Is the Vulnerable Documentary Interview between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Also Causing Rifts with Prince William and Kate Middleton?President-elect Donald Trump said 1100 jobs were saved at the Carrier factory. | Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images The President believed that 1100 jobs could be saved. When Donald Trump learned that Carrier was planning to move production jobs from Indiana to Mexico he pounced. He said that if he was elected president, those workers and others like them will remain in the USA. Trump has vowed to save 1100 Carrier manufacturing jobs since winning the election. He said that those jobs were the first of many to stay domestic, rather than outsourced. Next: Do you want to guess what’s next?

Renee Elliott 44 addressed a news conference on 10 January 2018 a day before she was to be laid off from her work at the Indianapolis Indiana Carrier Factory. NOVA SAFO / AFP / Getty Images Despite Trump’s assurances that most jobs have not been saved. In 2016 Donald Trump flew into Indianapolis on the presidential campaign trail and vowed to save hundreds of manufacturing jobs at a Carrier furnace plant. Instead of 300 Carrier employees, 200 workers were laid off, 700 people lost their jobs. There are still some jobs but not the 1100 Trump promised. Left without work, the people change their minds and turn on Trump. Next: Job losses for Carrier workers come as a shock. 3. What happened to those assignments?

A man walks from a United Technologies business building in Indianapolis Indiana on January 10, 2018. NOVA SAFO / AFP / Getty Images Newton’s movement laws could not be stopped. By the time Trump learned it was too late to do anything about Carrier’s plans for Indiana. The wheels were spinning already, and there was no power to stop what was going on. The parent company of United Technologies Corporation Carrier was struggling under its banner with declining revenues from other firms. Bloomberglet said down. 4.

It is not exclusive to Carrier workers

Ex-Trump supporters to regret voting for Trump that the president is selfish. | Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images Patient Obamacare takes back support for Trump. Next: Trump gets on the wrong side of a former football coach who had been helping him.

5. Rex Ryan gets fed up with the attacks from Trump

Ex-Bills coach Rex Ryan changed his tune on Trump. Brett Carlsen / Getty Images ICE agents are arresting respectable neighbours. As president famously promising he will build a wall on the Mexican border, Trump vowed to get tough on immigration. But Immigration and Customs not Border Control is the government department that does all the work. According to a survey from NBC News, ICE arrests under Trump are up 40% year-over-year, surprised to see respectable neighbors being arrested by ICE. Wright doesn’t automatically turn on Trump, but he has concerns about the immigration policies of the president. Next: Disapproval hits close. 7.

Those who turn on Trump aren’t alone, Trump has thrown Steve Bannon under the bus. Chip photos Somodevilla / Getty. The inner circle of Trump’s ship is jumping. Some of those voters who checked Trump’s box are being fed up. So are those people who are working for him. In the Trump White House, Sean Spicer Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon did t last one year. A former contestant on Trump’s TV show, Omarosa Manigault Newman revealed the door could be next. The last three may quit alone, instead of waiting to be shot. Next: Does this come what?

People are already tired of the way Trump does business. | The results of November 2017, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images saw some major Democratic wins. Hillary Clinton Elizabeth Warren and San Juan Puerto Rico’s mayor are just a few of the women Trump has been attacking for winning some big races on TwitterreportDemocrats. It shows the pattern of people turning on Trump is expanding wider than former football coaches and rural police chiefs employed by Carrier. Next: Do something change. 9. Many people would still do it all over again

But there are plenty of die-hard Trump fans out there. | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images Promises broken and bad attitudes are not adequate to deter any of the voters. We spoke about the ways in which Trump’s broken promises and bad behavior caused some voters to backtrack on his support. But supporters in the Trump camp are still strong. Polling done behind him by Politicostand. So while some voters vocally walk back, others remain firm backers of Trump.


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