How to flirt with a man and make him notice you

How to flirt with a man and make him notice you


Flirting It is one of the activities that both men and women enjoy the most. But it is one thing to flirt with a boy just to see if we still retain all our charm, and quite another to do it because we really like him. In that case, we must put into practice some strategies to achieve it successfully, that is why at we explain how flirt with a man and make him notice youAre you ready to find out?

Steps to follow:


If the goal is to make him notice you, the first thing is to show off sure of yourself. This is one of the feminine characteristics that most attracts men, that’s why no nervousness, no unfounded fears, just open yourself up to the adventure of flirting, finally what is the worst that can happen?


Nothing like a smile! And is that how do you intend to flirt with him if you wear a serious face that kills? It is not that you smile directly at him but that you subtly laugh at some joke that someone who accompanies you makes and then you look at him.

If their looks match and he gets a chance to see your smile, he will surely notice you.


How do we notice that a boy is watching us anywhere? For one simple reason, eye contact.

This is one of the keys to flirting with a man and getting him to notice you. Look at him and let him look at you It is essential, but always with subtlety, you should never look desperate to meet him, flirting and seduction are subtle arts that must be carried out with delicacy.


Although flirting seems like a mere display art, what is behind it is nothing more than our brain at work. That’s why it’s important think and keep a cool head so as not to commit something stupid, hence observing is essential.

If you flirt with a boy without thinking or observing before, you may not notice for example his wedding ring, that he is with his girlfriend or that his sexual preferences are different, then use your emotional intelligence to flirt as well.


Hint but never show too much. If the plan is to party with a group and one of the boys interests you, surely you will be willing to flirt, but then dress for the occasion, choosing clothes that accentuate the best of your body but leaving it to the imagination, finally if everything it is in plain sight why should we strive to see more?

And if the guy approaches you don’t tell him in the first two sentences how much you like him, learn how to get on and earn more points.


And the most important Never lose control! If he does not look at you, if he goes with someone else or if he approaches you and makes you nervous, never lose your composure. This point is fundamental because it is directly related to security, we must be calm and not lose our temper, finally it is only a boy, right?

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