How to do Brazilian waxing

How to do Brazilian waxing


The Brazilian depilation is one that consists of almost completely eliminating the hair in the pubic area and that is highly demanded by women in summer, as they can safely wear their most precious and tiny bikinis and swimsuits. Although you can enjoy a professional hair removal in beauty salons, it is also possible to do it at home following a few simple steps, but with great care not to damage the skin. At OneHowTo we want to help you achieve it by showing you in detail how to do brazilian waxing.

Steps to follow:


Before starting the Brazilian depilation, it should be noted that it is possible to use other methods such as the razor or depilatory cream to remove hair unwanted from the intimate area. However, the hot or warm wax It is the best option since, although it is a little more painful, it offers much more lasting results than the previous ones and greatly reduces the possibility of suffering skin irritations.

How to do Brazilian waxing - Step 1



The first step to do Brazilian waxing is trim pubic hair with the help of scissors if they are more than 1 cm long, approximately. Nor is it a matter of trimming them too much, but to an extent to which the wax can uproot them.


Then we recommend wash the area to be waxed very well with an intimate soap, specific to care and protect the skin of this part of the body. This will remove dead cells and hair removal will give better results.


Dry the area well with a clean towel and if you want to minimize the pain caused by Brazilian waxing, apply a little of talcum powder. When you have the hot or warm wax prepared, check its temperature beforehand by placing it on the inside of your wrist and make sure that it will not cause burns.

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Begins the Brazilian waxing, applying it in the opposite direction from which the pubic hairs are born. Then place the strip of paper on it, tighten the skin a little by stretching it with your fingers and, with the other hand, perform a quick pull following the opposite direction from which the hairs grow. This is the process that you must follow until the entire area is waxed.


Once you have finished waxing, use eyebrow tweezers to remove those hairs that have not finished coming out. It is likely that traces of depilatory wax remain on the skin, so to remove them it is advisable to rub a little baby or olive oil on it until it is removed. In addition, these products will help you nourish it.


Above all, do not forget to apply a good soothing balm or an aloe vera gel, which is ideal for repairing damaged skin and preventing irritation and redness. The intimate area is more prone to the appearance of ingrown hairs, so in the days following the Brazilian waxing it is advisable to exfoliate the skin and hydrate it in depth. Also avoid exposing the area to freshly waxed hair and try to wear comfortable cotton underwear if your skin is very sensitive.

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