Whats a better way than a classy haircut bald fade? Theres a popular saying about individuality–youre a mettle of your own. Okay, that can usually be extended to cover the haircut youve got. Some of us would want a theme that offers them an opportunity to stand out. Its not an easy thing to get your own hairstyle trademark, but you can make a proud choice with a little help.

Top Tide

No problem with choosing this to be your cut. You look fresh with the sides shaved clean and separated with a simple straight line from the top patch. The top patch consists of bundles of strings combined to form a flat landing but with a front ripple effect. This forms a clear line of hair that leaves your face with natural beauty.

You really need a Mohawk, but youre not a conventionalist. A young Mohawk in your party mood ensemble is what youre missing. As you step out for a date with your young-looking top crown, youre not missing anything.

Short and homogeneous, acute hairline is popular with top basketball players. Perhaps their ease of maintenance is what they like about it. Once youre finished at the barber, no further maintenance will be required until you need another slice.

vertical locks clustered into a few locks, the style gives the impression of a castle that ends in intertwined curls. Party guys will end up taking a lot of pride in the performance and thats also your dream. Its taking the real age a couple of years.

Gal Back Knot

Its borrowed from sisters and with boys its even better. hair is gathered into a single bundle and drawn in a tight knot to the back. Theres a side band-like strip left out of the bundle intentionally.

Stunning White

Imagine your head having an all-white look? You dont have to imagine because thats just what stunning white gives you. A white top mop combed backwards is going to be an amazing model and thats all a guy would want. You can go out for the party, and the promise is a great time. If youre the bold man, this is an opportunity to show it to the core.

Baby-like locks

Unless you want one, the mohawk of locks will never be so far. The short locks decorate the head in a romantic look from the front hairline to the back of the neck. The contrast that the bare sides have produced is remarkable.

Rift Crown

Bold guys would need a cut that would live up to their image. Top crown is for them a perfect match. While the medium top is combed backwards, sides are cleared. Theres an impression of a rift and that adds to the creativity of the genius. Only the top to keep the style refreshed and in shape would need attention.

Rough Top

The first time you see this cut you wouldnt be the first to fall in love with. The rough top is left with its pointed tips with a slight tilt to the front for the guys who want a not-so-lofty top. Shaved sidesadd a tall tops final impression. Aforehead is left boasting of a smooth hairline that makes you outstanding.

Medium Military

You might not call it a military cut, but theres a lot of uniform borrowing from the boys. The sides were swept into a comfortable pillow. A clear line marks the tops edge. A simple flat treat is offered to the rim, but with a slight tilt to complete the classiness here.

Military Look

Military cuts may have been made long ago, but many guys have never lost their appeal. It is closely rasped on the sides while the top is adjusted to a short size. Theres a desire to be exceptional in front and thats whats done. Yes, for your newest hairdo, its simple but stylish enough.

Sly Guy

Youre not what youre called, but the looks dont lie. When youre on the streets with shaved sides and the top is wild with waves and curls, what would you say? Youre not going to give it a different name. Youre a party guy, and thats the look for your hair that goes hand in hand with whatever sly man plans you have for the trendy youve been chasing all these years.

Bleached Craziness

It wouldnt be a bad idea for you to look all-white. Its uncommon and youre sure to turn heads. The edge is what makes this slice the fuzz because its high with its strand bundles drawn backwards.

Simple sexy

After not so much effort, every other guy would want to look sexy. Its a simple answer: hot, quick cut. Rough tips that are not in any recognizable pattern are given to the medium-sized rim. Theres no way that youre getting out all the sexiness.

Short Screens

Again, if you dont want traditional keys, you dont have to forget that you want them. Short locks will be more attractive to you. Sides are rasped into an imaginative line form, but they do not stretch beyond the back of the neck. Top locks run vertically from front to back and its an impressive look you finally get.

Loose Waves

You think its borrowed from the ladies, but it looks better on the guys. Sides do a clear shave justice (if youd say so), but the top is a definite catch. In a forward slide, its left wavy to what looks loose but dont be duped as its solid.

Smooth Slant

You wouldnt want a first experience that wont give you the first vision you want. Smooth slant begins with a compact front falling in size as it moves backwards. The fact that the sides are smooth and clearly shaved gives more prominence. A look for celebrities is never so far from you, and in this style you have it.

Flat Top with

Bangs are great additions to any cut. Its so with the flat top achieved by coiffing the hair to form a bed-like landing with bangs making a rise and then falling back to the hairline. Sides are cleared out and separated with a clear line.

Simple Short Top

Its a simple cut, but it comes with more than youd expect in such simplicity. The sides and back remain clean and the top is adjusted to a relatively short length. It is combed in front but there is no strand beyond the front hairline. Easy guys would do with ease, and heres your chance for a hairstyle thats going to be matched with your overall character.

Short Extensive

Finesse is added to the cut with cleared sides and a curved line to match the top groove. Atop patch is medium in size and extends under the head falling backwards. Its the look of a star and youre going to be sure to look for the place for any occasion.

Ram horns

This is a hair that will leave a lasting impression on your style. A thick top of back-running hair bundles contrasts with clean sides. To create an impression of ram horns, hair is made on the sides of the back cover. Its a refreshed look that can be molded to suit any event that you may attend.

Tapered Look with Bangs

This tapered look is masterful with sides and back shaved to give back effect. The top is drawn from the back heads fall. This spreads to the front where the bangs drop above the eyebrows to the floor. If youve got a thick chin beard, its all right.

Black Bowl

This all-dark design is not the typical type of bowl but the effect. The sides were broken down and trimmed. Atop is also trimmed and then a touch is given to look like dropping across the sides. Its a rocking style that gives a great look a guarantee.

Shrub Sweep

Most guys with their hairdo wouldnt want their top finely combed. If thats you, your hands will have a solution. The sides of the shrub sweep will be trimmed to an inch long and given a fine brushing downward. The top is left wavy or curly, or anything that takes your hair naturally. It starts from the back and approaches the front line all the way. Then a side sweep is given.

Browny Perky

The performers want that look and you know how to do it before they do it. Sides made to the roots of the strands leave an impressive appearance, and such an impression is worthy of a man of your stature.

Top Ripples

This is the easiest of all bald-faded cuts, but it looks sweet. While the top is left an inch or less, the sides are shaved cleanly. Its your perfect choice if youre worried about having to retouch your hair every other time. It is already popular with many guys, but thanks to its versatility, you can add a touch of uniqueness to yours.

Grill-like Sweep

Everyone agrees that side sweeps make people wonderful. Wouldnt you be in disagreement? Try this cut and youre going to be shocked at its ability to turn on gals that never wanted to say hello. The top is slightly touched by a sweep that never goes beyond the middle of one side. This is a look that will be accepted on both sides to casual and formal places if youre the type of guy.
Classic Short

Because they have so much to choose from, you wouldnt blame guys who want their hair shorter. Classic short with a short top and straight sides is one of those. Each morning you just need a hair brush and youre ready to go out. Such a theme can be easily maintained for both informal and formal events.

Stout Top

A thick top doesnt look so easy. Let the experts do that. Stout top is really the masterpiece that a deep thought must have been given to anyone who came up with it. Sides are straight and with lines angled to the form of your head; in those generic dos, you have the whole look you have never had. The focus is at the top where every strand has a brilliant walled effect to live.

Kung Fu Pony Tail

Ancient Kung Fu masters may have been good with their kicks and hand blocks, but this is not the end of their contribution. Their name was added with a hairstyle: Kung Fu pony tail. Low sides are rasped clean and then brushed smoothly. There is a wide V-mark on the back compounding this designs mastery. The pony is drawn backwards and a knot made at the back heads fall.

Undercut is certainly not an undercut, but the pattern is not absent. Sides are trimmed lower than the top but there is no real undercut because the top seems to break from the bottom.

Rounded Curly Top

On the lower sides, the sides are shaved to form a rounded band. For medium size, the top is left. It goes up and forth forming a figure like a tree. It remains with its natural curls. Afront is grooved into a thick and round effect with a clear hairline.

Wild Top

If you are looking for long hair that will remain solid on your head top, the wild top is a sure promise. To expose the skull slightly, the sides are shaved. Top tips are cut in wild waves and curls, but nothing more as they are turned to the left.

Trendy Guy

This is a style for your hair for those guys who dont want to spare their handsomess from head to toe. Sloping sides were shaved to create layer depth and partitioned by a clear straight line from the top. A flat top with a not-so-smooth tooth is combed upwards to the top. This is certainly going to tell you about the style consciousness.

Serious Look

This is acute for your needs if you like something thats going to be on the serious edge. Sides are closely shaved to form two different layers. Atop is separated by a clear straight line falling backwards from the sides. It is then combed in a medium size on one side and youre going to like the final look.

Medium Comb Back

The appearance is dominated by the top with the sides trimmed and combed to a shorter size. Then top is combed backwards but not like the sides to a finer degree. Every strand emphasizes simplicity. This is their best bet that can be retouched in less than a minute for the guys who dont have much time in their pockets.

All you need for a new look is to get funky. After all, for years you dont have to recycle a style. Get Punked and get your youth back. Cut the sides closely and leave the top moderately thick. Itd fit the upcoming event youd like to be in your excellent element. Take your chances and youre not going to regret that in your trendy life this style has been missing.

Real flatness

The other models are trying to imitate the top flat top but this is the real deal. To the last row, the sides are removed. The top is balanced to a sleek look. At all corners, the precisely cut edges give the top patch a wall-like barricade. The front is cut at a slanting angle adding to the styles exquisite. Its a cut of the 90s but still popular among a lot of trendy people.

Mimicked Sweep

The intensity of this style in each strand would not be missing. Top is the ultimate focus with the look of the bad boy. Asingle band at the front still makes it stand out and anywhere you walk you wont miss the ladies looks. What else would you like to be fashionable and noticed in a hairstyle?

Flaky Cut

Flaky hair is not present. Far from it, you have solid skin, but to expose it as delicate, you need an image. The low sides will be shaved and brushed for smoothness by a flaky cut. Top is what waves and curls are left to its natural means. It is peeled to the front and the finish is mercurial.

Modernist Mohawk Lets say youre not a typical Mohawk man. A Mohawk modernist is not the names slave. Its a treat, but youre going to get more than youre going to bargain for. The top is wavy and curvy, and as they are cleaned out, the sides will make a cool blend. Youre at home with this look for the funky and cute guy.

Brown Sparkling

The truth is that every strand has a sparkle. Double-layered sides contribute to a longer top mop that remains wavy but combined to form a solid appearance. Its a great cut that can be seen from a distance. Such a choice would be perfect for a change and you can take advantage of its adaptability.

Nice Guy Appearance

Another short style but a promise of flexibility. Its shaved from the head to about an inch or less. A smooth connection to the sideburns is left to the sides. Its a definite look of a nice guy in all ways. Regardless of the shape of your face or head, this cut complements you all. You can go anywhere and be a catchy look for those around you.

Short Block

Its not such an effort for block-like heads to get something with it. Its what it means to be the short row. Adding short bangs to the front makes it the best style. Especially when viewed by someone shorter than you, it gives the head loftiness.

Crazy Dreads

If you can have a modern version of it, you dont have to stick to classic dreads. Crazy dreads look like the real deal, but with an advanced appeal and easy maintenance this time. The sides are left bare as the top is filed up to the neck region with backward running locks. The front line is exposed vividly and the faces beauty is to be seen.


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