Ideas to decorate a candy table

Ideas to decorate a candy table - spectacular

If you are preparing a wedding or a family reunion, you may have in mind decorating a candy table so that everyone can enjoy an incredible evening and that it becomes something very special for the guests. Candy tables are also known as candy bar and they are common at weddings, baby showers, communions, formal gatherings or any event you want to celebrate. There are small sweet tables and others that are a real decorative spectacle.

A candy table is not only a table to eat sweets, it is a table that helps to decorate the room and that offers great possibilities to create a magical space full of opportunities. It will never leave guests indifferent because it is a good way to nibble on something absolutely delicious. Keep reading this oneHOWTO article to discover spectacular ideas for decorating a candy table.

Colors to decorate sweet tables

The first thing to keep in mind is that you must follow a color palette that fits with the decoration of the rest of the room. Ideally, choose one color palette in pastel shades so that they go well in decorating with sweets. Although the colors in pastel tones do not have to be something exclusive and less if those colors do not go well with the theme of the party.

What is essential is that the color palette you choose fit well in decoration and that it is balanced with the rest of the decorative ideas.

Ideas to decorate a candy table - spectacular - Colors to decorate sweet tables

Themes for sweet tables

It is very important to follow a theme when decorating a candy table. It is clear that the theme will have a lot to do with the central event. For example, if the party is for the arrival of a baby, the theme will focus on this with decoration of pacifiers, colored bows, booties, etc.

On the other hand, if the theme focuses on a wedding the decoration of the theme should be centered on the bride and groom, the union of two people in marriage, etc.

If, for example, the theme is within a children’s birthday partyThen you will have to think about the theme of the party, such as a princess, car or pirate party. The colors will also have to fit with the chosen theme.

Sweet tables for different ages

For all the comments in the previous paragraph, it will be necessary to think about whether the candy table will be oriented to adults or children. If the table is aimed at children, it is not appropriate for you to complicate yourself too much in the decoration because children do not pay so much attention to the details and they do pay more attention to the content. Candy, cupcakes, chocolate clouds, lollipops, jelly beans skewers, worms, puffed rice, popcorn, etc. All this can be a success at the children’s party.

If the candy table is aimed at adults, then it will be necessary to think of other types of sweets and accompany a more elaborate decoration so that adults are totally impressed.

Ideas to decorate a candy table - spectacular - Sweet tables for different ages

Accessories for sweet tables

When decorating a candy table you should also think about accessories and details. On a candy table, you can not miss a nice tablecloth according to the decoration, drinks, cutlery, plastic cups, colored garlands and decorative details that fit the decoration.

A great idea is add different heights because that way it will visually look much better. You can do it with flat trays and then a higher shelf. You can put boxes under the tablecloth to play with the heights and keep it looking attractive.

And, of course, you cannot miss colored stationery to decorate each corner taking into account to create precious details on the table that go according to the decoration of the event. Do you already know how you are going to decorate the candy table for your guests? Also do not miss the decoration ideas that we show you in the following articles:

Ideas to decorate a candy table - spectacular - Accessories for sweet tables

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