How to make Venezuelan parakeet – Easy

How to make Venezuelan parakeet


The parakeet is always a good option for a delicious breakfast, and this way of doing scrambled eggs has become one of the most popular dishes in Venezuela to start the day with energy. It is also a perfect alternative to fill arepas or eat with a slice of bread. Not sure how to prepare this traditional recipe? In OneHowTo we explain how to make Venezuelan parakeet.

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Steps to follow:


The parakeet It is a traditional way of preparing scrambled eggs in Venezuela, being a very complete and delicious alternative.

The amount of eggs that we will use for this recipe will vary depending on the number of diners, the most convenient is to calculate 2 eggs per person, and the amount of tomato and onion proportional.


Chop the onion into very small cubes, taking into account that the protagonists must be the eggs. If you make a recipe with 8 eggs for four people, half a small onion will suffice.

How to make Venezuelan parakeet - Step 2


Then chop a tomato also into small cubes. If it is ripe, much better because it will add more flavor to the parakeet.

How to make Venezuelan parakeet - Step 3


Add two tablespoons of oil to a nonstick skillet and heat over medium low heat. Some people like to also add a tablespoon of butter to add more flavor to the preparation, if you want you can do it.

Once the oil is hot, add the onion and tomato and fry for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Salt and pepper to taste

How to make Venezuelan parakeet - Step 4


Beat the eggs in a bowl. The better the robes, the more delicious and fluffy your parakeet will be. Once the onion and tomato are cooked and ready, add the eggs to the pan and stir.


The point of the parakeet is personal taste. Some people prefer it dry and golden, others a little more humid. Get the point that you like the most and, once ready, turn off the heat. Taste and touch up the salt and pepper if necessary.

Ready! in a few minutes you can enjoy a delicious parakeet, perfect for an amazing scrambled egg breakfast.

How to make Venezuelan parakeet - Step 6

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