How to remove pimples from your arms

How to remove pimples from your arms

The white pimples on the arms, which can sometimes also be red, are medically known as keratosis pilaris. It is a fairly common genetic skin condition that manifests itself mostly in women, and although it does not represent a major medical problem, it can affect our dermis aesthetically, making our skin look unhealthy and attractive. The keratosis pilaris There is no cure, however it is possible to treat it and improve the appearance of the dermis with some solutions, that is why at we explain how to remove pimples from the arms and show off much healthier skin.

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The keratosis pilaris It occurs due to the accumulation of keratin in the follicles of the pores of the skin and although it is not dangerous or bothersome, this condition compromises the appearance of our dermis making it not look smooth and healthy.

Some simple measures can help you significantly reduce the presence of this condition, making it possible to wear sleeveless or short-sleeved garments without any problem.


To remove pimples from the arms and combat this condition, it is recommended to use a lotion that contains lactic acid. This ingredient helps remove excess protein from the skin, which over time will lead to a substantial decrease in marks in the affected area, improving its appearance.

These types of creams are available over the counter and do not require a prescription to purchase them.

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The body creams with urea, ideal for sensitive skin like yours, they are also perfect for removing pimples from the arms and reducing keratosis pilaris. This substance favors the removal of keratin and dead skin cells, making it ideal for deeply hydrating and improving the appearance of the dermis that suffer from this condition.

It is recommended to apply twice a day and if possible also combine with a liquid soap that contains urea, you will notice the difference.

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Those who suffer from pimples on the arms have sensitive skin and therefore it is important to treat it as such, so avoid:

  • Use antibacterial or very strong soaps, you must use products for sensitive skin that are highly hydrating.
  • Use very hard sponges or horsehair gloves, which will mistreat your skin.
  • Do not hydrate your skin, it is very important to maintain its moisture to reduce and hide the marks on your arms.


Another ideal solution to remove pimples from the arms is exfoliate your skin once a week with a gentle scrub. This will help reduce the presence of dead cells and the accumulation of keratin, thus improving the appearance of your skin.

You can buy a commercial body scrub or do it at home, if you opt for that alternative in our article how to make a homemade body scrub we explain the step by step to do it.

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Apply some natural oil in the affected area it will also help you fight this condition and keep your skin beautiful and in perfect condition with minimal effort. You can apply coconut oil for cosmetic use or olive oil on your arms once or twice a week, leave it on overnight for maximum hydration.

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We also recommend doing it once a week oatmeal baths, which will help reduce injuries and marks on the arms, reduce itching, exfoliate the skin and also hydrate it. It is an ideal alternative when you want to nourish your dermis as much as possible, so if you want to put it into practice we invite you to read our article how to make an oatmeal bath.

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In addition to following all the previous recommendations, if you want get the pimples out of the arms we recommend you:

  • Always bathe with warm water as very hot water increases sensitivity and increases the presence of pimples.
  • Whenever possible, take 15 minutes of sun on your arms, this practice helps to dry and hide the presence of pimples, improving their appearance.
  • Avoid low temperatures, in winter it is important that you keep your skin twice as hydrated to keep keratosis pilaris under control.
  • If none of the above measures helps to improve your problem, then it is time to consult a dermatologist to evaluate the possibility of applying some professional treatment.

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