How to do the boxer braid

How to do the boxer braid


Hairstyles with braids have swept away and have become a strong trend, in addition to being very comfortable and practical, they are ideal to complete any outfit that we are going to show off, because the possibilities of braiding are endless. Among them, we find the calls boxer braids or boxer braids, which are two Dutch braids, one on each side of the head, very fashionable and that we have already seen in the look of many famous but also on the red carpet. If you want to learn to do the boxer braidPay attention to the steps in this OneHowTo article and you will see that it is much simpler than it seems. You will discover a comfortable and super hairstyle chic at the same time.

Steps to follow:


There are many celebrities and models that have joined the trend of boxer braids, a hairstyle that is perfect to show off a look casual or carefree but at the same time very trendy. It is not more than two root braids located one on each side of the head, which fall back leaving the face completely clear, so they are an incredible option to be perfectly combed when exercising or those days when there is a lot of humidity in the environment and the hair tends to frizz.

To carry them out, you just have to divide your hair into two sections and know how to make root braids, which consist of dividing each section of hair into three parts on the forehead and braiding towards the nape of the neck, taking hair from the sides.

How to do the boxer braid - Step 1



For make yourself the boxer braids at home, it is very important that you start with brush your hair and untangle it. In the event that you do not have very clean hair, do not worry, because this is one of those perfect hairstyles to hide dirty hair and be beautifully combed even if you have not had time to wash it.

When there is no tangle, it is best that apply some wax or fixing gel on your hair, do it only on the top of the head if you do not want that wet effect to be visible throughout the mane. Applying this product previously, you will ensure that there are no hairs on the outside of the braids and they are much more polished.

How to do the boxer braid - Step 2


Let’s do it! First, divide your hair in half, that is, in two different sections but with the same amount of hair. As you are going to work with one first and then with the other, for now, hold one of them with a rubber band so that it does not bother you when you make the first braid.

Next, you need to start make a root braid following the steps detailed below:

  • From that first half of the hair, you have to take the initial part of the hair, that is, the strand closest to the forehead, as you can see in the image, because that is where the braid will begin.
  • Separate that strand into three different partitions and start braiding them. The procedure is: you make two braids and you take strands of hair from the sides (of the hair that has been loose) to join them and braid them with the initial strands.
  • Repeat the above procedure until all of your hair is finished, creating a perfect root braid. If you still have doubts, we invite you to see the step by step in the following video: How to make a glued or root braid.

When you are done, repeat the same procedure on the other half of the hair and voila, you will have your boxer braids. So that the hairstyle remains intact for hours and hours and does not fall apart, spray a little hairspray trying to spread it evenly throughout the hair. Avoid applying this product very close to the hair, as it could be too matted.

How to do the boxer braid - Step 3



Not only can you create this hairstyle with root braids, since it admits many possibilities and there are girls who do it with Four-strand braids or herringbone braids, try the different options and, thus, you can discover new styles and hairstyles that are very flattering for you.

In the event that you do not look very good with all combed hair or you do not have a lot of hair, the following trick will come in handy: once the hairstyle is done, gently stretch the braided strands so that they are a little hollowed out, like this you will visually show off a higher density of hair. You can too drop some strands thin at the front to show off a look more disheveled.

And if you are one of the most original and you love to give a creative touch to your hairstyles, add some other adornment to your boxer braids, such as small flowers, clips, bows, brooches, etc.

How to do the boxer braid - Step 4



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