How to make a cheese omelette

How to make a cheese omelette

The cheese omelettes they are a perfect option to enjoy a nutritious and light dinner. They are dishes that all members of your family will like and can be accompanied by a delicious green salad or a vegetable cream to ensure that the food contains all the essential nutrients. In OneHowTo we tell you how to make a cheese omelette and enjoy a delicious recipe that is very simple to prepare.

15 minutes
Low difficulty


Steps to follow:


The first thing to get Make a Cheese Omelette is to put a jet of oil in a frying pan and heat it over low heat. While the oil is heating, we must break the two eggs in a separate container.


In the container where we have broken the eggs, we must add a little water, a pinch of salt and begin to beat everything so that the egg yolk breaks and the cheese omelette can be made.


Next, we will have to put this first mixture in the pan that we had on the fire and when we see that the bottom of the tortilla is golden and solid we will have to remove the omelette of fire.


Sprinkle the grated cheese on the raw part of the tortilla so that it is fully integrated into the interior of the tortilla and gratin the cheese omelette in the oven until we see how the top that was raw begins to brown and swell.


When we see that the cheese omelette It is already golden brown, we must remove it from the oven and fold it in half so that it can be served on a plate and ready to enjoy!


If you do not want Make Cheese Omelet In the oven you can also make the same recipe mixing in “Instruction 2” the cheese in the container with the rest of the ingredients. It is also very good!

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