempt, so try it!

Justin Bieber Pompadour

Justin has been a enormous fan of this brief pompadour for much of his adolescent and young adult lives. And that’s why. It made him look cool, fresh and beautiful. The pompadour stretched his characteristics.

The Justin Bieber Top Knot

A trendy young man like Justin couldn’t have missed the largest hair trend ever. Of course, a couple of years ago he sported a small guy bun, just like everyone else at the moment, because it was the reasonable thing to do.

Justin Bieber Upcomb

The signature up comb of Justin Bieber is one of the decade’s hairstyles. You can get this incredible do with just a little styling mouse.

Layered Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin married Hailey Baldwin to the dismay of many of his fans. In a very tiny and intimate ceremony, they received a secret marriage permit and got married in confidence.

Light Justin Bieber Haircut

This lovely medium-length hair has a smooth side portion which makes it possible for longer front strands to become a longer set of bangs. They’re going to curtain your face and highlight your eyes, particularly when you get some blonde baby lights.

Long Ash Blonde Statement Cut

This is the most excentric cut ever made by Justin Bieber and it’s totally amazing. This courageous look is not for the weak-hearted because everyone’s eye is guaranteed to catch.

Long Blonde Combover with Messy Top Knot

If you’ve got long hair and you’re searching for a combover styling concept, then turn to Bieb for inspiration because it’s brilliantly edgy top knot / ponytail. Indeed, the better the messier.

 Blonde Messy Combover

Justin hit that lengthy, messy blonde combo look. In the fashion globe, this hairstyle has become iconic because it is the perfect mixture of elegance and edge.

Long Blonde Side Comb with Musketeer Goatee

This is one of the recent looks from Bieb and one of our favourite hairstyles. The goatee musketeer is an unexpected option of style for Justin, but it looks incredible on him, so we applaud his bravery.

Long Combover with Blonde Ombre

From the black roots to the ash blonde tips, the blonde shadow of Justin’s hair looks incredible. This lengthy combover accentuates his magnificent hair’s flawless mixture of colors.

The Long Combover with Top Know Look

One of Justin’s finest features is the top knot look as it’s extremely adventurous. Remember to maintain your sides shorts and tie your hair in a simple knot if you want to try it for yourself.

Justin’s Long Justin Messy Hairstyle

This lengthy hairstyle is rocking. This wild side comb is the simplest way to look rebellious with a hint of sparkle from Hollywood.

Long Messy Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin resorted to this messy long hairstyle, which made him look completely stylish during his transformation. Test this Justin Bieber haircut for a fantastic look if you’re also growing a brief cut.

Long QuiffHairstyle and Mustache

One of Bieb’s finest hairstyling movements was the lengthy quiff hairstyle. This elegant look fits perfectly with his slick mustache as it adds some edge to it.

Long Side Bangs Justin Bieber Haircut

Once again one of Justin’s iconic hairstyles, his lengthy side bangs look made him famous in his early days. You will need to use a powerful hairstyling mouse to maintain your bangs in location if you want to style your hair like Justin.

MediumComb Over

Here’s how Justin chose to dress and Central Comedy back in It was a birthday present and probably one he won’t forget too quickly. Comedians on the whole pooled in to point out his faults, but not one of them is that pebble over.

Medium Justin Bieber Haircut

We enjoy this look because it reminds us so much of the s. Just like everybody else in the globe, Justin took the resurrection and made it his own in a very private and cool manner. We can not wait for this look to be copied!

The Messy Backcomb and Headband Look

We enjoy the looks of Justin’s headband and it’s one of his finest so far. Replicating is highly simple and instant star power is guaranteed.

The Messy Combover

As you can see, the Bieb rocks in the best possible way the long combover look. He has succeeded in turning this clean cut look into a real fashion statement by maintaining it just the correct amount of messy.

‘s trending content!

Messy Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin stilllooks better than most males out there, even with messy hair. That’s because of his natural looks and chiseled faces as well as his velvety smooth brown eyes. Not to mention his own manner of dressing and accessorizing.

The Messy Side Comb

One of Justin’s finest cuts, the messy side comb is a great look for an adventurous singer. We enjoy how his elegant side is brought out by the classic side, while his chaotic long faded sides give the look a hint of rebellion.

Messy Top Knot

You knew Justin was releasing a Christmas album? It’s called Under the Mistletoe and has him singing classics like Silent Night, Drummer Boy, Santa Claus, and All I Want for Christmas Is You

Natural Justin Bieber Haircut

Do you remember just a few years ago this famous Justin haircut? It’s stated that his fans loved it so much that after he received it, it earned him alone, supporters on Twitter.

Off Duty Justin Bieber Haircut

This moist, extremely gelled style pairs perfectly with his bad boy image, reflected in his many tattoos. Justin has now coated his torso and hands in meaningful and deeply religious tattoos in front and back almost completely.

Out of Bed Justin Bieber Haircut

This is perfectly suited to Justin Bieber’s bed hairstyle because it is his distinctive style. For young males who want to stand out as rebellious and courageous, this chaotic do is ideal.

With this incredible haircut, the Perfect Messy Hairstyle

Justin Bieber took a chaotic look and created it his own. This hairstyle demonstrates its true power as a star and it’s just exceptional.

Platinum Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin goes white to show his love of blonde hair, matching his T-shirt with his hair. The fantastic thing is that he can pull it off completely in a way that wouldn’t even dream of most males out there.

Platinum Ponytail

The singer kept sporting the same extreme blonde color as his hair was growing. So you can see him showing a platinum ponytail here proudly that makes him look as beautiful as ever.

Preteen Justin Bieber Haircut

If you wondered how Justin looked like before he became known globally, we got the response. Here’s a picture of the college, and we can say that he was a nice and adorable kid.

Rebel Justin Bieber Haircut

In Rebel Without a Cause atmosphere, Justin is rocking a bit of the James Dean. He has a chaotic, casual pompadour, sunglasses for aviators, and a matching black T-shirt. All in all, for maturing Biebs, not a poor look at anything.

Rebellious Dreadlock Hairstyle

This is Justin’s most rebellious look over the years and we enjoy it all. These chaotic dreadlocks create an edgy look that reveals the wild side of the Bieb.

Are you looking for stronger dread? We’ve filled you here with even more dreadful hairstyles!

s Heartthrob Justin Bieber Haircut

Biebs was called a heartthrob many times before but none of those moments he really embodied the real heartthrob spirit as he did when he was wearing this beautiful romantic hairstyle.

Sauvage Ash Blonde Undercut

On Justin this blonde ash undercut looks incredible. We enjoy his take on chaotic hairstyles and it’s one of his greatest wild looks because it’s unpredictable, yet brilliantly stylish.

Sauvage Blonde Bangs

Justin’s long blonde bangs can’t get enough. This stylish do has become a declaration of fashion because something Hollywood has ever seen before is unlike anything.

Shaggy Justin Bieber Haircut

Did you understand that Justin was found back on YouTube where he used to post videos of himself singing song covers? He was signed to RBMG immediately, and never again was his life and ours the same.

The Short Ash Blonde Justin Bieber Haircut

We enjoy the wild side of Justin’s extreme ash blonde. The contrast between his very blonde hair and dark eyebrows is awesome and we applaud the bravery to choose such an audacious color. This brief chaotic side comb is a great look for the Bieb as it makes it look elegant yet edgy.

Short Comb Over

This is a stylish look from the previous days of Bieb, but it is still one of Hollywood’s most valued men’s hairstyles. His brief combover looks great, making Justin the fashion icon he’s now.

Short Golden Blonde Hairstyle

One of Justin’s most valued looks, the brief golden blonde hairstyle is a clean cut look suitable for any stylish person who wishes a style change.

Short Justin Bieber Haircut

Let’s begin with a straightforward, traditional haircut wearing Biebs. In its natural light brown hair color, it is a very brief and boyish crop. He is nowadays rarely seen wearing this color, so appreciate this previous blast.

Justin Bieber Haircut Short Spiky

Justin Bieber created the undercut one of the most famous hairstyles of the decade. Apart from its wonderful layered sides, the fantastic edgy spikes have made this look popular.

Side part

It should be noted that even when he sports a classic side portion, Justin still wears his hair very messy because he’s a young guy who occurs to be very cool and new as well. Guys, that’s how at the end of the s you do a side portion.

The Side Spike Hairstyle

While this is an early look of Justin, it is by far one of his most popular hairstyles. Both males and females replicated this brief cut because everyone wishes a bit of Bieber’s style.

is spikier.

Look from the Slick Side Bangs

This is one of Justin’s greatest looks as it provides his adventurous style an elegant touch. We enjoy his black origins and beautiful blonde hair, but the chaotic side bangs make this hairstyle a real statement of fashion.

The Slicked Back Undercut

Justinlooks incredible because it brings out his more elegant side with this slicked back hairstyle undercut. All you need to do is use a bit of hair gel to slide your hair back all the way.

Soft Justin Bieber Haircut

It’s good to see Justin pausing his bad boy persona from time to time and showing a casual and soft-looking haircut. It makes him more related, like the neighboring kid who could be your boyfriend.

Spiky Bieb Cut

This spiky undercut will be known forever as Justin Bieber’s haircut because the songwriter made it his signature style. It’s truly one of all-time boys ‘ most famous hairstyles.

Spiky Justin Bieber Haircut

If you didn’t experiment with some bad haircuts as well, it wouldn’t be a fulfilled adolescent phase. Justin has had his share of unfortunate hair decisions, despite having one of the business’s most lovely locks sets.

Spiky Quiff

Now let’s look at some real Justin hair statistics. His haircuts are cool, and most kids would like to make them look like him. They can also be precious, though.

One of his most valued designs is the Undercut with Spikes Hairstyle

It’s a classic undercut hairstyle with subtle faded sides and glamorous spikes, and it looks great.

The Upward Pompadour

One of Justin Bieber’s most popular haircuts is this upward pompadour. It served as an inspiration for styling for both males and females who wished to create their own the wonderful style of the Bieb.

This is one of the finest ways to style your lengthy Justin Bieber haircut. We enjoy the rebellious wavy combover and the subtle side portion because they create a stylish look that anyone can do without any effort.

Wet Justin Bieber Look

Justin looks even nice with wet hair when he’s just gone swimming. Once again, let’s all thank you for tales from Insta. If not, how would we understand all these intimate information about the daily lives of a celebrity?

Met Gala Look

Just like most trendy celebrities, Justin was invited to the Met Gala. He wore a superb black suit with creative and luxurious golden embroidery for one of his appearances, which made him look like a real iconic pop star.