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How to Use iPhone X with One Hand?ByNovak Bozovic-November 8, 2017.646

iOs 11: One-Handed Keyboard

What is the new single-hand keyboard exactly? Well this option allows you to eitherthe left or right of the default iOs keyboard. This will allow you to type more comfortably with a single hand. You know the iPhone X comes with a big keyboard – which is what makes this function really significant. It’s also worth knowing that the one-handed keyboard isn’t for iPhone X exclusive. If you bought the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus you can also find this option and use it. The one-handed keyboard is a lifesaver on larger iPhone, as our readers have reported.

How to Use iPhone X with One Hand?

There are two ways to turn this function on. Let’s first look at how to trigger it momentarily: open a message or an email – or any part of iOs that needed the virtual keyboard to appear on the screen; now choose the left or right keyboard icon; that’s it! You’re going to see your new keyword and now you can quickly type with one hand. .647 As you’ll see, next to the keyboard is a white arrow you just selected. Clicking on it will allow you to switch between the two single-handed keyboard modes.

Allow a single-handed keyboard by following our guide found above. But it will not stay disabled forever. However, by default, there is a way to enable this feature: open the Settings app on your iPhone X; now navigate to General> Keyboard;