How to prepare NACHOS with melted CHEESE

How to make nachos with cheese

The nachos They are a typically Mexican dish and can be accompanied by an infinity of sauces, although one of the most common recipes is Nachos with cheese. It is usually used cheddar cheese cast as a companion to the corn triangles, although it can also be done with the one you like the most. In this oneHOWTO article, you will discover step by step how to make nachos with cheese.

In addition to making this delicious melted cheese sauceYou can also add other ingredients to give your chips more flavor and personality, such as jalapeños, meat, chicken, guacamole or bacon. No matter how you prepare them, the melted cheese base will be the key to making your nachos the favorite of a night with friends.

30 minutes
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To prepare the cheese sauce for the nachos, you should place the milk or cream in a saucepan or in a small pot and add the cheddar cheese. In case you prefer, you can use some other variety of cheese that you like better, but cheddar sauce is classic because it is a cheese for nachos which melts very well.


Over low heat, to know how to make nachos with cheese, you will have to get the cheese melts and mix with the milk; pay attention that the cheese does not stick in the saucepan or burn. You can go adding more milk to get the right texture, but always try to add it little by little so that it is not too runny.

How to Make Cheesy Nachos - Step 2


Once the cream cheese is the right consistency, you can add some spice as it could be oregano or even add jalapeno peppers, onion or peppers. You can give the personal touch that you want to the sauce to accompany the nachos, as a trick we tell you that nachos with cheese and jalapeño It is a perfect delicacy if you like spicy food.

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Finally, you should only pour the cheese sauce over the nachos and ready to eat! Your guests are sure to lick their fingers and leave the plate completely empty with this Mexican recipe so widespread throughout the world.

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Other options you have is to prepare nachos with cheese and bacon. To make them, you just have to fry bacon cubes and add them to the cheese sauce when it is ready. Bathe your chips in this exquisite mixture and they will become the perfect appetizer for a different dinner.


It is also very common to prepare nachos with cheese and meat or nachos with cheese and chicken. In this case, the important thing is to prepare a very rich meat or chicken stir-fry that you can use to accompany the nachos. Pour the cheese sauce on top of the meat and it will be spectacular. To know how to make nachos with meat, visit our recipe How to make nachos with minced meat.

Other nachos recipes that you cannot stop trying are those of nachos with cheese and guacamole and nachos with red sauce, a true feast of mexican nachos!

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