How to remove rust from the bathtub

How to remove rust from the bathtub

Rust in bathrooms is a common problem in many homes. Sinks, taps or bathtubs are some of the elements most affected by these undesirable stains. If they have appeared in your bathtub or shower and you don’t know how to get rid of them, at we bring you the solution. In this article you will learn how to remove rust from the bathtub with a simple and inexpensive home remedy. Take note and leave your bathtub rust free. It will look like new!

Steps to follow:


To get rid of rust from your home bathtub quickly and economically, we recommend using white vinegar or lemon juice. The properties of both products and their acidity will help to remove rust stains easily.


Spray a good squirt of vinegar or lemon juice directly on the rust stain. If the rusted area occupies a large area of ​​the bathtub, we advise you to soak a dry cloth with one of the two products and rub the bathtub stain with it.


When you have the area of ​​the bathtub soaked with the vinegar or lemon juice, let the product sit and its properties take effect. When you notice that the rust stain has slightly disappeared, it will be a sign that the remedy is working.


Next, rinse the bathtub with a large amount of fresh water and wipe it off. rust dirt. If you see that the stain is very difficult to remove, we recommend repeating the previous steps and reapplying citric acids to the stubborn rust stain to finally disappear.


If neither the vinegar nor the juice provide a solution, because the rust is too embedded in the bathtub, we recommend pouring a good jet of bleach on the stain. Then let the product sit for about twelve hours before removing it.


Once the required time has passed, rinse the bathtub well with a large amount of cold water and rub the rusted area with a dry cloth to make the stain disappear finally. You will notice the difference!

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