How to give a relaxing massage

How to give a relaxing massage

Because a good relaxing massage it cannot be more restorative if it is done well and with the time necessary to deepen. This type of massage serves to achieve a state of peace, calm and tranquility in the body that is not easy to achieve naturally. You will be able to relieve pain, release tension and relax the muscles, experiencing a very, very pleasant feeling of relaxation. In this article we tell you how to give a relaxing massage.

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A relaxing massage It is designed so that the body reaches a state of tranquility and relaxation, which is achieved with the appropriate movements on the skin. There is nothing better for stress than a good massage to regain emotional balance. In the following article you can find out about all the benefits of relaxing massage.


To start giving or receiving a great relaxing massage, you have to prepare the environment auspicious. The environment is essential to achieve the desired atmosphere, what you need is to create a relaxing environment for the massage to fulfill its true objective.

You must choose a comfortable, quiet and very nice place to give the massage. To be effective, you must know how to create a suitable environment for relaxation, and the technique will not be effective without the appropriate environment. Whether the massage is standing or lying down, the person must be in a comfortable area and on soft surfaces. It can be a bed, a chair without a back, a stretcher, the sofa or even a mat. Both you and the person to whom you are going to give the massage must be comfortable to be able to give and receive the massage properly. Choose a quiet area of ​​the house without any noise, with little lighting, with a stable temperature and you should also choose a time of day that you know there will be no interruption.

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You must prepare everything you need to perform the massage. You will need to towels that are necessary to cover the areas that are not going to be massaged and prevent the person from getting cold. They also need creams to soften, nourish the skin and favor the movement of the hands to give a smooth and fluid massage. Also, prepare paper napkins to remove excess cream or oil from both your hands and the other person’s skin.

The oils are also a great alternative to facilitate massage because with their smell and penetration a higher level of relaxation is achieved. There are mint, rosehip, lemon, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus, among others. Finally, choose good music so that the massage takes place in an environment full of peace and tranquility. The music must be harmonious and soft to have it in the background.

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Next, you will have to determine the area of ​​the body where you will perform the massage. For greater relaxation, it is advisable to massage most of the body, although this will depend on the time you have and the parts of the body where the greatest tension is suffered.

If you’re short on time, start with your shoulders, upper back, and neck. If time is not a problem, you can also massage the feet, hands, arms, legs and even the head. For a good massage, the person must have the naked body or at least the part that is going to work. You can try different techniques but the reality is that the mere contact of the hands and fingers with the skin and the right environment is already very relaxing.

To massage the arms, legs and back, start from bottom to top with the palms of your hands. Apply pressure gently and locally making circular movements, you can increase the pressure but without going overboard because you will tire faster.


For massage the backUse your fists in small circles, starting from the small of the back to reach the shoulders. Try to avoid the shoulder blades and the spine. Then open your hands and begin to knead your back and shoulders, this type of movement is as if you were stretching the dough of a pizza.

When you do the head massage, use your fingers to gently massage the scalp, then reach the nape of the neck and touch the forehead to finally reach the ears. You can repeat this movement a couple of times.

When you work with hands, you must make firm circular movements on the palm and then you can massage the entire hand and each finger.

As to the feetTaking into account that it is a sensitive area for many people, you have to avoid tickling because otherwise the climax will be spoiled. Take the foot firmly and place the thumb on the sole, slide the toe forcefully up the heel and until it reaches each of the toes.

In the waistYou can make circular movements varying the pressure if possible. On shoulders and neck use both of your hands and firmly make circular pressure especially with your thumb.

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During the massage, it is recommended vary the intensity of the movements. To achieve a true state of relaxation for the muscles, it is important that you exert pressure and release at certain times. You must combine force, pressure, and movement with your hands, arms, and body.

Remember to also work with your hands and not only with your fingers because otherwise you will get very tired. Alternate slow, deep movements with faster, shallower ones. You must always be attentive to the well-being of the person you are massaging, ask him from time to time if he is comfortable or if something is bothering him. A basic advice for a good relaxing massage is not to interrupt the contact until the end, because if you stop being in contact with the body, the state of relaxation is truncated.

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