How to spell begin or begin

How to spell begin or begin

When we speak, we often forget that, regardless of our pronunciation, words can be spelled differently, so it is important to respect their spelling if our goal is to write properly. This type of confusion occurs especially with the use of the c, the s and the z, generating spelling errors in many cases. Doubts about how to spell begin or begin?, in we clarify it for you.


The verb to begin It means starting something, starting to use an object or to consume any food or substance, also being used as a synonym for beginning or beginning. Although in everyday language we do not pronounce the z, this word must always be written with this letter, starting is the correct way to do it.

Some examples of its use are:

  • “From tomorrow I will start the diet”
  • “Must start to think about the future ”
  • “Do not delay in start homework or you’ll finish too late ”

* Start

For its part the word * start It is not registered in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, which is why its use is considered incorrect. Although when we speak it seems that we use the s instead of the z, it is important to remember that the proper spelling of this word is to begin.

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