How to do a French pedicure at home

How to do a French pedicure at home

A design for Toenails that never goes out of style is the french pedicure, ideal to give our feet an attractive, well-groomed and delicate appearance. The truth is that we can always go to an aesthetic center to show off a professional pedicure but it is also possible to save money and do it ourselves at home, making it look just as beautiful. If you also want to show off your feet, don’t miss the advice we give you in this OneHowTo article about how to do the french pedicure at home.

Steps to follow:


It is essential that before getting your French pedicure, the toenails are completely cleanOtherwise, the result will not be as expected. So the first thing is to remove the remains of the previous enamel, if you were wearing them, with the help of a cotton pad moistened with a little nail polish remover; If you do not like to use acetone for this, we advise you to consult the article How to remove nail polish without acetone to discover other methods.


Although the next step is optional, we suggest it to leave your nails flawless and give you the pleasure of enjoying a complete pedicure at home. Prepare a foot bath, filling a large container with warm water, also add a handful of coarse salt and a few drops of an essential oil that you like. Soak your feet for at least 15 minutes and, when they are wet, take the opportunity to apply a exfoliating lotion to remove dead skins and leave them much softer. And if you have hardness, now is the perfect time to remove them using the pumice stone. With all this, your feet will be like new and the nails will be a little softer so you can work better.

How to do the French pedicure at home - Step 2


Once your feet are pristine and the skin is soft it is important that treat nail cuticles. You just have to push it back gently with the help of an orange stick, press it lightly and, finally, apply an oil or a specific moisturizing lotion for cuticles.


Next, you must go to cut the nails and give them a pretty shape. Ideally, you should use a nail clipper and the cut is as straight as possible, preventing the corners from being too short, thus preventing them from growing by digging into the skin. Later, file nails giving them a square shape without leaving them too short, since especially for the French pedicure it is necessary that they have a little more length.

How to do the French pedicure at home - Step 4


For do the french pedicure comfortably, first put a toe separator on your feet. Also make sure that you have the necessary materials, these are: nail hardener, base polish (pink or light peach), white polish, French pedicure strips, cotton swab and nail polish remover.

How to do the French pedicure at home - Step 5


Let’s do it! Apply a coat of nail hardener so that they do not weaken and, once dry, apply the first coat of the base polish (light pink or peach). You should let the polish dry well for a few minutes or use a nail drying lamp to speed up the process; and finally, spread a second coat so that the paint is more resistant and shiny. It is important that the enamel layers are thin for better adherence to the nail.


When the base polish has completely dried, you should paint the edges of the nails white, which is the distinctive touch of the French pedicure. If you do not have much experience, it is best to use the French pedicure strips placing them a little further behind the tip of the nail and making sure that they stick completely flat. Now, apply the white polish to the tip of the nail evenly and following the line of the strip at all times.


Ready! You already have a beautiful french pedicure done but to make the finish even more attractive, when the nails dry, reapply a light layer of hardener or transparent polish, so they will have an extra shine. And if there are traces of enamel on your fingers, moisten a cotton swab with nail polish remover and wipe them carefully.

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