How to Prepare a Vermouth – Easy

How to prepare a vermouth

Do you know what the drink currently fashionable? If he vermouth! And it is that although it is a preparation with many years of tradition, drinking vermouth is now something trendy and typical of the most hipsters. And although going out to drink vermouth A bar or winery is great, it is also possible to drink it at home and save some money. So don’t wait any longer and discover with this OneHowTo article the steps to prepare a vermouth.

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Steps to follow:


Vermouth or vermouth is an alcoholic beverage that is made from wine, absinthe and some other spices such as cardamom or cinnamon. Its name derives from the French vermouth —Which is why some people write it that way— which in turn comes from the German term wermut which is how absinthe is known, the plant that gives it its characteristic flavor.

It is important to note that there are different types of vermouth that, broadly speaking, we can separate in two:

  • red or sweet
  • white or dry

So the first step to prepare a good vermouth It will be the choice of the one that most attracts us. The difference between both varieties will be marked mainly by the amount of sugar they contain, as well as the alcohol content.

How to prepare a vermouth - Step 1


Similarly, before serve the vermouth You should bear in mind that it can be prepared in different glasses:

  • Short glass of beer or wine, wide and low of relatively fine crystal
  • Slightly wider and taller glass made of slightly thicker glass
  • Oval cup
  • Martini glass

If you opt for sweet or red vermouth, it will be important that you do not serve it in a tall glass, but the best option will always be a short glass.

How to prepare a vermouth - Step 2


It will be very important too serve the vermouth very cold, so you can choose to add ice or choose to chill it in the fridge or refrigerator a few hours before and keep it in an ice bucket. Although the first option is usually the most widespread, the truth is that some people do not want to water down their drink and prefer not to ice it.

How to prepare a vermouth - Step 3


When preparing vermouth, it is also very common to add a complement to the glass that provides a touch of different flavor to drink:

  • orange peel or peel in red vermouth
  • olives or lemon in white vermouth
How to prepare a vermouth - Step 4


It will also be important that you know that it is possible reduce the vermouth —Since its alcoholic graduation ranges between 13 and 18º— with a siphon or soda, especially in the case of red vermouth. Likewise, there are those who add a splash of white wine to reduce its concentration.

How to prepare a vermouth - Step 5


And remember that ‘make the vermouth‘is an expression that not only includes this drink, but currently in Spain it is associated with the fact of accompanying it with an aperitif or tapas to take it at noon. Thus, it is usual for vermouth to be associated with olives, potato chips and preserves such as cockles, mussels, etc. But we can also opt for something more elaborate like some tasty patatas bravas or a Galician octopus, for example.

And to enjoy the delicious vermouth!

How to prepare a vermouth - Step 6

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