July 22 Red Cross Gold Raffle

This Thursday July 22 was held on Red Cross Gold Giveaway, whose first prize, endowed with 3,000,000 euros for a single coupon of a single series, fell on number 25,236 of series 077, sold in Valencia.

The second prize went to number 88,931 of series 109. The prize is 1,000,000 euros for a single tenth of a single series, while the third was for number 99,046 of series 079. The award is endowed with € 500,000 euros.

The fourth prizes, of 250,000 euros, have been for the following banknotes:

18.045 (SERIES 120), 07.392 (SERIES 119) AND 26.245 (SERIES 047)

And the three fifth prizes, of 100,000 euros, for these tickets:

46,575 (SERIES 038), 10,518 (SERIES 117) AND 94,384 (SERIES 126)

In addition, the Red Cross Gold Draw on July 22, 2021 has distributed more than 11,000 additional prizes.

The particularity that gives its name to the raffle is that the prizes can be collected in cash or for their equivalent in gold. This value is set according to the close of the London Precious Metals Market on July 21, 2021.

Cash prizes can be collected at Red Cross offices and computerized Post Offices throughout Spain, except those located in department stores; If they wish to collect themselves in gold, they must go to the Red Cross offices.