How to make a lemon and sugar mask

How to make a lemon and sugar mask

The lemon benefits they are multiple. It is high in vitamin C, works as a great antioxidant and helps fight calcium deposits. In addition, the healing properties of lemon should not be forgotten, which make it perfect for home beauty treatments. Lemon is antibacterial and healing, hence it is a regular on the list of beauty tricks against acne. At, we explain how to make a lemon and sugar mask and thus get the best out of this citrus.

Steps to follow:


The lemon It is a very common fruit, which you can easily find in any greengrocer or supermarket. The ingredients to use for this mask are therefore basic.


The benefits of lemon in beauty tips are varied. Works against acne, because it is a antibacterial, but it also serves to unify the skin tone and fight against Sunspots.


In addition, masks that have lemon as the main ingredient are suitable for combination or oily skin.


A tablespoon of sugar and a lemon are the only ingredients you need for this mask. Get a mixing bowl and cotton to apply to your face. The end result will be more liquid than creamy, pouring it using only your fingers is complicated.


Squeeze the juice of a lemon and add the sugar. Mix well and you will have your mask. If you want to increase the exfoliating power, increase the amount of sugar or use brown sugar.


Apply the mixture to the skin, helping you with the cotton, and make circular movements with your fingers to take effect.


Leave on for a few minutes (do not exceed 15 or 20) and remove with water.

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