How to draw a bee – 5 steps

How to draw a bee

In the world of the wasps the queen bee she is the one who rules the swarm. The job of a worker bee is to collect nectar from flowers. They use the nectar to make honey. They all collaborate to do their job. Only females bite and collect honey. The buzzing of bees is made by their wings as they move very fast. Here we explain how to draw a bee.

Steps to follow:


The drawing begins a grid with four equal horizontal and three vertical squares. Then sketch the shape of the head. Add two more shapes, paying close attention to their size.

How to draw a bee - Step 1


Line the eyes at the ends of the head shape. Add the bent antennas. Draw the cube to finish this step of the bee drawing.

How to draw a bee - Step 2


Here we have added the legs holding the cube. Then draw the legs below, which start on both sides of the cube. Outline the shapes of the wing movement. Add the dot in the eyes to finish draw the bee.

How to draw a bee - Step 3


Add the second for hands and elbows near the cube. It ends with the lines of movement of the bees wings.

How to draw a bee - Step 4


To finish the drawing of the bee, paint it with yellow and brown colors. To make the bee look more feminine, add some long lashes.

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  • To draw a bee, make big eyes that will make it more beautiful and attractive.