How to make a Christmas Crib

The Bethlehem represents the birth of Jesus and this gives rise to the Christmas festivities. In most homes, the whole house is decorated with Christmas decorations and the Christmas Crib is mounted, which is usually done at the beginning of December. Tradition says that all members of the house must build and contribute ideas so that a spectacular Nativity scene can be left, therefore you will spend a lot of fun with your loved ones decorating and making Christmas crafts.

If you like handmade Nativity scenes or if you like to make Homemade Christmas nativity scenes You will be interested in this simple step by step because, then, in this oneHOWTO article we explain you step by step how to make a Christmas Crib. Take note of these ideas to make an original Nativity scene!

Steps to follow:


To explain to you how to make a Christmas Nativity scene at home, we indicate that the first thing to do is find the best place from your house. You can do it in the fireplace, on a table or in a place where you usually spend time with the family when celebrating Christmas. In this case we have chosen a place at the entrance of the house.

How to make a Christmas Crib - Step 1


Once you have chosen the ideal place, we continue with this guide on how to make a handmade Christmas Crib. Now you will have to put the moss to simulate a Green field. Try to be generous with the moss since there can be no spaces without being filled; in this way, you will achieve a much more visual and realistic effect. In this other article you can see a video on How to place moss and cork in the Christmas Crib.

You also have to simulate the river that you can do it with silver foil, for example. To promote its truest aspect, you can try placing ducks on the river water or, also, you can try making a waterfall. At oneHOWTO we offer you a video in which you can learn How to make a waterfall for the Nativity scene.

How to make a Christmas Crib - Step 2


Next, you will have to start design the landscape what will be at the bottom of our Christmas nativity scene; For this we recommend that you use cardboard or special cork boxes to simulate the mountains. You can do the Bethlehem portal in the way you want, but big enough to be able to put all the necessary figurines. With sand you can simulate paths for the Magi can reach the portal of Bethlehem.

How to make a Christmas Crib - Step 3


Next you will have to put the houses of the village that you think are necessary, as well as barns, corrals, etc. What surely cannot be missing is the Nativity scene and, in our case, we have built it with the same cork that simulated mountains; although, if you prefer, you can buy the portal in a specialized store. Other buildings can be the houses in the mountains, houses of the shepherds, walls, wells, etc. Put what you think is necessary and you like.

How to make a Christmas Crib - Step 4


Now it is the turn of put all nativity scene characters. Unleash your imagination and make the birth come alive with all kinds of people and animals: shepherds, sheep, shepherd dogs, walkers, etc. What is essential are the Three Wise Men with their camels, the pages, the baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the ox and the mule.

For make the birth in the portal of Bethlehem In your Christmas manger, keep in mind that the baby Jesus is the center of attention, so he will be placed in the center of the portal lying on a Manger. To his left the Virgin, with the ox behind, and to the right Saint Joseph, with the mule behind. Another figure that you can put is the angel on top of the Bethlehem portal, it is not essential but we do recommend that you have it. Depending on the space you have to make your Christmas crib at home, you can choose to make a nativity scene with large figures or you will have to opt for ideas for small Christmas natives for the portal.

If you want to opt for a different idea, at OneHOWTO we will discover how to make original Bethlehem portals so that you can choose the one you like the most.

How to make a Christmas Crib - Step 5


Add accessories to improve the Nativity scene. You can add lights that simulate fire, a light inside the portal of Bethlehem, snow for the mountains, a bridge to cross the river, the star of Bethlehem at the bottom of the birth on the portal, etc. Another thing you can do is simulate snow found in the mountains, for this you can pour flour with a strainer over the cork.

Here you can see a video about How to create snow for the Manger.

How to make a Christmas Crib - Step 6


In case you don’t want to buy figures for the Christmas Crib and that you prefer to make them yourself because you love Christmas crafts and want make a homemade nativity scene, we recommend a oneHOWTO article in which we propose ideas about How to make a Nativity Scene with recycled materials. Making recycled nativity scenes is a very original idea, it is fashionable, it takes care of the planet and it is economical, without forgetting that the whole family will have a great time.

How to make a Christmas Crib - Step 7

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  • Buy enough moss to cover the entire Crib, as it is important not to leave any gaps left uncovered.