How to dye your hair blue

How to dye your hair blue

Thinking of dye your hair blue? As it is an unnatural color and a tone that has to be bright to look beautiful, it is important to follow some specific steps that will help you to be perfect. Depending on the color of your hair, you may need to bleach the tone or apply the dye directly; You just have to bear in mind that, if you don’t choose a suitable dye, you can seriously harm and damage the health of your hair. In this OneHowTo article we tell you how to dye your hair blue.

Steps to follow:


Before dyeing your hair blue it is important that decide the shade of blue that you’d like to have. If you want light blue, you must first bleach your hair to light blonde. If you want a dark blue color, you should bleach your hair to dark blonde.

It is not an obligation to bleach your hair to dye it blue but natural blonde hair will not retain color for long and blue turns green quickly on hair that has not been bleached or dyed. The advantage of this is that the green is quite easy to remove using a dye remover, which can be found in most beauty stores. When it turns green, it can be tinted back to blue.

How to dye your hair blue - Step 1


Follow the instructions of the tincture package. In general, the stain should be applied approximately millimeters from the root to ensure color. Then, comb the dye towards the ends to ensure diffusion. Repeat this procedure until all the hair is saturated.

Massage the dye with your fingers to ensure that all hair is touched. Wrap your hair up over your head, and put on a shower cap, or bag. This keeps the dye from “going” everywhere over the next three hours.


Let the stain dry. The general rule of thumb with this type of coloring is as follows: the longer the better. Since some dyes are plant-based, feel free to let them sit on your hair overnight. Three hours is generally good for blues, but if you’re cautious, sleeping with the tincture isolated somehow won’t hurt.

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Dry your hair with a hair dryer. Although some say that the dye works best wet, the truth is that the color adjusts dry or wet. With a blow-dry on your hair, you are allowing the color to penetrate the hair shaft, that is, the color will be more intense and will stay longer. Use the dryer for about fifteen minutes every hour until it is dry.

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Rinse hair once with vinegar. This step is not intended to really lighten the color of your hair, it serves to seal in the color, make it more intense and long-lasting. Any vinegar will work, but white vinegar is cheap and readily available. Do not use it if you have wounds on your hands or scalp.

Rinse off all of the tincture with cold water. The cold water will keep the cuticles closed and prevent excess dyeing. Rinse until the water runs clear.


Blue is one of the most difficult colors to maintain in the long term. The dye will slowly fade (speed depends on the type of dye) to a bluish-green color. Re-dyeing your hair (either blue or any other color) is the only long-lasting solution, so make sure you’re ready to commit to touch-ups to keep your hair looking bright and colorful.

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