how to know if there is infidelity of couple

Under normal conditions and sticking only to what they have always tried to put into our heads since we are aware of it, an infidelity it is the meaning of having sex with another person who is not your formal partner. Even so, that conception in these times has become obsolete, since various types of infidelities can occur in a couple. Infidelity with a sexual act is not the only form of adultery that exists.

According to the RAE, the literal meaning of the word infidelity is ‘lack of fidelity’, which can be translated into a deception, and if it is in a couple, then a breakdown of those unsigned agreements and commitments that exist in a relationship. Fidelity is one of the greatest pillars that sustain a couple, and when it is seen compromised in some way, it takes a lot for things to work as before.

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A study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, carried out by a group of Norwegian researchers, concluded that “an infidelity hurts the same even if the sexual act has not occurred”.

Infidelity It is not only sexual, you can cheat on your partner in many ways, there are many types of cheating and here we will tell you about them.


Fidelity is one of the greatest pillars that sustain a couple, and when it is compromised in some way, it takes a lot for the relationship to function as before. (Pixabay)

Types of deception


It is that infidelity in which one of the two parties, the one who is unfaithful, deliberately plans the act of infidelity, such as those people who join a social network and plan appointments with another person outside of their relationship with the clear objective to cheat on your partner, usually, although not always for a sexual purpose.


This kind of infidelity has been increasing exponentially more and more, especially with the ease of accessing the technologies available today. Social networks, free instant messaging applications, dating apps, among others.

Commit a virtual infidelity not necessarily refers to talking with a person through these virtual means to later plan a physical appointment. Many times, digital media are a way of escaping from reality and sometimes it happens when the partner is close.

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Emotional and affective

One of the infidelities perhaps harder to digest when it is discovered, because in this case affective feelings towards a third person begin to be included. It is also called romantic infidelity, and it is not necessarily linked to sexual contact. It is probably one of the most painful.

Signs that your partner may be cheating

Knowing if your partner is cheating on you is not always an easy task, but there are certain behaviors and attitudes that can guide you and indicate that something is happening, such as:

1. You begin to feel your partner more emotionally distant, absent, and even with signs of depression.

2. She is angry and critical, and there is an increase in couple arguments.

3. Their hours from work and from being away from home to meet friends suddenly increase.

Four. You tend to change image habits such as shopping for new clothes, your exercise hours increase, you feel motivated towards your weight …

5. You start doing things that weren’t important before, and you may pick up new hobbies.

6. Your intuition does not fail you

7. He is usually on the defensive, especially if we drop our suspicions.

8. Weird attitudes like increased demand for privacy.

Overcoming an infidelity is not easy, the person who receives it tends to fall into a depression, begins to show more insecure, with low self-esteem, self-reproaches and punishment, a lot of guilt, self-indifference. Many relationships have been damaged by infidelity and, therefore, psychology studies have been delving into this psychosocial behavior for years to find out why they are committed so commonly.

In these cases in which you feel deeply, it is important that you seek a lot of support, talking with your partner to try to get to the bottom of the situation is vital and may help to minimize the feelings. Likewise, you always have the possibility of contact a professional May he guide you and give you tools to cope with this bitter drink.

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