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How to cook periwinkles

In the sea you can find a great multitude of exquisite foods and, in fact, the flavors of the fresh products are unmatched. Enjoying these delicacies is possible if they are cooked properly. One of the mollusks that contain an incredible texture and flavor are the periwinkles, edible sea snails, small in size and also known as snails. Many people do not know how to cook them and even what they are. Periwinkles should be cooked before eating to enjoy their full flavor in a healthy way. Cook these sea ​​snails It appears to be complicated by the general ignorance of the food, except in the localities where it is our own product, but having clear basic instructions you will be able to prepare them successfully.

If you want to discover how to cook periwinkles so that they come out whole and they are delicious, how long they cook, how to keep them once cooked and more details about the recipe for cooking periwinkles, at UNCOMO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

8 diners
30 minutes
Low difficulty


Steps to follow:


To begin to explain to you how to clean and cook periwinkles, we will focus on the first part, which is essential. For wash the periwinklesYou should put them in a container and clean them with a large amount of cold water.

How to Cook Periwinkles - Step 1


The next step of this cooked periwinkle recipe What you should give and thus learn how to cook sea snails correctly is the following: fill a pot with water, light a fire and put it on top so that it begins to boil. When you detect that the water is boiling, Add the bay leaf, two tablespoons of salt and the periwinkles.

How to Cook Periwinkles - Step 2


You do not know how long to cook sea snails or periwinkles? Keep in mind that they are very soft, so 5 minutes should be enough to cook well if boiled at high fire. In the case of cooking a very large quantity of periwinkles (one kilo or more), the cooking time is prolonged until the 8 minutes.

How to Cook Periwinkles - Step 3


Once they are cooked, Take the periwinkles out of the water and you can now serve them directly on the plates. As you have seen, it is a recipe with simple steps to execute, but if you want them to come out whole, you should know more details about it.

To know how to cook periwinkles so that they come out wholeSince they are so soft and if you are careless during cooking, you will have serious difficulties to extract them from the shells with the help of a toothpick in a whole piece, the secret is to keep all the attention on the cooking of the product.

Bring the water in the pot to a boil over high heat and lend pay close attention to cooking time. If you’re going to need to do something else while the periwinkles are cooking, then after adding them to the boiling water, reduce the power of the heat so that you can attend to other tasks while they cook. In this way, the cooking time will be 8 minutes, while if you do not lower the heat it will remain in 5 minutes.

When you have them cooked, place them in a bowl full of cold water. In this way, the meat of the mollusk will contract and it will be easier to remove it whole. Before serving, drain the periwinkles and, when you want to remove them from the shell, with a toothpick or similar utensil, you will get it in a whole piece.

How to Cook Periwinkles - Step 4


You may not eat all the snails cooked in one meal or there are a few left over among your guests. To know how to preserve cooked periwinkles, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Store them in a closed container, expelling the air from inside the container and placing them in a cool place. Once they are at room temperature, you can put them in the fridge.
  • Inside the refrigerator, they should be at a maximum temperature of 3 orC to keep them in good condition. In this way, they will keep perfectly for 5 days and even a whole week.


After discovering how to cook periwinkles, the cooking times they need and how you can preserve them while they are already cooked, you will be interested to know with what to accompany the periwinkles. A good accompaniment to these mollusks is the octopus, another product of the sea.

By cooking a portion of octopus and a plate of periwinkles, you will be able to prepare a menu full of flavor and with seafood. You can also include the White wine as a drink with these two preparations and even add a little to the cooking of the periwinkles: this way, they will absorb their aroma and have a more special taste.

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