How to make aubergine omelette

How to make aubergine omelette


Although the most traditional is potatoes, the tortillas They can be prepared with any food that comes to mind or that you have at home. From sausages like chorizo, until all vegetables: spinach, asparagus, zucchini … through tuna or cod. That is why in this OneHowTo article we want to explain the steps to follow to quickly and easily prepare a eggplant omelette.

45 minutes
Low difficulty


Steps to follow:


The first step to prepare the eggplant omelette will be cut the eggplant and salt it so they release excess water and bitterness. You can choose between cutting it lengthwise and adding salt to it, or already dicing it and putting it in a container with water and salt.

How to make aubergine omelette - Step 1



On the other hand, you should peel and chop the onion Or, if you prefer, you can pass it through the mincer to make it smaller. For this step, our article on how not to cry with onion can be very useful.

How to make aubergine omelette - Step 2


While you cut the onion, put a frying pan with oil on the fire so that it warms up. Once the oil is very hot, add the chopped onion properly salted and sauté until it takes color.

How to make eggplant omelette - Step 3



Next – in case you had not done it in the first step -, you must dice the eggplant and add it to the pan where we have already added the onion. There are those who choose to peel it but, if you prefer, you can also keep the skin well washed.

How to make eggplant omelette - Step 4



In a large enough bowl or bowl, crack the eggs, add a little salt and beat them either with a fork or some hand rods. When the eggplant is soft and the onion is well cooked, pour them into the beaten egg and mix well.

How to make eggplant omelette - Step 5


Put a fire on nonstick skillet -which can be the same one where you have sautéed the vegetables- over the fire and, when it is hot, add the mixture of aubergine, onion and egg. With the help of a wooden spoon or spatula, give it a few turns so that the egg begins to set, and gradually shape it into an omelette.

How to make eggplant omelette - Step 6



Finally, you must flip the tortilla with the help of a plate, a pan lid or a plate with a handle specially designed for turning tortillas. You can repeat the action several times so that the egg is well cooked and the eggplant omelette has the right consistency.

How to make eggplant omelette - Step 7


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