How to IMPRESS a MAN on the BED

How to impress a man in bed

Sex is a pleasure and a pillar in multiple relationships, but in addition to seeking our own pleasure, it is also important to satisfy others. Explode your most sexy, daring and fun side and reinvent yourself to enjoy together a more wild, crazy and pleasurable sex. Are you willing or willing to live a spectacular experience for both of you? Dare yourself! Next, in a HOWTO, we give you some tips to know how to impress a man in bed. Enjoy sex together like never before. You fancy?

How to get out of bed routine

Before you get down to work, if you want to surprise a man in bed you should trust you, in your attributes, in your qualities, in what you are. Leave the shame behind and dare to enjoy and enjoy without complexes, because only then can you fully enjoy sex and leave your partner speechless. If you have difficulties in this regard, we advise you to first experiment with sex toys As the LELO TIANI 3 to get to know yourself better, to know what you like and how your body reacts to certain stimuli. As we see in this other article on How to improve self-esteem with masturbation, sex toys are not only fun, but they can help, and a lot.

You know that sex is very important to him, so prepare the ground. Raised messages, hints at home, suggestive photos … Why not leave a note in a bottle of cream? Maybe one in the shower? A date in a specific place that is not expected to have an afternoon of crazy sex? Do not be embarrased. Get out of the routine! What we propose is that you keep that desire alive and that you make the temperature rise at any time. Always use suggestive words and … he will go crazy.

How To Impress A Man In Bed - How To Get Out Of Bed Routine

How to surprise him in bed with sexy lingerie

Everything is important when it comes to impressing a man in bed. If what you want is to be a little provocative with your boy, you can, for example, receive him in sexy lingerie That leaves little to the imagination, dare with those short dresses that you never wear or seduce him with his favorite garment.

If you have stayed away from home, you can go to the appointment with a raincoat with only your underwear on underneath or, better, without anything else! The idea is emphasize your sensuality and that you feel good about it, and let him discover little by little what awaits him. You will hallucinate!

To help you decide on the ideal garment, here is another oneHOWTO article on How to choose sensual lingerie – seduction techniques.

How To Impress A Man In Bed - How To Surprise Him In Bed With Sexy Lingerie

New positions for sex

In order to impress a man in sex, you must break the routine and bet on reinventing yourself by incorporating new positions that allow you play with rhythms and pressures to discover new pleasures. Put aside the classic postures such as missionary or doggy and dare with other kamasutra options that allow you to explore your body more in depth and obtain another type of pleasure. We propose three simple but very exciting positions:


Dressage is simple, comfortable and very passionate. To do it, you must sit on it, that the bodies are very close. Then move up and down for the penetration to be deep and intense. You can do it sitting on the bed, but the most comfortable thing is to do it on a chair or sofa.

The amazon

Although the illustration of this posture seems complicated to you, the truth is that the Amazon is very easy to practice, fun and enjoyable. He should lie on the bed and raise his legs and you should get on top of him supporting his weight with your thighs. Hold hands to keep your balance. You will be the one to set the pace until you reach the climax.

The hammock

Very erotic, this is the hammock, a position where the woman once again has the reins of the sexual encounter. It differs from dressage because it must be done in bed so that the man can stretch his legs and the woman lean on your knees and get deep penetration.

Incorporates sex toys

To impress your partner, we encourage you to incorporate sex toys, especially if you have not tried it. Thanks to them, you will be able to experience new unknown games and stimulate other parts of your bodyFor example, if you haven’t tried anal sex, toys can help cheer you up.

We encourage you to try toys like the TIANI 3, a vibrator for couples that is designed to improve sensation during intercourse. Because your boy can also be impressed seeing you enjoy to the fullest. You just have to insert the smaller arm into the vagina and place the larger one on the clitoris. It can be used in any position, although missionary is considered by many to be the best. With the TIANI 3 you will increase eroticism and he will increase his sexual desire and yours at any time. You will love it!

The best preliminaries for a man

Pay attention to the preliminaries because sometimes we put them aside and they are a fundamental part of any sexual act, in which you can enjoy and spend time with each other.

From a sensual and suggestive striptease, to an erotic massage, going through specific games to discover each part of your body or undress it with your mouth. Warm up the environment with a lot of eroticism: Sure hit!

We suggest that, for example, you have something edible that you should spread over his body, concentrating on the areas where you can provoke it the most: from the belly to his member. Gently lick every corner, without haste. You must enjoy the erotic games to the maximum, because they will awaken your sexual desire before intercourse begins and you can both enjoy your bodies. Remember: the goal is to surprise your partner with a different, intense and original sex. Let your imagination fly!

How To Impress A Man In Bed - The Best Foreplay For A Man

Give oral sex to a man

If you want to impress a man in bed, and you like him and you want, nothing better than resorting to a good session of intense pleasure practicing oral sex. We recommend that you get flavored products to make it more tasty, interesting and fun.

Approach his groin slowly and go over the entire area with kisses and small licks or bites. Let him feel the moisture on your tongue little by little before starting the oral penetration. Combines different rhythms during fellatio And always do it by stimulating both the penis and the testicles with your hands. You won’t want to stop!

So that you and your boy can enjoy fellatio more, don’t miss this other oneHOWTO article about Positions to receive oral sex – men.

How To Impress A Man In Bed - Give A Man Oral Sex

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