Haircut Shape Up


Shape Up and Bald Fade

Asymmetrical Shape Up Haircut

Unleash your creativity and dare to attempt haircut asymmetric shape. The one shown here, for instance, has a smooth line-up, elevated fade, curved difficult portion, and two-layer afro sculpted.

‘ Braids Edge Up Haircut ‘

‘ If your strategy is to safeguard your lengthy natural locks, try some kind of bracelet. For instance, Cornrows often look attractive in conjunction with a haircut form. Like dreadlocks, to make the line-up, you need to reserve a tiny piece of hair around the front.

Burst Fade Shape Up Haircut

The burst fade is another form of fade that you can attempt with a shape up. Typically paired with a cropped mohawk, in a half-circle fashion, the burst fade outlines the sides of the head. All in all, the hair begins longer and tapers around the ears to a small or fade skin. Ultimately, the fade appears to burst from behind the ear, hence the haircut name.

Caesar Cut Line Up Haircut

Most contemporary Caesar cuts come with a sleek line-up or temperature fade. The edges should be cut into smooth lines even if the front is slightly longer. In addition, the same principle applies to French crop hair or other haircuts with particularly brief bangs.


‘ Comb Over Line Up Haircut’

Nailing the dapper look is just a step away. Go up for a subtle form to clean the hairline without overdoing it. The side portion of your comb over should start where your forehead meets the horizontal and vertical lines.

Cropped Haircut with Gelled Shape Up


‘ First, you can choose a curved hairline that follows your head’s crown. Although recognizable, a curved hairline will diminish a haircut shape’s drastic impact.

Shape Up Haircut degree

Initially, we will present particular haircut shape angle possibilities. The classic option is an angle of -degree, with a rectangle shape up. If you want to be razor-sharp in your line up, it’s definitely the best way to go.

Disconnected Afro Shape Up Haircut

Would you prefer to reserve your Afro for some region? For example, if you only want a smaller afro on your head’s crown, you can distinguish it with a form up from the remainder of your hairstyle. With definition and contrast, the sharp hairline produced by the edge up haircut will enrich your hairstyle.

Dread Twists Shape Up Haircut

Likewise, a line-up can flatter a hairstyle with brief twisted dreadlocks. Because most brief dread twist hairstyles come with a taper fade, a well-shaped hairline falls into location easily. If some of the twists of fear drop over your forehead, consider making a wider shape so that it can always be noticed.

DreadlocksLine Up Haircut

Whether long, short, tight or loose, dreadlocks always look great. Nevertheless, you may want to add a sharp touch to your hairstyle primary dreads. To do this, you can section around your forehead for a form up between a fourth and a half-inch of hair. It will not be your hairstyle’s main focus, but a straightforward yet efficient detail.

Drop Fade Shape Up Haircut

Try a small drop fade if you are looking for an even more subtle option. Only the sideburns and hair on the neck’s back will be faded out in this situation. In addition, for well-rounded outcomes, you can even soften the edges of the form.

Forward Sweep Shaped Up with Short Sides and Bald Fade

Asymmetrical Faux Hawk with Bald Fade

Forward Sweep Spikes

Frohawk Shape Up Haircut

You can use a shape up haircut to highlight the shaved sides if you intend to sculpt your afro into a frohawk. Even if your forehead is covered by the frohawk, your edges are going to stand out.



‘ Half Moon Part Shape Up Haircut ‘

‘ The crescent moon portion can be positioned anywhere along the hairline, popularized by rapper Nas in the s. It branches out into a curved line from its starting point, which generally measures between one and two inches.

Hard Asymmetrical Part and Shape Up

Hard PartLine Up Haircut

Nothing exudes smart class, confidence and grooming like a difficult haircut part. It’s basically a hairstyle side component that shaves the portion in the hair. The difficult part can go on from the corner where the upper hairline meets the hair around the eyes when combined with a form up.

Hard Part Shape Up

High and Tight Shape Up

Last but not least, a great low-maintenance haircut that you can mix with a high and tight edge up. The line-up can be as subtle as you please, adding to your hairstyle just the correct quantity of accuracy.

High Top Fade Line Up Haircut

As few other haircuts do, shape ups and high top fades go hand in hand. In circumstances, a skillful line-up will always accompany a strong top fade. Unless you have a fully shaved undercut under your top, the edges need to be cleaned up to function in the hairstyle.

High Top Kinky Hair with Asymmetric Part Huge Disconnected Beard


Inward Edge Up Haircut

Similar to the slanting row, people may also look at corners leaning inward as well as forward. By curving the line’s tip inward, the general front width appears to be decreased. In addition, when paired with an extra curved line down the sideburns, it works best.

‘ Long Hair and Shape Up Haircut ‘

‘ Whether braided or left down, lengthy hair can also enjoy a nice edge up. If you have long dreads, twists, or braids, use the earlier mentioned sectioning technique. You can also pull your hair back into a ponytail, bun, or half-down hairstyle to emphasize the shape.

Long Top Shape Up Haircut

No matter how short or long the top of your hair is–shape up will always increase your haircut wow factor. Lining up the edges will separate your hair parts while maintaining them in harmony for a longer time.

Long Waves and Short Sides

Low Fade Edge Up Haircut

In your situation, a low-fade haircut shape may be the best option. The fade starts right where the line-up ends. Therefore, in your hairstyle you will have a nice quantity of contrast. Add a curved line under the primary sharp angle to balance the gradient.

Military Inspired Edge Up Haircut

You don’t need to be an army guy to pull off a haircut like one. A buzz cut or cut in induction will assist people who value effectiveness save time they would otherwise have spent styling their hair every day. If the edges are well outlined, the haircut will be even more impressive.

Pompadour Shape Up Haircut

An equally remarkable hairline is worthy of a contemporary polished pompadour. Even back in the s, greasers would touch their edges to get a beautiful, boxy shape under their pomp. We usually suggest a softer shape in the framework of pompadours.

Pompadour with Taper and Bald Fade

Receiving Hairline Shape Up Haircut

However, a shape up performed by a pro barber makes the method simple. By producing acute angles at each temple, you can mask the main balding regions. As a consequence, the hairline receding will not be as noticeable as it was before.

Rounded Corner Shape Up Haircut

Some men don’t want a super sharp line up all around them. In this situation, to soften the look, you can ask your barber to complete the angles. After the primary boxy contour has been set up, modify the corners accordingly. For men who want to maintain their hair in the form up region, we suggest the method.

Shape Up and Shaped Beard

It goes without stating that you should do the same for your haircut if you have placed the time and effort to get a killer beard. Men with beards often prefer to connect their shape through their sideburns to their beard. The edges should have a constant line in this context that curves with the beard’s natural form.

Shape Up Haircut for Older Men

Some of the reasons you should enjoy shape up is because it flatters kids and males of all ages. It will provide an admirable clean-cut appearance, whether a teenager or a senior. It has been a barbershop staple for centuries now in the case of mature males!

Shape Up Haircut with Waves

Men should certainly look into profound waves to maintain their afro-textured locks neatly cropped. They not only look amazing, but also bring out the best in form. For a hairstyle waves, we suggest the mixture of sharp and curved line.

Mohawk Haircut Shape Up Tapered

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Shape Up Slick Haircut

Sharp and Curved Shape Up Haircut

Alternatively, the shape of your shape can be mixed with various methods. For example, begin halfway down the temples with a sharp angle. After that, curve the line in half a circle from the middle point. The combination results in an unmistakable barbershop touch with a sleek edge up.

Shaved Design Edge Up Haircut

When it comes to information to customize your shape, a periodic difficult portion is just the start. With an intricate shaved design, you can bring your haircut to a whole fresh level. Some people even go so far as with their barbers to produce complicated hair tattoo designs. There are infinite opportunities, so do not hesitate to experiment with various forms and angles.

Short Spiky Business Shape Up

Side Shaved Messy Pomp

Sliced Back Shape Up

Indeed, with a softer hairline, many boys with textured hair look much better. Leave the hair around your ears a bit longer to get the impact than with a regular form. Also, don’t push a natural touch too far into the lines.

Spiky Shape Up

Spiky Shape Up with Bald Fade

Sponge Twists Edge Up Haircut

In particular, the accessory can assist you get tight, defined, picture-perfect coils. You actually have one great-looking haircut when you top it all off with a form up.

Straight Hairline Edge Up Haircut

We have a straight, blunt hairline on the other end of the spectrum. The option is perfect for those people who really want their line up to get a boxy shape. Although on the spectacular side, it makes the haircut look even cleaner.

Temp Fade Haircut

What occurs when a line-up is combined with a fade taper? You get the haircut fading temp. A temp fade or box fade is essentially a haircut shape that fades to the edges. If your primary hairstyle is going to have some kind of fade, the detail you’ve been looking for is an added temp fade.

Two-Layer Undercut with Line Up

The shape up operates extremely well with a two-layer undercut on that note. If you want to have two distinct layers in your undercut, each with a separate length, line up the corners. Stop the shape from one layer to the other precisely at the transformation. Shave a line along the center, as in the picture below, to accentuate the contrast.

Undercut Shape Up

If you have an undercut or plan to get one, a line-up is exactly what you need. Regardless of what type of hair you have, the magic of pulling the haircut together is a set of sharp edges. Whether you have a disconnected or faded undercut, you can add a shape up to the blend.

Wavy Shape Up Short Sides

You’ve definitely seen it before, even if you don’t understand what a shape up is.

Essentially, a haircut shape comprises of lining the hairline, including temples and sideburns. To produce a smooth boxy outline around the forehead, the barber utilizes liner clippers and/or a straight-edge razor.

The shape up is also called an edge up or line up haircut for this purpose. As a main component, a shape up can be integrated into many other haircuts.

The shape up is a traditionally black hair which has become popular in the s. Throughout the following centuries, it continued to evolve alongside hip hop culture.

Hence, it often happens in different combinations based on how you want to look at the remainder of the hair. Today, people from all over the globe are adding up the shape to their hairstyle to get a clean-cut finish.