haircut pompadour for men

Without the pompadour look, no style could be considered rockabilly in the 1950s. While evidence of the presence of this style suggests that it was worn in the 1700s, it spread to all parts of the world in the 1950s. The pompadour is back in style, but to make sure it can keep up with the changing times, some new variants have been given. Nowadays there are more variations than ever before in this traditional style. And as more and more people continue to play with the pompadour, it will soon be one of the most common haircut designs, if not the most popular. If youre thinking about trying out this eye-catching haircut below, you can try out 75 variants of this style.

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Old School Pomp Cut

A few decades ago, when people used to spend a lot of money and time on their heads, the old school pomp would take you back. Everything seems exaggerated in this pompadour haircut, at least by the standards of today. The pompadour is large in width and height, and it looks like a foreign object on top of the head, but it still makes a good haircut for people with larger foreheads as it draws attention away from it.

Side Pompadour

The side pompadour doesnt look as rockable as the regular pompadour, and thats what people wear it most love about. It also doesnt seem too conservative, so its appropriate for a person who wants something between the two extremes. The side part combines the two styles good aspects to give you another cut you want to wear on a regular basis.

Short Pump With high Fade

A pompadour doesnt always have to be high and tall to look good, so that people who prefer shorter hair can get the short pump and look great in it. Since the pump is short, if you pair it with a high fade, it will be more emphasized. To order to draw more attention to your pompadour, the hair on the sides will vanish two inches from the top hairs.

Tall / Long hair Pump

It may be difficult for men with long hair to lose some of it in order to get a pompadour haircut, but this cut should console them as it is much longer and taller than most other cuts. The trick is to try to make the top hair as long as possible and use wax, pomade or a quality gel to style the pompadour to make it as high as possible. If you leave the top hair long enough, this style is very easy to wear.

Pompadour Cut Graduated and Texturized

Tall Pompadour and Blended Sides

height is the main idea behind this cut, so you need to give a good length to the top hairs to wear this cut. You also need to shave the sides and back in such a way that they fit in with the top by slowly reducing the size from the top as you pass to the back of the head and ears. This cut should, in other words, have a graduated top.

Angular / Modern

The angular pump introduces this traditional haircut in the twenty-first century with very short shaved sides (Clippers on grade one). If you feel brave or experimental, for a more interesting look, you should ask the barber to shave your crown far up. Then the top hairs are angularly styled to complete the look.

Classic Pompadour

This is the original or the old pompadour and this style is based on all the modern variations of this cut. Clipped but not too short are the sides and back of the head in this cut because the scalp should not be exposed. The edges should be tightly tapered, but you should be careful to maintain some length throughout the head. As more length is retained on the sides, this cut should suit most faces but is best for people with long faces as it retains a balance between the top and sides.

The Classic Elvis Style Pomp

Elvis Presley is one of the people who made this haircut famous a few decades ago, so its only fair to have a cut or style named after him. The classic look of Elvis is quite popular, involving fairly longer top hair and tapered sides, but with short cut back and sides, you can also have it. Pomade is the best hair product that this pompadour should be used to style.
Rockabilly Style Pompadour

If you have some ability to wear pompadours, you can get this style without visiting a barber, as all you need is a comb and a good product. Nevertheless, the barber has to cut back hair in layers and bangs for a permanent and well-defined rockabilly pompadour. Its an easy style to cut, so it can be cut correctly by most barbers.

Jellyroll Style Pompadour

Jellyroll is a popular British mens style, and it looks even more attractive when combined with a pompadour at the top of the head. The back is reduced to a size smaller than the top section in this cut and then divided vertically into two sections. Each side is then swept from the other to create the jellyroll in the opposite direction.

Medium length Pompadour

This cut is best suited to men who prefer quick or less detailed cutting. The hairs at the top are not very high above the head as the pompadour is made of medium in height and the sides are faded to complete a simple look. As it is basic but still trendy, this cut can be worn as a formal or casual look.

Bald Fade Disconnected Pump

The bald fade disconnected pump is a popular style among men who are long or medium in length and want to show it as much as they want to get a pompadour. In this cut, the top hair is left with a side parting long and then disconnected from the base hair. The lower section of the head is then disconnected from the face by a bald fade in order to draw attention to the beard on the face. The beard should be maintained well with the beautifully crafted pomp.

high Fade Pompadour

This cut will take some barbering skills. Unlike the simple razor faded pomp, this one on the sides does not expose the scalp, but almost exposing it goes very close. That makes it different from the low fade pompadour is the size of the side hairs, and so the barber has to know the exact height to have on the sides to get the cut right.

Pompadour and Undercuts

Undercuts can make even the most dull haircuts look outstanding and so if you combine it with an unbelievable style like this youll look beautiful. The traditional or classic cut of pompadour is made on the top hairs in this cut, while the sides and back are almost exposed to the scalp. This cut is ideal for men with round heads because, by adding some height to the head, it can draw attention from the face width.

Extreme Pompadour is a modern look that should be worn by people with a round or oval nose. The sides are clipped to grade one in this cut. You can also call a skin fade where the haircut ends with no grade on the clippers to make the cut even more severe. To ensure that you keep more length in this section, the hair at the top should be clipped as high as possible. Finally, you can wear or disconnect this cut connected to the crown to allow the hair to hang under the crown.

The Shiny Pompadour

This cut is a classic pompadour variation. The main difference between the two cuts is that this cuts hair is brighter. The cut is made similar to the classic pompadour, but to make the shine more visible, the top hairs are slightly longer. You should use a generous amount of pomade or gel of good quality after the cut to keep the hair in place and make it shiny. You can also use any other product, especially in the top section, that can make your hair shine.

high-fade Pompadour

This is the right pompadour for you if you have thick or voluminous hair. The top hair is long and voluminous, so it produces a huge yet chic appearance when it is styled into a pompadour. The theme comes to an end with a smooth fast fade. It is important to highly fad the sides and back as it helps to draw attention to the huge pompadour on top.

Razor Faded Pompadour

Although this is a very common pompadour style, cutting it correctly takes a professional barber and a lot of patience. Razor faded pompadour is created by first wetting the hair and from tempo to crown creating a horizontal side part. The side hairs are then blended into three layers in order to expose the scalp, the lower layer being shaved very closely with the Clippers at grade zero. The other layers are then blended in to finish the razor-faded pompadour with the exposed surface of the scalp.

Quiff Pompadour

To get an impressive look, its amazing how you can play with the pompadour. The quiff may be one of this styles best variations as it combines the traditional pompadour with a flat top. The front is brushed forward in this cut, but how the side and back hairs are cut is what makes it unique.

Sideburns Pompadour

Sideburns are an added advantage to any haircut, but its important to trim and form them to fit in with the specific haircut you want to wear. Because the pompadour is bigger and wider, you will need to pair it with smaller and thicker sideburns. If your sideburns arent thick enough then by shaving them absolutely, youd look better in a pompadour.

Slicked Back Pompadour

The top hairs are left with an extra height in the sliced back pompadour to allow the wearer to sweep them back with a comb. In this cut, it is possible to close or fad the sides and back, but the top hair remains longer than a classic pompadour. Then you can apply a smooth product to the hair and slick the hair back with a comb.

Natural Loose hair Pompadour

Men with naturally loose hair may also have a pompadour and look good in it as long as they have one that goes well with their hair type. Loose hair can be challenging to work with, but if you keep things as simple as in this pompadour, you wont have any trouble. In this cut, all you have to do is leave the top hairs in a medium length that can be sliced off. On the sides and back of the head, you should then make a skin fade. A side part is optional, but having it as it can enhance your look is a good idea.

Part Bald Fade With Beard

If youre not the type of mind going bald on the sides and back of the head, then you can try this style of pumping. Start with a side part and sweep to one side the longer front hairs. Next you should create a baseline with the hair on the crown of the head after the baseline, then slightly fade an inch or so of the hair. You can create a small bald part that is attached to your face after the fade. You should also reduce your beards size to a smooth size that fits well with your pump.